Leather sofabed in pu model-1

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Steel/ hardened metals/precision metals    


Length: 1900mm. Customized sizes are available


ISO:9001:2008   OEM service


Changeable from sofa to bed, suitable for the normal sofa.  


Very strong metal structure, being easy to fold and carry. Three-seat sofa, double size bed.

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Q:how do you make a day bed?
well if u sleep on a sheet covering ur bed, when u get up tuck the sheet neatly around the bed (if its come out) fold ur bedsheet and place it either at the foot of the bed or on the head of the bed ( over ur pillow).
Q:difference between cot and cot beds?
No - cot beds are bigger. We had a normal cot when my son was first born, then we changed to a cot bed and it was a lot more bigger. And the difference between cots - and cot beds are once the toddler has grown out of the cot(bed) it changes into a toddler bed, where as normal cots don't. I had to buy all new fitted sheets to fit the mattress in the cot bed, but the blankets and sheets where ok for the cot bed still, as they are made really long and wide.
Q:can you get bugs from a tanning bed?
As long as you go to a professional and reputable salon, you will have no problem because they (not the customer) sanitize the beds properly and completely after each use. Your chances of any kind of disease are virtually non-existent. However ... go to a gym or a hairstylist with a bed in the back or a friend's tanning bed and all bets are off.
Q:twin or full sized bed?
Stay with your full bed, and use a roll out twin under the bed. You don't want to give up your own comfort of a full size bed, and you can hide the roll out twin bed under yours when not in use.
Q:What's so good about setting the bed?
The bed is not to the mirror, because the person between half dream and half sleep, the midnight gets up, is easy to frighten by the mirror picture, the spirit is restless, causes the dizziness. If the bedroom has a mirror on the bed in the evening, can cover it or put it to the wall, of course, the best way is to mirror embedded in the bedroom closet inside the mirror when you open, usually do not have to close the door.
Q:What are those beds called...?
Trundle beds
Q:Workout then tanning bed?
i workout, then go tanning all the time. perfectly normal, and the tanning beds like a sauna so you sweat that much more and lose that excess water weight, double wammy! lol and then you just wipe the bed off after with papertowels or whatevers available hope i helped!
Q:The wooden frame has a lot of small insect
If the conditions, then the new bought furniture, it is best to paint in the furniture inside the surface of the wooden board varnish once again, both to enhance the sense of beauty, but also to prevent insects
Q:how do you cure bed bug bites?
apply anti-itch creams and take liquid benadryl to get rid of them. scrub scrub scrub and wash everything in hot water or freeze it to kill them off. you may also want to cover your pillow, mattress and boxspring with an allergen free dust casing (or vinyl case) more info is at the link below
Q:Which pet bed is cuter?! XD?
Lol, okorder.com/

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