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Leather sofa model-19

Leather sofa model-19

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Products size:(CM)

ItemH(height)W(width)Depth(depth for total)
One seat9280109
Three seat92188109
Corner seat92108190
All 3 item covers 376cm*190cm. Packed into 3 package for 3.2CBM.

Size can be customised as the request. Only take 2-5 more days than the regulars.

Raw Materials:

A) Wood frame
a) High quality solid wood,high density, high hardness,Fully kiln dired solid fame,all of the timber are embalmed, anti-moth-eaten, disinfection treatment, while surrounded
by polishing, in strict accordance with the implementation of national standards.
b) through the high-temperature drying three times ,Woodrame moisture contain control between 12-15%
c) All corners are "blocked", nailed, and glued for strength and durability.Wood frame joints are conducted viscose processing, and more effective reinforcement structure
and to avoid voice.
B) Metal pipe: Using high-frequency welded pipe, the pipe thickness of the stressed part > 1.5mm.
C) Bedding material: Products such as linen, cloth, brown cloth, and cotton (weaving) meet the health and safety requirements.
D) Foams: High-resilience foam Sponges are high density rebound foam,sofa feels comfortable,any density elasticity foam available
E) Adhesive: Hazardous material meets the GB18581 standard requirements.
F) Wood coatings: hazardous substances meet the GB18581-2001 standard requirements.
G) Elastic material: The straight of snake spring steel wire (3.0-4.0) mm. Middle concave (or wrapper): The diameter of spring wire(1.0-3.0) mm.
H) Raw materials insurance: Absolutely no recycled materials.

Leather Option:

Full or half (Italian leather, Chinese leather,top grain leather, split, bycast, micro-fiber,pu,pvc)
a) Italian top grain leather + PVC=half leather
b) Full Italian top grain leather = full leather
c) Chinese top grain leather +PVC= half leather
d) Full Chinese top grain leather = full leather
e) Half leather : sitting face,backrest front and armrest are top grain leather ; backrest back,side and bottom are PVC.
f) Full leather: full top grain leather

Q:My boyfriend has two 3 yr old boys. They come to our house once a month. We would like to buy them beds. Would you get toddler beds or would you get bunk beds? My boyfriend is concerned about bunk beds, he doesn't want them sleeping up high. But I think they could both sleep on the bottom for a while but he doesn't want them to sleep in the same bed because they move around alot a night. What would you do?
I would go with the toddler bed if you have to, not the bunk beds. Or you could always graduate your daughter to a big girl bed and give your son the toddler bed. My daughter recently went from a crib to a twin bed with no problems whatsoever - we simply put it in the middle of the room away from walls and installed two extra long safety rails, then we taught her the safe way to climb down at the foot of the bed. She's fine with it at 25 months, and we didn't have to waste money on any other transitional bed. I have heard that bunkbeds are very dangerous. Even big kids can fall off easily or get hurt, and it would be hard to keep your little climber from going up there and following his big sis.
Q:How is having sex in a water bed it is the first time her coming to my dads house and i have a water bed is it better or is it hard?
i have a water bed sex in it is great u have to change ur rythm a lil bit tho
Q:How big is a full bed compared to a queen bed?
A full will sleep 2 people, but you don't have much room to spread out. A queen isn't much bigger, but it's a little more comfortable. Generally, 2 adults will be a little cramped on a full and fine on a queen. To be more exact, Full: 54x75 in Queen: 60x80 in (And for the record, contrary to a poster above, king is bigger than queen)
Q:What is the height of the bed?
The bed that contemporary people uses, actually include bedstead and mattress two parts. The latest trends require roughly four points for beds. First of all, steady, can not sleep, there is a feeling of shaking. Secondly, it is necessary to form a crisp, straight lines of the bed compared with the idea of consumers to buy. Third, the head of the area has increased trend, and to make characteristics. As furniture designers, the best aspects of furniture such as beds are actually placed on the headboard. Fourth, the height of the bed is reduced, the current popular bed, plus mattresses, after many are only 20 cm, while the traditional bed height is 40 cm.
Q:I really like those beds with the big frames that allow you to hang drapes over your bed, like curtains.I would really like one, as I think it would be so cosy, especially if I got nice dark red drapes.What are those beds called exactly?And is it possible to buy the frame to attatch to an existing bed rather than buying a whole new bed?Thankyou!
Canopy beds. You'd have to check with a furniture store to see if the overhead part can be attached to a regular bed. And remember that a lot of dust will get caught on the drape so you'll have to take them down pretty frequently for cleaning.
Q:i wold up this morning to a bed full of bed bugs. how do i get rid of them. my brother wants to throw the bed away
The only real option is to call an exterminator or get rid of the mattress. These critters are almost impossible to get rid of otherwise.
Q:i am getting new bedding and we have already been to bed bath and beyond and none of their bedding is my style. is there anywhere else, even if it is online that they sell Roxy bedding?
Shopzilla, okorder , Be sure to google roxy the name of the store you are going to shop at and along with coupon code before you shop.
Q:Im redecorating my room and I wanna know what size bed I should get.. so girls, what size bed should I get?
Queen size is best!
Q:Is the skeleton good or the spring bedstead good?
The bed ranked skeleton stress range is much broader, and the intensity of scattered out. Stress in the normal use of the 4. ranked skeleton is 350-400 kg. Larger than the bearing capacity of wooden board
Q:California king, king, queen, bishop, knight, air mattress, bunk bed, etc.
California king size for sure.

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