JM-HF High Performance Grout Admixture

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JM-HF High Performance Grout Admixture

JM-HF (Low-bleeding & Minor-expanding) High Performance Grout Admixture is a mineral-based composite  incorporated with functional polymer. It has the multi-function of water reducing effect, strengthening effect,  slump retention ability,  minor-expansion and low-bleeding etc. The addition of JM-HF induces moderate  expansion to compensate the shrinkage throughout the hydration course of the cement as well as increase  the fluidity of the grout to a large extent at low water to cement ratio. Moreover, the addition of JM-HF  effectively reduces the bleeding rate and resolves the contradiction between the fluidity and the segregation  in the cement or concrete mixture system with multi-phase, different constitution and  heterogenous character.  It can be used for the construction of cement or concrete grout and is in particular adaptable to the grout of post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure.


High water reduction and strengthening effect
The water reduction of JM-HF is above 25%. The grout prepared with JM-HF has high fluidity with

Ma-cone flow time of 14-25s and is easy for pouring. The fresh paste can freely fill into and achieve

self-compaction even for very complex-structured part.

Low bleeding rate
The addition of JM-HF effectively lowers the bleeding rate of the grout.  With the function of the polymer,  the viscosity of the grout is moderately increased to avoid sedimentation and prevent defect due to transportation

of the water to the surface of the paste while the grout still retains high fluidity. The addition of 13% JM-HF  can reduce the bleeding rate of the grout to 0.

The addition of JM-HF can induce moderate expansion at different stages of the hydration  and hardening of the cement to compensate the plastic shrinkage, self-desiccation shrinkage  as well as drying shrinkage of the grout. The grout with JM-HF has no shrinkage  and expansion<1% at the early 28d autogenous shrinkage<2×10-4, which ensures the  

volume stability of the grout.Moderate set retarding effect and good slump retention ability
In order to ensure the construction time of grouting, the retarder in JM-HF can be adjusted  according to the change of the season to satisfy the requirement of the construction in different seasons.

Nontoxic, non- irritative and non-emissive, and no corrosive substance to the steel bar. The pH value of

JM-HF is 7.0 and chloride ion content is 0.03%.

● The cement should be qualified and have no wetting and blocking. It is best to adopt Portland cement.
● The tentative tests should be conducted beforehand to achieve the best mix proportion. The normal addition rate of JM-HF is 10-20%(replacing cement by weight) and the advisable water to powder ratio is 0.35-0.37.
● Ensure accurate measurement and choose high-quality mixer. It is recommended to prolong the blending time a little to ensure well distribution.
● Pay attention to avoid wetting and direct sunshine. The shelf-life is one year.

JM-HF (Low-bleeding & minor-expanding) High Performance Grout Admixture is stored in anti-wetting double-layer plastic bag and has neat weight of 40kg per bag. It’s very easy for transportation.

To assist you in obtaining predicated performances, ensure high quality projects, and improve technical level, we offer technical consulting service, site mix proportion design or advising mix proportion. Our technical personnel would give free-charge site assistance service as well as construction technical guide. We conduct consistent services of sale of  new products and spreading of new technology.

● Fineness: Residue on 0.315mm mesh sieve: ≤8.0%.
● Water content: ≤6.0%
● MgO content: ≤5.0%.
● Chloride ion content: ≤0.05%
● pH Value: 7±1.0

The product can be widely used for cement or concrete grout materials. It is in particularly adaptable to the grout  of construction of post-tensioned prestressed concrete structures for large scale project such as high way,  bridge and nuclear power plant.

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