Inground Lighting M-01B Aluminium Body uv resistant exterior paint system

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Product Description:

Body:Die-cast aluminium body,PMMA diffuser.

Finishing:All die-casting components after mechanical and chemical anti-corrosion

treatment, uv resistant exterior paint system.


Inground Lighting M-01B  Aluminium Body uv resistant exterior paint system

Type:Inground lighting
IP Protection degrees:IP67
IK Protection degrees:IK10
Light source 1:4×0.1W    24V  AC/DC
28  lm    3000K/6000K
lm(N)   CRI 75
Total power consumption (W):0.8
Voltage / Frequency:100-240V/50-60Hz
Warranty (Years):3
Units per box:27
Net Weight (Kg):0.5
Lm(N): Nominal flow of light in actual working conditions. Its actual flow will depend on the environmental conditions and the efficiency of the optics and/or diffuser.
Kled reserves the right to make the necessary technical changes they deem adequate, in order to improve the features of the
Please consult the sales team to clarify any doubt. 


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Q:Do lawn lamps and buried lights need grounding?
Moreover, courtyard lamp and lawn lamp laying a relatively large area of long distance, to consider the repeated grounding, remember to measure ground resistance ~ ~ ~ ~ oh
Q:The 220V underground lamp into the underground lamp is 12V
It's difficult because you need 12 volt supplies and lights. If you buried large power line may be too small.Not difficult. As long as the materials are complete and understood, they can be done soon.
Q:What is the standard distance of fire buried lamp in Shanghai?
Fire regulations two-way 8 meters must have emergency evacuation signs, including evacuation signage installation, installation, lifting the ground walls.
Q:Installation method of buried lamp
First of all, in the installation or maintenance of buried lights, should ensure that the power cut off in order to operate. And in the bottom and around the lamp must be laid broken stone and sand, so that it can facilitate drainage and heat dissipation. For its surrounding environment requirements, it is better to non corrosive, flammable and explosive media exist. Note, here to introduce the more important two installation skills: the introduction of line through a coil into the lamp, tighten a coil to prevent rainwater by introducing the line into the lamp body, causing damage to electrical appliances; covering the buried lamp glass, light source should be 30 minutes or so, so in the process of using the lamp, the glass will not have water.
Q:What are the weights of the buried light sets in the gardens?
2., long service life of more than 30000 hours, in a variety of special circumstances, such as low temperature, high temperature conditions can be well used;3., it solves the problem that the semiconductor electric light source has low power and low brightness in the field of illumination, and shows excellent ultra high brightness characteristics;
Q:Is there any good manufacturer in Ji'nan that uses high-power LED buried lights in the square?
In Ji'nan, a company called Flyover District of Ji'nan City, Huaqing photoelectric lighting factory manufacturers do well I am engaged in quantitative used their lights but LED underwater lights is very bright and well two years warranty I asked Guangdong there are a lot of warranty for one year so I chose this
Q:Lawn lamp, buried lamp, TT grounding, how to do?
This must be done! The practice is also very simple, these lamps are buried bolts, here called "the cage", the lamps of the exposed conductive parts with BVR4MM2 double color copper wire to terminal crimping bolt in the cage out of it.
Q:Installation of LED underground lamp
Huaqing photoelectric LED lamps manufacturers to brief you. The lamp body of LED underground lamp is made of high purity aluminum alloy material. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, with constant temperature curing and strong adhesion. Generally, it has good waterproof and dustproof property. Before the installation work, should be prepared from several aspects: 1, in the LED buried lights before installation, should be arranged with lamps matching a variety of components. LED buried lights are buried in the underground special landscape LED lamps, once installed less parts, want to re fill the installation is very troublesome. So it should be ready before installation. 2, in the LED buried lamp installation, we must first cut off the power supply.
Q:What is the opening size of a 250*90 buried lamp?
The plane didn't mark you look at the chart diagram of distribution system, look at the floor there is no distribution box, if there is cable distribution box distribution box, distribution box of BV line to line lamp.
Q:Electrical design and construction instructions, drawings, buried lights no less than IP65 level, what does that mean?
Waterproof rating (second X stands)0: has no protection1: droplets drip into the shell without affecting2: when the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water droplets drip into the casing without affecting3: water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the case4: liquid spilled in any direction to the shell without damaging effects5: flush with water without any damage6: can be used in cabin environment7: resistant immersion in a short period of time (1m)8: soak for a long time under certain pressure

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