Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom for sale

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Product Description:

1.The climbing boom moves after the initial phase from built-on climbing device through the floors to the higher floors that still have to be built. Tubular columns with 10m length  were coupled with bolts.
2.They can be mounted quickly and easily to any height up to 20 m.
3.The tubular column boom is used in the initial phase for concreting the floors from 0-20M.
It will be climbing when used in higher floor.




Model  PB32A3R
ModelMax radius of Placing Boom(m)31.7
Free Standing height (m)22.7
Slewing range(°)360
Working temperature(℃)-20~48
Power(subject to customer)380V/50Hz
MotorPower (kw)15
Hydraulic pressure(Mpa)28
Hydraulic oilCircumstance temperature 5℃-48℃ESSO NUTO H46
Circumstance temperature 5℃-48℃ESSO NUTO H32
Mode of controlcable romote control
radio remote control
(for option)manual control
mode of slewinggear slewing
BoomDelivery pipe dimensionΦ133mm×4.5mm
1st sectionlength14.5
2nd sectionlength9.2
3rd sectionlength8
4th sectionlength/
mode of climbingHydraulic cylinder climbing

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    Q:What are the specifications of concrete spreader?
    According to radius said: there are 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, etc., cloth height: 1-7 meters
    Q:How to fit the cloth rod of the distributor?
    Check whether the bolts of the rod are fully tightened and whether the shaft is normal
    Q:What is the concrete distributor?
    Hydraulic cloth machine, manual cloth machine (also divided into 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters three kinds)
    Q:What is the structure of a concrete distributor?
    A composite movement consisting of two parts of a rotating frame covers all cloth radius points
    Q:How to install and use the distributor?
    In the process of assembling and installing concrete distributing machines, the constructors must wear safety belts when they work at high altitude, and the seat belts must be hung where they can be stressed. Construction cable must be overhead or buried in the ground, not flat and put
    Q:What is a fixed concrete distributor?
    Mobile concrete cloth machine "Z" shaped section three folding arm, 360 degree rotation, pitching and folding can achieve full amplitude, pouring in three-dimensional space within the length range of the arm, without pouring dead, can easily realize the concrete pouring construction, wall pipe, the column of various
    Q:What is the Hand operated concrete distributor?
    Concrete pump is a supporting equipment, and the concrete pump connected to expand the scope of concrete pumping
    Q:What are the acceptance items of concrete spreader?
    The installation site should be carried out in advance according to the requirements of construction site should be collected, must be stable and firm installation, foot pad.
    Q:What are the monthly inspection items of the movable concrete spreader?
    Check the rotating reducer for abnormal heating and noise
    Q:How to maintain the concrete spreader?
    The attached vibration motor adopts a special installation structure, which can make the whole surface of the hopper vibrate evenly, break the arch and cut off the material better

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