Hot Selling Of Smd5050 Digital/Pixel/Video Led Strip With 1903 Ic

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General Introduction  

Waterproof DMX Digital LED strip light is flexible and easy to bend. The waterproof material is made of soft sicilon, and the strip light is IP65. There are 210pcs SMD 5060 leds for the waterproof DMX Digital LED strip lights, which can get the changing modes like waterflow, chasing, gradually changing, flashing, diffusing and other kinds of colorful performance under the control of offline controller with SD card. It is ideal for advertising signs, indoor decration and other kinds of edge lighting, etc. Many pcs of such strip lights can be connected together and the waterproof connectors are used for connection parts, which makes sure the waterproof function of the whole unit.


Models Available:

SMD3528 60LEDs/m with all kinds of colors, 3528 luminous flux is 6lm/led

SMD3528 120LEDs/m with all kinds of colors,  3528 luminous flux is 6lm/led

SMD3528 240LEDs/m with all kinds of colors,  3528 luminous flux is 6lm/led

SMD5050 30LEDs/m with all kinds of colors and RGB, 5050 luminous flux is 17lm/led

SMD5050 60LEDs/m  with all kinds of colors and RGB,  5050 luminous flux is 17lm/led

SMD5050 120LEDs/m  with all kinds of colors and RGB,  5050 luminous flux is 17lm/led

SMD3328 60LEDs/m white color, 3328 luminous flux is 18lm/led

SMD335 60LEDs/m with all kinds of colors, side emitting light

SMD335 1200LEDs/m  with all kinds of colors  side emitting light

SMD5050 30LEDs/m digital strip LPD6803 IC



SMD5630 WW/PW  luminous flux is 40-50lm/led (Samsung led chip)

SMD5060 60LED/m  Digital LED Strip with UCS 1903

SMD5050 32LED/m Digital LED Strip with UCS 1903

SMD5050 30LED /m digital LED Strip with UCS 1903



1. LED quantity: 32 LEDs RGB SMD5060

2. waterproof material: soft sicilon tube

3. Size: 5000*12*4mm

4. Working condition: 12v, 70W

5. Protection: IP66

6. 32 pcs IC and 32 pcs RGB LED for 1m

7. color changing modes like waterflow, chasing, gradually changing, flashing, diffusing and other kinds of colorful performance

8. Application: advertising signs, indoor decration and other kinds of edge lighting

9. Controlled by offline controller with SD card or DMX console



1. Holiday light like Christmas day.

2.  Architectural Decoration

3.  Park, theater.

4. Stairway

5. Channel letter 

6. Waterproof requirement

Trade Terms

1. Payment: T/T, PayPal, Western Union

2. Delivery time is 4-7 days as usual, samples in stock.

3. MOQ: 5 rolls

4. To door Express Service of DHL, EMX, FEDEX, TNT, UPS and ARAMEX, as your convenience.

5. Quotation valid time is 30 days



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Q:What happens if the 12vled lights are connected to the 24V transformer?
Light emitting diodes, referred to as LED. Made from compounds containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and so on. When electrons and holes are combined, they can radiate visible light, so they can be used to make light-emitting diodes. In circuits and instruments, as an indicator, or in combination with text or digital display. GaAs diodes glow diode gap, green silicon carbide, yellow light diode, light emitting diode gan. Because of the chemical properties and organic light-emitting diode OLED and inorganic light-emitting diode LED.
Q:LED chandelier (ceiling lamp), the band controller does not synchronize, what should I do?
Open the controller, find a large capacitor inside, with a resistance capacitance to dozens of European power release, as long as a few seconds to let go. Reconnect to the power supply.
Q:What are the main features and advantages of LED lamp belts?
The utility model has the advantages of energy saving, beautiful appearance, no heating and convenient installation, and is suitable for being used in glass cabinets and general display cabinets. "Thunderbolt" brand LED lamp belt is very good.
Q:LED how much watts does the lamp belt have?
Different LED light bands are different, which need to be calculated according to their current and voltage, so as to calculate the power.Power is the measure of the transmission rate of energy. In a DC circuit, it is the product of the voltage V and the current A; it is much more complicated in the AC system. Whether they are high voltage or low voltage LED light belts, they convert AC to DC to work.
Q:What's the brightness of the LED light band? Can I use it for lighting?
You can use a lamp to do lighting, this is enough, light decoration. In this way, the main lights do not have to worry about the lack of illumination. This is the actual effect of my client's home.
Q:LED lamp with 180 beads, how many watts per meter?
Of course, this is used as decorative light belt, and if the band is used for lighting, such as a lamp plate, ceiling lamp class, its current will be used 60MA, that is, become 36W
Q:LED is the light belt good? What lamp does the home outfit take well with?
Ordinary LED lamp with light source is a bit weak, suitable for use in the rest space, such as bedroom, advanced LED lamp with light source can, the price is very expensive, and some 100 per meter, you can use T5 lamp tube place, there is T5 tube. The most important point is that the light source to choose warm white Oh! Neutral light
Q:Led how long is the light on?
High pressure lamp with parallel technology, is directly connected to the 220V voltage, the best is 100 meters. (because the factory is 100 meters)More than 100 meters will have to order, and very few people go to try
Q:How to choose home decoration LED lamp belts?
The structure is divided into a main lamp with lamps and accessories (including the power plug, lamp with wire, lamp with tail plug)The main lamp comprises a lamp cover belt (outermost) lamp wire (transmission current) lamp with the guide plate (carrying lights with light and electronic devices) with a chip (light emitting light) light with resistors (current to maintain the voltage stability control)
Q:What kind of material does the light belt have?
The first is the process of LED welding in copper wire above, then put the PVC pipe or equipment used in direct forming, round and flat two, named according to the number and the shape of the lamp wire belt to distinguish between two lines called, round in front with a round, round or flat line; in front with flat characters, namely flat line.

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