High Quality Single Color Smd 5050 Led Strip

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$5.36 - 6.39 / m
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500 Meters m
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50000 Meters Per Month m/month

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General Introduction

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍light High Quality Single Color Smd 5050 LED Strip



1) led type: smd5050

2) led quantity per meter: 60leds per meter

3) Input voltage: DC12V

4) Power per meter: 14.4W per meter

5) Light color: RGB/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/White/Warm White

6) PCB Color: White/Yellow

7) Bean angle: 120 degree

8) Lifespan: >50,000 hours


UN-LS-0013528 led strip60LED220Vred5meters per roll


3528 led strip60LED220Vyellow5meters per roll
UN-LS-0033528 led strip60LED220Vblue5meters per roll
UN-LS-0043528 led strip60LED220Vgreen5meters per roll
UN-LS-0053528 led strip60LED220Vwhite5meters per roll
UN-LS-0063528 led strip60LED220Vwarm white5meters per roll


UN-LS-0075050 led strip60LED220Vred50meters per roll
UN-LS-0085050 led strip60LED220Vyellow50meters per roll
UN-LS-0095050 led strip60LED 220Vblue50meters per roll
UN-LS-0105050 led strip60LED220Vgreen50meters per roll
UN-LS-0115050 led strip60LED220Vwhite50meters per roll
UN-LS-0125050 led strip60LED220Vwarm white50meters per roll
UN-LS-0135050 led strip60LED220V R/G/B50meters per roll


UN-LS-0145050 led strip60LED12Vred5meters per roll
UN-LS-0155050 led strip60LED12Vyellow5meters per roll
UN-LS-0165050 led strip60LED 12Vblue5meters per roll
UN-LS-0175050 led strip60LED12Vgreen5meters per roll
UN-LS-0185050 led strip60LED12Vwhite5meters per roll
UN-LS-0195050 led strip60LED12Vwarm white5meters per roll
UN-LS-0205050 led strip60LED12VRGB5meters per roll



1) Architectural decorative lighting

2) Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting

3) Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting

4) Emergency hallway lighting

5) Auditorium walkway lighting

6) Stairway accent lighting

7) Concealed lighting

8) Backlighting for signage letters

9) Channel letter lighting

10) Emergency exit path lighting

11) Cove lighting

 LED Strip Light

Customized options

Customized label/ Logo can be made onto packing box.


Packaging & Delivery



1 x Brown Carton



Shipping Service

Estimated Delivery Time


2-8 business days


3-8 business days


2-10 business days


1-7 business days


6-14 business days


7-12 business days

China Post Air Mail

7-15 business days

China Post SAL

14-30 business days

By sea

30-40 business days

1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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Q:LED lights with warranty period
Advantages of high quality LED flexible neon light:1., the overall luminous uniformity, no stain, no black spots2. little weld, touch foot phenomenon, will not cause a short circuit or not brightThe 3. main line adopts 21 copper core wires, it is not easy to break the main line, so it will not cause the whole light4., the core mold material is relatively thick, inserted into the needle is not easy to damage, not easy to cause short-circuit burnout5., the surface is smooth, soft soft rubber, no impurities; rubber full of fruit, feel very good; cut mouth imprinted correct6. beads with domestic stable supply manufacturers, batch color small, uniform brightness7., complete accessories, packaging fine (using high-grade plastic shaft, not easy to break), enclosed with detailed instructions8., the installation is not easy to go wrong, the service life is long, and the maintenance cost is reduced.
Q:How to distinguish between colorful LED lamp band and RGB lamp band?
Colorful LED lights with colorful lights with LED definition: refers to a LED lamp with above welding red, yellow and blue, green, white, purple, brown seven colors, LED, is said to belong to the mixed type LED lamp with LED lamp, such a band called colorful lights with LED.
Q:How many meters can the 250W transformer carry with the LED light belt?
This depends on the specific product specifications, can not be generalized. Generally speaking, the 3528 series LED lamp belt has the longest connection distance of 20 meters, and the 5050 series LED lamp belt has the longest connection distance of 15 meters.
Q:The difference between high voltage and low voltage LED light belts
High pressure lamp is directly connected with the 220V connected with the power, light is very serious.
Q:LED lamp belt, hot tin is not strong, what should I do?
The lamp belt is made of waterproof, and the inner conductive body can be insulated. You can use a knife to scrape or scrape the surface protection layer with sandpaper, so you can use the soldering tin
Q:How to install the car LED lamp belt?
Every meter has a "hinge shear" mark, only in the mark must be cut, scissors or scissors will lead to one meter is not bright! Some will play a bit biased when marking, it is best to carefully look at the next sign of the status of the Department, according to the center did not connect to the local shear can be. Look carefully and you can see.
Q:Which is better, low voltage LED belt and high voltage LED lamp?
The quality requirements of the specific application and it mainly depends on your personal, if it is used in the ceiling is relatively high, under normal circumstances can not directly contact the local, can choose high LED lamp belt, because of the high pressure lamp with the cheaper price.
Q:Which of the 12 volt LED light band and 220 volt LED lamp is brighter? What's the difference in electricity costs? Want to use it in the mall counter, 12 volts
As far as power consumption is concerned, as long as you have the length of the belt, you can use 12V or 220V
Q:LED can the light belt be put in the water?
Good waterproof treatment, can be placed in the water, and put in the water lamp belt, usually use sleeve filling glue, can achieve the effect of IP68.
Q:Does the LED light band save energy?
LED lights also have different luminous efficiency, high quality light-emitting efficiency, quality inspection of low luminous efficiency, may not be more energy-saving than three primary color T5 energy-saving lamps. Can not be generalized.

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