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Voice call quality high,even if you are in a noisy envisy

Position report, Send or receive GPS location,up to

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 20
hours of outdoor use

Google offline raster maps, road map, topo map and
satellite images.

Bold color display makes it easy to see and navigate
to family or friends at an amusement park, lake or
other outdoor group activity.

Sun and Moon: Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset
and moon phases

Area measurement: Measure the area and show the
shape of any shape including lakes, grasslands,
pastures farmland, orchards, etc

Fast USB computer connection and 2GB of internal
memory for rapid download maps.

Touch screen, multi touch and gesture

Optional e-Compass, G-sensor, and barometer.

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Q:Which is good, good quality!
Good journey. These two items. I have been in use, and the price is affordable, it is recommended to give you a website, called everything for the car. There are a variety of electronic dog products, inexpensive. The general price is more than and 400, more than and 500 of the bar.
Q:Portable car navigation support software
Most of the Microsoft WinCe5.0 or WinCe6.0 operating system, to support the operating system software you can support the navigator in theory. But part of the navigator on the WinCe customization, boot directly run the corresponding boot program, I am, the solution is very simple. For example, my boot automatically run the rtnavi file under the rtnavi.exe folder, which is the way to start the file. Now I would like to use the card, as long as it is the name of the folder changed to rtnavi, start the program name changed to rtnavi.exe on it. Without any crack
Q:Car navigation price? Portable navigator price
I also consult the master of Wang Lei he is to do the car modification to help me recommend, with a long time price is still very good navigation!
Q:I bought a portable navigator, not on the network, the next software. Ask how to do.
Download the computer to the SD card can be copied on it
Q:PND portable navigator to buy which brand is good?
Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay
Q:What brand of portable navigation, car navigation and portable what is the difference?
Now there are a lot of portable navigator brand, I use the journey of a feel good, cost-effective or convenient! Vehicle navigation is a special vehicle for about 2000 of the general to change the line! Therefore, it is recommended to use portable!
Q:How to install portable navigator Careland map
Hello!Portable navigation is a built-in map, some of the SD card with a map!If it is a built-in map of the body, then the navigation data cable connected to the computer, by changing the navigation file to replace the navigation system!If the map is placed on the SD card, please remove the SD card, with the card reader on the computer to replace the navigation file!Be careful! When you change the navigation file, you must change the baud rate and the port of the new navigation file to the same parameters as your original navigation! This requires the use of special software to operate!Hope to help you! I wish you a pleasant car! Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:Portable navigation which is good
First of all, does not exist in Car Navigator sales charts, this is false. Car Navigator sales have a certain reference value, but it can not rely on sales to determine the car navigation which is easy to use.
Q:How to update the car or portable GPS map navigation
There are two categories: first, there is the SD card navigation, you can upgrade, through the Internet, download free toll navigation map, requires a little technical capacity. You can also spend a little money in the roadside car and a variety of car loading shop upgrade.Two is no card navigation, the need to spend money to upgrade 4S, the individual is no way to upgrade, of course, there are people to upgrade, this technology is not an ordinary person can have.
Q:Cottage portable GPS vehicle navigation can not load the map, can not recognize?
The main interface settings, find the navigation path settings, select the map folder, select the map inside the run file, click Select, save, return to the main interface click on the navigation icon to run the map

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