FeSi Alloys For Steel-making

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FeSi Alloys for Steel-making
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  • Specifications

ItemsChemicial Compositon%
 FeSi90Al1.5 87.0-95.0 1.5 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi90Al3.0  87.0-95.0 3.0 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi75Al0.5-A   74.0-80.0 0.51.0 0.4 0.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - -- -
FeSi75Al0.5-B 72.0-80.00.5 1.0 0.50.5


0.020 0.20-- - - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-A 74.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.4 0.3


0.0200.10 - -- - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-B 72.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.50.5 0.0400.0200.20 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-A  74.0-80.0 1.5 0.035 0.020 0.10 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-B72.0-80.0 1.5 1.0 0.5


0.040 0.0200.20 -- - - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-A 74.0-80.0 2.0 1.00.4 0.3 0.0350.020 0.10- -- - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-B 72.0-80.02.0 - 0.50.5 0.040 0.020 0.20- - - - -
 FeSi75-A74.0-80.0- - 0.40.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - ---







25KG/Bag or 1 Metric Ton/Bag(Package can be customized to meet with

your specail requirements)


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Q:What blade does the high carbide material use?
No ceramic blade, with PCD, the wear resistance of the ceramic blade or worse, the car hard alloy finishing non diamond tool, we have tried before, the crude car available the whole CBN tool, we use the case of personal data, some contact, welcome to consult
Q:What are the differences in performance between cemented carbide cutting tools and PCD cutters (polycrystalline diamond)?
The former is cut by ordinary metal materials, the latter is used for cutting superhard materials
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy steel and high speed steel?
3, hardness is not the same: cemented carbide hardness, especially at high temperature hardness, but high-speed steel toughness better4, can withstand the cutting speed is not the same: due to the red hard high, can withstand higher cutting speed, and high-speed steel is now not high speed
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
The diamond grinding wheel has the advantages of high efficiency, high accuracy and good roughness!
Q:Model of grinding carbide wheel sheet
Generally, diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding carbide, and diamond grinding wheels are usually divided into diamond size. Check the manual and choose it by roughness.
Q:Tungsten steel could be used to do is hard alloy knife?
Of course you can need what specifications of tungsten steel knife
Q:Is the hard alloy the same as the cemented carbide?
Superhard alloy and cemented carbide are not the same ah.Personally, the alloy feels like a metal of high hardness; for this is not very familiar, there is no right to speak;But the main component of cemented carbide is WC+Co. And some have TIC.TaC. Equal carbide. Basically out of the metal range.So you say cemented carbide and hard metal are different.If it is replaced by superhard materials and cemented carbide to compare. The carbide can be cemented into the superhard material.These are personal views and can be discussed more
Q:What is the difference between the production process of ferrous powder metallurgy and cemented carbide?
In 1890, the invention of tungsten powder, made by powder metallurgy, in the United States, laid the foundation of modern powder metallurgy. Around 1910, it has been made by powder metallurgy method of tungsten and molybdenum products, hard alloy, bronze bearings, porous filters, brush set, and gradually formed a complete set of powder metallurgy technology. In 1930s, after the advent of the vortex grinding iron powder and the carbon reduced iron powder, the iron based mechanical parts made by powder metallurgy have gained rapid development.
Q:Which one is better made of cemented carbide?
Overall, Zhuzhou cemented carbide works, Shanghai alloy materials factory, Zigong cemented carbide plant, new carbide knives are good. But the single pair of milling cutters is not clear! There is no YL!
Q:Carbide saw blade 30t and 40t what is the difference?
A carpenter usually uses 40 teeth. The price is the same, ha ha. For small sounds, use thicker ones, but thin quality is better.

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