Fashion High Quality Metal Steel Bag Ring,"O" ,"D","Oval" Ring

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Quick Details Of Steel Bag Ring


MaterialSpring steel ,stainless stel , carbon iron



Specification Of Steel Bag Ring


Materialspring steel ,stainless steel ,carbon iron
Wire Diameter1.2mm--2.0mm


Powder coating,neikel plating,chrome plating,zinc plating,etc and We can make according to your design

TypeO ring ,D ring ,Oval ,Square ring



Features Of Steel Bag Ring


1) Products: fashion ring


2) Material: zinc or steel


3) Used for all kinds of bag (handbag, school bag, army)


4) O ring, D ring, OVAL ring


5) Size, thickness and color can be changed


6) High quality and low price



Usage/Application Of Steel Bag Ring


It can be widely used in electronic toys, remote control, calculator, charger, cell phone, battery boxes, telephones and other industries



Packaging&Delivery  Of Steel Bag Ring


1.Packaging :Inner plastic bag , outer carton box, and advised by customer


2.Delivery: do according to customers' order quantity .


stainless steel ringsteel ring

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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
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