Electric Chocolate Fountain

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Product Description:



Material: plastic & stainless steel

product size:19.2x19.2x32.3cm


Ctn size:44x44x28.2cm




Thank you for purchasing chocolate fountain machine. This chocolate fountain opportunity to form a pretty slippery chocolate fountain effect on any occasion, can increase the coveted happiness. Your friends and family will enjoy the chocolate cream fountain machine


Example: the wedding, birthday party, the graduation party, commercial meeting, holiday, friend, or family and the general meeting. Can use this chocolate fountain machine, add romantic elegant vogue atmosphere.


Can use different food, chocolate or sauce, with their chocolate fountain mechanism made his favorite flavor, this depends on your choice. You can use: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, butter. Can dip take strawberry, candied fruit, apple, biscuits, cookies, ice cream, peanut, manufacture of small buffet, make full use of your imagination! Add liqueur can form complex flavors.

You can use the cheese! And dip take grapes, apples, bread, shrimp/sea food, biscuits, make full use of your imagination! In the use of cheese, you only need to their specific to a piece of cheese, butter pot with white and cream dilution and keep liquid state, make it through the tower, flow layer cheese powder can also use.



 What is a Chocolate Fountain?


A chocolate fountain is a unique and memorable way of serving chocolate fondue. Typical chocolate fountains stand 19" inches to 44" inches tall with multiple tiers over a basin at the bottom. Chocolate is melted and kept warm by heat from below the basin, and then the warm chocolate is transported to the top of the fountain by a corkscrew auger. From there the warm chocolate lava cascades over the tiers creating a chocolate "waterfall" in which delicious treats like strawberries & marshmallow can be dipped. You are limited only by your imagination!





1.No tools or extra parts needed melt chocolate directly in fountain.

2.Removable basin  facilitates ease of use and cleaning

3.Professional industrial motor for long lasting work, low noise.

4.The stainless steel impeller style with direct drive, no risk of belts breaking or slipping in mid-event.

5.Switch on / off control or electronic panel, "light-touch" on/off control.

6.High polish 304 food grade stainless steel.

7. Height can be adjusted




Q1: I have many stainless steel appliances that need major cleaning. What is the best cleaner or home remedy?

A: Stainless steel kitchen appliances look best when they're clean and shiny. To clean tough stains and cooking grease, and give them a dazzling shine, try the same detergent you would use when washing the dishes. One formulated to cut grease works especially well. This also works well for general kitchen cleaning. Waterless hand soap also works great as a polish, simply rub on, and polish - no rinsing...


Q2: Does cold weather affect kitchen appliances?

A: As long as they are kept above 40 degrees, it will not cause harm.


Q3: How to use kitchen small appliance of 220V/50Hz in US?

A: It sounds like you need a transformer circuit ran to the area you will be using the appliances.


Q4: How to get rid of rust on cooking appliances?

A: The simplest is to use WD-40 and a little bit of steel wool. Once the rust is gone, clean the base metal with mineral spirits and then paint. If you don't paint, the rust will come right back.


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