Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

cutter knife

(1)3 blades inside 

(2)width18mm cutter

(3)Positive blade auto lock
(4)ABS case

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

1. Raw material metallurgical analysis apparatus
2. Rockwell hardness test machine
3. Brinell hardness test machine
4. Digital torque test machine
5. Fatigue strength test machine
6. Abrasion resistance testing machine
7. Digital accuracy test machine
8 .Knife blade sharpness abrasion resistance

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife










Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife


Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife

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Easy Cut 18mm Utility Knife 01-L3 Co-molded Utility Knife
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Q:What are the definitions and differences between left and right offset knives?
Offset cutter: it has a main deflection angle of 90 degrees. It is used to turn the end face and the step of the workpiece. Sometimes it is used for the outer circle of the car, especially for turning the outer circle of the slender workpiece. It can avoid bending the workpiece. Partial knife is divided into two kinds of left leaning knife and right offset knife. The most commonly used is the right offset knife, and its blade is left
Q:How do you remove the transparent offset from the fruit knife?
There are many ways to remove transparent offset printing. First of all, we can use eraser to wipe it along the edge, so that it can be easily removed. But depending on the degree of adhesion, remove offset time will change factory, alcohol plus eraser, then the effect will be better.
Q:What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a conventional knife?
The difference is that the machine tool does not need sharpening! The angle must be more stable! Ordinary people mainly look at the level of sharpening, and then the machine tool, knife point arc more accurate, CNC lathe cone or arc used! The clip knife has a coated blade! In numerical control, use the ordinary knife to grind the knife once! Machine clip knife do not use!
Q:The cutting depth and the machining allowance of what is the difference?
Processing allowance generally refers to the nominal margin, the nominal margin, that is, the nominal size difference.Also known as blank margin, refers to the size of the blank and parts of the size of the design drawings difference.
Q:What type of steel is the best knife used?
The last time I was in my buddy garage mixed root red flag, a blacksmith, spent 400 ocean beat Dongyang cut, handle hardness toughness are no words. Just to see if you can get that stick. If you want to do. You can find the good quality of the flat file, take the wheel or belt machine grinding, but requires considerable effort.
Q:The concept of tool point, cutter location and tool change point are briefly described.
The commonly used tool site provisions: mills, cutter of end milling cutter axis and the bottom surface is the tool point; ball end milling cutter location as the center of the sphere; the tool tip site for boring, or the arc center; drill or drill bit is the center of the bottom surface; cutting tool is axis and parts the intersection of line electrode.
Q:What does a knife plate mean in printing?
Some products need to make special shapes, such as a single page like round, to die cutting out special shape, need to make the knife on the die-cutting machine die cutting version, you need a knife shape version, are generally bars, mosaic you need the shape of steel bar on a piece of wood,
Q:Razor ten brands, recently wanted to buy razors, you want to know the ten major brands of razor, which net friend know the ten major brands of razors?
Holland brand PHILPS: first double head, three head rotary type (China domestic) razor, Holland original fine steel, self grinding double layer cutter head, knife net. One hundred years of world-class brands, naturally needless to say.
Q:What kind of material does nail clippers have
Nail clippers, if sharp, or carbon steel is good, sharp, cheap, stainless steel is not so sharp as carbon steel, but stainless steel is used for a long time, not easy to rust
Q:What does the electric shaver stand when it is pushed?
An electric razor is pushed up and used to cut off an excessively long beard.

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