Dump Truck 6*4 /Tipper Truck (WL5250ZX)

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Dump Truck 6*4 /Tipper Truck (WL5250ZX)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WL5250ZX


Drive Wheel:8×4



Tire Certification:ISO






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:in Nude




Production Capacity:10000 unit/year

Product Description

Dimension:10350*2500*3450mm   curb weight14770kg

Dongfeng Dump Truck / hydraulic pump for dump truck
 The totalmass(kg)31000 Curb Weight(kg) 14770
 Rated the quality16100 Chassis Model DFL3310A20
 Approach / 25/22 Front overhang / 1500/1850
 departure angle(°) rear overhang
 Dimensions(mm) 10350X2500X3450 Compartment/
 Number of axles 4 Maximum speed90
 Tire 11.00R20 18PR,11.00-20 18PR, 12.00R20 18PR,12.00-20 18PR Number of tires 12
 Front track2040 Rear track1860
 Wheelbase 1850+2950+1350,1850+3200+1350 Axle load 6500/6500/18000
 Number of spring 9/9/10,9/9/13,10/10/13 Type of fuel Diesel
 Emission Euro3/Euro4
Engine parameters
 Engine Model dCi350-40 Engine Manufacturer  Dongfeng
 Engine11120 Engine power257








Dump Truck 6*4 /Tipper Truck (WL5250ZX)

Dump Truck 6*4 /Tipper Truck (WL5250ZX)

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Q:How thick is the wear resistant steel plate used as a dump truck lining?
Wear resistant steel plate selection of imported high-quality wear-resistant steel plate, such as jfe-c400, jfe-c450 and so on, the service life than the average wear-resistant steel plate can be increased by more than ten times.
Q:What is the difference between tow truck and dump truck?
From the use of different, tractor is mainly used for freight transport. Dump trucks are mainly used in building engineering. From the shape of a glance, traction cars are hanging, dump trucks rarely have to hang.
Q:Where to sell a dumper hopper lifting alarm?
Where the appliance is fixed, it is a buzzer, and it switches on when it is pressed.
Q:Which brand is heavy dump truck good?
Dump trucks are advised not to buy the liberation of the! The liberation of dump trucks is the worst, both performance and sales are poor! I do not recommend it, although the models all belong to the same type of heavy truck and Steyr heavy truck, heavy truck car quality but did not do well, I recommend buying heavy truck and Steyr HOWO Howard, king is very good, the car's heavy truck durability and quality are very good, the price a little expensive car Howard. Steyr king cheaper;
Q:What is a tractor, what is a trailer, half hung, all hung difference, what's dump truck?
The semi - trailer is only a tractor - driven car with a long carriage, and the tractor head and carriage are split.
Q:Altria 2000 flat 4102 engine car price blue dump
The 3 system does not have dump trucks, dump trucks, and only 9 tied axles are maintenance free bridges, from 290-336 horsepower to Weifang diesel.
Q:How much is the self weight of the dump truck? Usually 50 pounds will do
Depends on your specific configuration, if you pull sand stone, generally about 17-18T in weight, if the configuration is a little higher (steel thickness), then self-respect will be a little more
Q:The truck 330 horsepower fuel consumption per hundred kilometers how many litres of oil, empty back
How much oil means hundreds of kilometers and how much oil?. It's a habit of speaking. Vehicle fuel consumption is generally calculated with 100 km fuel consumption, such as 100 km fuel consumption 10L, meaning 100 kilometers of vehicles traveling, need 10L gasoline. It is suggested that you calculate according to the following methods:1. according to the car's driving computer. Generally better cars have drive computer, which has instant fuel consumption and average fuel consumption. When you want to calculate the fuel consumption, the data inside empty, read the average fuel consumption is more accurate. Some cars don't support driving, and computers or computers don't support emptying data, so there are only second ways to do that.
Q:There are several types of Nanjun dump?
In addition to the words of truth, if you have no friends in the Nanjun, suggest that you do not buy Nanjun, either you very well with the seller can, otherwise you will like me badly, I bought 4102 turbocharged dumpers, bought a car for 4 months, only 1 months. It has broken the universal joint, hydraulic pump, throttle cable, the most serious is now because the pressure of bearing box is broken, causing pressure gear and auxiliary transmission completely scrapped, manufacturers are also not package Oh, Nanjun fault: a water tank sealing off,
Q:Common problems of the prince dumping truck circuit
More demanding, the circuit is the golden Prince's soft underbelly. Comrades who want to buy a dump truck to consider clearly, circuit, heavy truck do not perfect, often instrument panel lamp is broken, taillights out

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