Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

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Product Description:

 Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ1317N


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:51-60t

Emission Standard:Euro 2


Drive Wheel:8×4

Engine Capacity:>8L





Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Radial

Dumping Type:Side Dumping Style



Chassis Brand:Cnhtc Sinotruk HOWO


Engine:273kw (371HP)

Gerbox:Hw15710 10 Forward Gears, 2 Reverse Gear


Drivre Axle:Hc16

Cargo Body Size:9400*2300*1200/1500/1800mm


Cargo Body Volume:28 Cubic-38 Cubic

Thickness:Side 6m;Bottom 8mm


Hydraulic Cylinders:Side Dumper Lifting

Left / Right Hand Drive:Optional


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:After Waxing by Container, RO-RO, Bulk Freighter



Origin:Hubei Suizhou

Production Capacity:500 Unit / Month

Product Description

28cbm 30cbm 32cbm 35cbm 38cbm
50tons 60tons 371hp sinotruck howo 8x4
Heavy Side Dump Truck / Side Tipper truck
howo Half row with A/C sleeper,howo gearbox 10-speed
CNHTC sinotruk engine 273kw/371hp,HC16 rear axle
dumper drive type;8x4 Optional 6x6 and 6x4
dumper box size:9400*2300*1500/1800mm  

Dumper Equipped with material of carbon steel Q235,
Side 6mm thickness;bottom 8mm thickness, 

Dumper Equipped with side dumper lift hydraulic ram
(Optional HYVA Brand),Single rear door.

Products Technical Specification
Type Sinotruk 8*4 Side Dump Truck
CabHW76,single sleeper,with A/C
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm)11975*2496*3237
G.V.W (kg)31000
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg)15320
Loading capacity (kg)40000-60000
Max speed (Km/h)75
Engine modleWD615.47 Euro 2
Maximum power273kw (371hp)
Displacement (lit)9726
Engine ManufacturerChina Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Chassis Description 
Chassis modelZZ3317N4667W
Wheel base1800+4600+1350
F/R track base(mm)2022/1830
F/R overhang(mm)1500/2445
Approach/Departure angle(°)16/19
Spring plate14/13,14/13
Front axle / rear axleHF9 T /HC16 T
Type of fuelDiesel
Fuel of capacity300 L
Gear box HW 10-speed with over drive
Electric system 24V
Tyres 12.00R20
Dumper body Description
Van dimensions(mm)9400*2300*1500 /1800
Van descriptionEquipped with material of carbon steel, side 6mm thickness; bottom 8mm thickness
Van door: one back door,Left and right sides of all four doors. Altogether Nine doors
Equipped with 4 Hydraulic cylinder.
Optional EquipmentTires,Dumper body thickness,middle hydraulic ram,
side door,etc

Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

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Q:Is the dump truck a minivan?
General truck is divided into micro, light, medium-sized, heavy and so on four kinds. Classification methods and standards vary from country to country. China is classified according to the vehicle carrying capacity, the carrying capacity of less than 3.5 tons of light trucks, 4~8 tons of medium-sized trucks, more than 8 tons of heavy-duty trucks.
Q:What kinds of dump trucks are there? What's the difference between heavy duty truck and mine dump truck?
With the transport of sand, stones, minerals and other bulk cargo dumping goods, cargo box tilted to or on both sides, so that the goods by gravity self unloading, speed up unloading, improve production efficiency
Q:Shaanqi wide used dump trucks where there is?
By evaluate the current price of vehicle replacement price (1 = x has provisions for the use of life / life) * 100% * adjustment factor. Among them, (1 - have used / fixed number of years) * 100% part, the result is called "new rate"". The "reset price" means the minimum cost paid in the year to buy a new vehicle that is the same as the vehicle being evaluated. For example, the Elantra 1.6GL, has been used for two years. At present, the new car guide price is 104 thousand and 800 yuan, the preferential price is about 90 thousand yuan, with 90 thousand yuan for the replacement price, the economic service life is 15 years (300 thousand kilometers), according to the formula: 90000 * (1 - 2/15) * 100%=78000 yuan. The adjustment coefficient section can be calculated according to the following method: the adjustment factor is 75%. Then, the final assessment price of this car is: 78000 * 75%=58500 yuan. The above is only a very simple way to the car according to the four major assembly classification, to evaluate each part. Weighting the evaluation result by 75%.
Q:Heavy Howard from the oil pressure unloading is idle to 1 how to solve the pressure
The spark plug is bad; 2, the vacuum tube leakage; 3, high-voltage leakage; plug 4, PCV valve; 5, solar term door position sensor fault; 6, idle stepper motor; 7, idle control valve failure; 8, solar term door opening is not normal; 9, air intake system.
Q:What is a tractor, what is a trailer, half hung, all hung difference, what's dump truck?
Tractors are the only cars that have no front or warehouseThe trailer is not welded to the front of the warehouseThe dump truck is a freight car with pushing, lifting, pushing and dropping columns, which carries more scattered goods.Half hung all hang, now basically no big difference, boundaries are very vague
Q:Which brand is good after the first four and the eight dump trucks?
Container bottom 4 sides of 3 high strength plate 7.3 meters wide and 2.35 meters high 2 meters 13 tire [triangle 20] 336 price is approximately 350 thousand area difference of]35 thousand difference I just took over the car to pull coal with friends I see a car Howard in February before hand
Q:In the construction budget, how many square amounts of earthwork does the 8t dump truck fit, and how many square quantities of earthwork does the 10t dump truck fit?
The 9 Party is very difficult, but to be honest, the 7 Party is really more reasonable and practical. This is the main soil. If you carry garbage or something, it might be more.
Q:Rear eight wheel self unloading operation method
After the eight round of the general has a climbing gear (turtle stalls), truck unloading shall be in place of discharge or flat, and prone to rollover, relatively speaking, more easily than in hydraulic top front hydraulic rollover. Of course, this is also related to the goods during the carriage of the stacking height, and the carriage length before the operation note above are similar to wire like obstacles, unloading must ensure the carriage back door can fully open and discharge 3/1 should be appropriate to move forward, to ensure to avoid living space back door hanger is broken, after or before the car weight if the front wheel off the ground at the beginning, should stop lifting, pending reverse recovery.
Q:How do I dump the dump truck?
It's easy to drive six rounds on the mountain. Safety (because the ten wheel body itself is longer than the six wheel, also wider, relatively large mountain, wider mountain road, less bend)
Q:Howard truck car suddenly no electricity what reason?
Body harness ground, or random change lines lead to large burnt wire current, resulting in a sudden car full power, if not professional car modification shop on line change, may also lead to "the whole car suddenly no electricity" phenomenon, even lead to auto ignition.

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