Dismantling joint ISO-2531

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dismantling joints
1.material:ductile iron
4.Size:DN50 to DN2000

dismantling joints

It is used  for all flanged piping materials line .

Flanges and drillings to ISO7005-2 ( BS EN1092-2:1997,DIN2501)

The dismantling joint enables easy installation and dismantling of isolating valves , non return valves , flow metering equipment , pumps etc.

It compensates for axial displacement of the pipe during installation/dismantling .

All the materials of the body is ductile iron according to GGG500-7 and the bolts and nuts are hot galvanized coating .The rubber seal is EPDM  For drinking water.

Size : DN80-DN1200

Pressure : PN10 PN16 PN20

Packing : plywood cases ,pallets or according to the requirment of buyers'

Q:To take care of wide spread iron deficiency , Govt of Gujarat has advised all flour mills to add iron powder to the flour.Whether iron in this form will be absorbed by the body? Is there any risk involved to take iron in such form ?
Sounds a bit strange to me.
Q:How many iron atoms are in 2.500 g of iron (III) phosphate?
Q:When you take iron and sulphurs particles and add them up the change them into iron sulfide. Why does it still have the same amount of particles?
iron + sulfur--- iron sulfide Fe+ S--- FeS You begin with 1 mole of iron particles and chemically react them with 1 mole of sulfur particles and get 1 mole of iron sulfide You still have the same mass because mass is not created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.
Q:anemia and low iron and high erythropoietin
Iron is not the correct blood test to detect or diagnose iron deficiency anemia. The correct blood test is ferritin. If your ferritin is normal then the problem most likely will be found in the bone marrow. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR
Q:i have iron deficiency anemia but my body rejects any kinda of iron! why is it doing this?? it‘s been going on for at least two years.
I have anemia it's normal, many people also have it. It's not rejecting iron just simply not getting enough. I eat lots of foods with iron to keep me from feeling weak. There's actually iron pills you can take and it's good to take multivitamins to provide you with all the vitamins including iron.
Q:been taking iron supplements individual for a couple years now and read some where that multivitamins that contain iron,zinc, potassium can stain teeth? never heard of such a thing. but mostly liquid iron?thanks
Yes iron can stain not only teeth, but also skin. This is usual when iron is introduced in liquid form. Orally (that's why it is needed to be taken in straw with your juice) to prevent staining and hasten up it's action. Injectables(z-track method is necessary to have a skin lock and prevent iron from pouring out and cause stain). But when you take iron in capsules, you don't neet to worry at all because it's encapsulated.
Q:I know it‘s possible, but my question is whether or not there is an actual difference between meteorite iron and regular iron? Would it be stronger? Would it have a darker tint? Would it be heavier or lighter?
Meteoritic iron would also have nickel and other metals, so the iron would be an alloy of stores. An alloy is stronger than just iron. Also, meteoritic iron would be lying around on the surface of the ground, it wouldn't have to be mined.
Q:Need to know asap before thursday and if you could find me the chemical structure and formula for iron also You would be really helping me out alot?Thx
Iron is needed for healthy red blood cells, and particularly the liver, which is an organ that helps purify the blood.
Q:what flat iron should i buy?
Trust me, you don't have to spend over $100 to get a nice flat iron! when you are buying a flat iron there are a couple things you want to look for: CERAMIC PLATES if you get a cheap one, most of them will be ceramic coated, but this is better than anything not ceramic. Most flat irons are ceramic, and higher quality ones will be 100% ceramic. ADJUSTABLE HEATING You want to be able to turn the heat up or down to make it straighten as well as possible, and protect your hair from too much damage. a good temperature range would be around 200-400 degerees F.350-400 degrees is a good max temp FLOATING PLATES this isn't essential, but it makes it so that the straightener doesn't snag on your hair, and trust me, it helps a lot! It basically means the ceramic plates will move so it will glide better through your hair. You probably want to avoid brands that are too cheap like Conair and Revlon. I found a great straightener . I went through 2 cheap flat irons and was really frustrated with both of them. But now, I bought a Cortex flat iron and I LOVE IT! It's worth over $100, but you can get it at tjmaxx and OKorder for only $30. They have tons of different colors and designs. It has all the great features of the more expensive irons like: 100% CERAMIC PLATES, TOURMALINE, FLOATING PLATES, ADJUSTABLE HEATING, SWIVEL CORD, etc. it also leaves my hair really straight and makes it feel soft conditioned. It is amazing, i was so happy with it! So definitely check it out :)
Q:I am trying to get a normal level of iron cuz Im always being told my iron low
Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Iron 0 to 6 months, 0.27 milligrams of Iron per day 7 - 12 months, 11 milligrams of Iron per day 1 -3 years, 7 milligrams of Iron per day 4 -8 years, 10 milligrams of Iron per day 9 to 13 years old, 8 milligrams of Iron per day Males 14 to 18 years old - 15 milligrams of Iron per day Females 14 to 18 years old - 18 milligrams of Iron per day Males 19 to 50 years old - 8 milligrams of Iron per day Females 19 to 50 years old - 18 milligrams of Iron per day Males and females 51 years and older, 8 milligrams of Iron per day Pregnant females all ages, 27 milligrams of Iron daily Lactating females age 14 to 18, 10 milligrams of Iron per day Lactating females over age 19, 9 milligrams of Iron per day

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