Cushion Pillow with Water-Proof Material

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Product Description:

Product Usage:

Travel pillow is the most comfortable place to lay your head on when you travel by air, train, car or ship. It will stretch and mould into every part of your body in need of support. This is an extremely soft and comfortable cushion which moulds into any position and is surprisingly supportive.



Product Feature:

Travel Pillows are great soft and cozy. Filled with thousands of premium microbeads,they offer the perfect blend of support and relaxation. Great for use when relaxing at home or when your on the go.


Product advantage:

1.The travel pillow has competitive price and quality.

2. Professional in microbeads pillow&cushion more than 7 years

3. Good quality ,three  inspections before packing

4. Best service,customized design is available



Product Name

Travel pillow

Product size

30*750px or customized


85% nylon, 15% spandex


100% polystyrene beads 0.3-0.8mm




1pc in 1OPP bag; 32pcs in 1 carton (56*52*1625px)

Product ability

100000pcs per month

Loading Port

ShangHai or NingBo



Q: What is the usage of the travel pillow?

A: You can use it when you travel by air, train, and car or when you sit on the sofa watching TV, reading book. Your neck will be perfectly protected.


Q: What is the filling in the travel pillow?

A: The filling in the travel pillow is 100% polystyrene beads, the diameter of the beads is 0.3-0.8mm. These beads are all safe, environmentally friendly and food grade.


Q: How can do when the travel pillow is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Dont worry, the color of the travel pillow will not fade.


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Q:How to fix the sofa cushion can be a coup
Sew some magic glue on the sofa cushion. Is the most and the sofa, on the edge of the sticky kind, can also be your seat for high low, better.
Q:What cushion does leather sofa use on summer?
Mat cushion is also very good, the variety is not cool, sweat absorbent breathable, fine workmanship, good toughness, not easy to break, affordable, non slip bottom gauze, good antiskid effect, and made easy, affordable.
Q:What cushion does the car use in summer?
In the heat of summer, many owners found that seemingly cool leather seats sit up and make people hot and dry, not to mention flannel chairs. In the open air conditioning but when temperatures are high, a set of suitable for use in the summer or the seat cushion can make people comfortable and cool.
Q:How to clean the car seat oil?
Before cleaning, the oil spray cleaning agent, with a dry cloth to wipe the stained part after about 5 seconds, repeat 2 times after the general can clean; then with detergent solution, asphalt detergent, and finally with a damp cloth to clean detergent solution.
Q:The wool cushion is yellow. How do you clean it?
Wool cushion cleaning method one, dirt can be removed with cornmealThe dirt and dirt in the crevices of the wool pad are always the hardest to clean. Sometimes they do not clean a few times. Here to introduce a small coup: with corn surface descaling. The wool pad tile on the table or on the ground, and then with water to water cushion. Note that when spraying, do not have a one-time all wet spray, but where to spray where to wash. Then, the prepared cornmeal is sprinkled on the wool pad and rubbed gently on the wool with your hands, so that the corn surface is deep in the crevice of the wool pad, and the more careful the better. A few minutes later, dry corn flour, shake a few times, originally those dirty things hidden in the corner is all along off.
Q:What cushions are comfortable with a sofa cushion?
Soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as sponge): used for sofa sponge filling is mainly divided into three categories: conventional sponge is a conventional polyether and TDI as the main generation of sponge, is characterized with good elasticity, softness, permeability; high rebound sponge is a kind of active phosphorus and TDI as the main generation sponge, it has characteristics of excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity, compression load, fire resistance, good air permeability; arbitrary hole sponge is a hole with a sponge size of the natural seaweed is similar, which is characterized by good elasticity, compression and rebound when the buffer is excellent.
Q:Car cushion, super fiber skin and bamboo charcoal leather that kind of better
1, appearance: the appearance and style of the cushion elegant, concise and lively, strong visual impact, highly visual, with noble and elegant without losing the unique charm of luxury, highlighting the unique taste of the owner of the. The cushion main material for "high-grade bamboo charcoal microfiber leather, with good heat dissipation, sweat absorbing moisture, than the average high-grade leather good toughness, wear resistance, easy cleaning and more. This fabric belongs to the four seasons fabric, that is, the summer heat dissipation, winter warm with constant temperature.Production process: 2, Seiko secret agents, uniform alignment, exquisite embroidery, will enhance the quality grade of a cushion.3, health care: cushion contains Chinese herbal medicine filling, the main material for cassia seed and buckwheat shell, with ease fatigue, soothe the nerves, Xingnao, antibacterial, such as health care effect.4, ride comfort: cushion feel comfortable, moderate elasticity, press hard to rebound immediately (the quality of the cushion is not flexible, it will take a long time to rebound), ride comfort experience better.
Q:What material car seating for four seasons with it what kind of material is good cushion
Suitable for all seasons with leather seatingOn the good-looking, functional and quality, become the preferred leather seat cover well. Leather seat cover in winter and cool in summer, suitable for four seasons. And it's soft and comfortable sitting. But the good imported leather is expensive, in general, high-grade car to choose leather seat cover. Leather seat cover without special care, if the surface is stained with stains, wipe with wet cloth can decontamination. If it is difficult to get rid of the oil, you must use special cleaning agent to clean the skin, so as not to damage the cortex. But in the process of use, but also to prevent the metal sharp scratch leather seat cover.
Q:How do I clean toilet mats?
Clean with a disinfectant, but make sure that the disinfectant is kept for more than half an hour. The toilet mat is cleaned and disinfected and preferably dried in the sun. Cleaning interval is best not more than a week, if outsiders used, should be washed on the same day.
Q:Independent bag spring sofa or sponge sofa?
If it is full of sponge sponge with low density, or regeneration sponge, or have too much filler sponge, is certainly not good for spring, collapse or rupture after it will use a sponge. But if the high resilience, high-density, non filling genuine sponge, the price will be higher than the spring, sitting is also very comfortable.

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