Concrete Admixture ,Polycarboxylic,solid content 40%

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China main port
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10000 kg
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100000 kg/month

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Product Description:

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Beijing China (Mainland)

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Polycarboxylic Superplasticizer

High flowability:

Low permeability, high durability concrete

Superior compression performance:

No retempering. Ease of point construction

Low shrinkage and creep:

Improves dimensional stability. Reduces risk of cracks.

Good cohesion:

Ease of pumping. No bleeding.

Good workability:

Excellent appearance. Self compacted concrete.

Minimal bleedingrate:

Excellent concrete quality.

High elastic modulus:

Superior load bearing capacity.

High water-reducing performance:

High initial and ultimate strength.


Highly durable concrete

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:200 liter/ drum or1000 liter/drum.
Delivery Detail:About 10 days after receive payment


1.China Concrete Admixture polycarboxylizer
2.High slump retention
3.Good strength and durability
4.for cement

                                China Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylic Superplasticizer      


Product Description


Product Description
PC admixture is a new type Superplasticizer developed primarily for applying in hot climate area. It contains polycarboxylate ether polymers,it has excellent high water reducing rate and significantly reduces slump loss. This product without any pollution to the environment, is a new type of environment-friendly high performance water-reducer.
PC admixture applies in all kinds of cement concretes which design for the need to increase the
initial compressive strength and ultimate compression strength,Includes as follows :
Less dosage of water in the cement concrete.
Fast mixing cement of cement concrete.
High flowability cement concrete
Highly durable cement concrete
Ready-mixed cement concrete
Mass cement concrete
Long distance transport cement concrete
Pumped cement concrete
Hot weather pouring cement concrete
Self compacted cement concrete

Main Properties and Characteristics


High water-reducing performance

High initial and ultimate strength.

Low permeability, high durability concrete.

High flowability

Ease of placing and compaction.

No separation.

Superior compression performance

No retempering. Ease of point construction

Low shrinkage and creep

Improves dimensional stability. Reduces risk of cracks

Good cohesion

Ease of pumping. No bleeding.

Good workability

Excellent appearance. Self compacted concrete.

Minimal water-bleeding

It is significantly less than BNS based products.

Excellent concrete quality.

High elastic modulus

Superior load bearing capacity.


Main Features
The product has excellent retarding effect: according to the project requirements, can delay cement setting time of 2-36 hours, and basic synchronization delay initial setting and final setting time, Can make the ready-mixed concrete suitable for long distance transportation.
The product water reducing rate is as high as 25% to 40%, and to improve the concrete easy integration, helps to improve flow and dense concrete, improve the permeability resistance and other mechanical properties and durability.
Under the same slump and same strength condition, use this product can save the cement consumption 25% - 25%, can obviously reduce the project cost.

PC admixture is free of chloride and has been formulated to comply with ASTM C494 for Type A&F admixtures, BS5075 for high range water-reducing admixtures and JIA A6204 concrete. Also, PC admixture is complying with BSEN 934-2 Tables 3.1 & Tables 3.2,Chinese state Standard GB- 8076-97 and Chinese Construct Standards JG/T 223-2007.It is compatible with all Portland cements that meet recognized international standards.

Typical performance
PC admixture can significantly improve the strength of concrete initial setting and final setting. It also improves superior compression performance and workability of the concrete more than traditional superplasticizer.

Properties and Adding

Supply form:



Yellowish color

Specific Gravity:




Solid Content:  


Chloride content:

<0.1%< span="">

Do not use other water reducing materials and /or superplasticizer in the mix with PC  

PC admixture can be added into the mixing water or to the wet concrete after the mixing water has been added. The time of adding PC to the dry concrete mix is not less than 100 seconds. A separate dispenser and feed line must be used in order to make the concrete reach the best property and the most water-reducing effect. Consider PC is one kind mother liquild admixture with high solid content, so we advise that the user dilute it into working liquild dilution with solid content of 15%--25% before mixing construction. Considering PC mother liquid is a kind of high solid content, if direct use mother liquor of high solid content,( solid content is more than 40%) can lead to initial setting time shortened, or lead to concrete in conveying pipe flow, resistance pump. So we recommend that users before using PC mother liquid will be diluted with water purification into working liquid, the solid content of working liquid suggested that between 15% - 20%.

In order to meet specific requirements, The optimum content of PC admixture should according to the use of gelled material, aggregate, and the construction of environmental conditions (temperature humidity) test to determine. PC addition rate should be determined according to the materials and the conditions of the experiments and the water-reducing request. The scope of the PC addition rate is from 0.3 liter to 1.5 liter/100 kg cement materials.
Other dosages may also depend on the specific working conditions.


Packaging & Shipping


Adopting international standard square plastic drums. 1000 liter/drum.

China Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylic Superplasticizer


Shelf life
The best storage temperature of PC admixture is 25°C, the original sealed barrel storage life for 12 months. Finished product warehouses should be ground clean, cool and ventilated, the goods must be far away from the fire source of heat. Do not place the product exposure in the sun or rain. The goods must be packed neatly, General square plastic drums packed height is limited to two layers. Light discharge when handling to prevent damage to the packing.
In the temperature of 25°C to 50°C, PC admixture which be packed into original seal drum, can be stored in 9 months. If winter freeze occurs under 0°C, thawed gently restorable, does not affect the normal use of products.

Health: PC does not contain any hazardous substances requiring labeling.
It is safe for use with standard precautions followed in the construction industry, such as
use of hand gloves, safety goggles, etc.
PC is a kind of water-based products, belong to no fuel. No corrosion to steel.


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