Communication 3.0mm Fiber Optic ST/UPC-ST/UPC Singlemode Simplex armored Patch cable

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3.0mm Fiber Optic ST/UPC-ST/UPC Singlemode Simplex Armored Patch cable

cable length::


Ferrule End-face: PC,APC optional:

PC,APC optional

Cable Cores::

Simplex or Duplex optional

Operation Wavelenghth(nm): 1310/1550nm:

Insertion Loss (dB): ≤0.2

Repeatability (dB): ≤0.1:

Operation Temperature: -40~+80

Durability(1/Matings): ≥1000:

Connector: FC/APC

cable diameter::

0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm optional

Fiber Mode::

single mode / multimode

Cable Type::


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In transparent bag or customized
Delivery Detail:4-7 days

Communication 3.0mm Fiber Optic ST/UPC-ST/UPC Singlemode Simplex Armored Patch cable  :


Patch cords and Pigtails  ApplicationsFeaturesLong-distance trunk network, Metro- area network, access network DWDM system Optical fiber CATV Optical fiber data network Optical active device.Low insertion loss High return loss Good duplication, and interchangeability  Performances SpecificationsParameterSpecification FC/PC,FC/UPC,FC/APC,SC/PC,SC/UPC,SC/APC,ST/PC,ST/UPC,ST/APC,MU/PC,MU/APC,LC/PC,LC/APC Single modeMulti  modeInsertion loss (typical ) (dB)Typical     Value 0.1 maximum Value 0.3Typical     Value   0.1 maximum Value   0.2Return loss (typical ) (dB)PC≥50,UPC≥55,APC≥60≥36Duplicated (dB)≤0.1Interchangeable (dB)≤0.2Inserts pulls out the number of times (time)≥1000Operating temperature (°C)-25~+70 / -40~+80 /-40~+75  Optical patch cord Ordering InformationOFCPort 1Port 2Fiber typeCable outer dimension(Φ)Connector typeEnd-face  typeConnector typeEnd-face  type FC,SCST,LCMUPC,UPCAPCO:pigtail, FC,SCST,LC MUO:pigtail, PC,UPCAPCS=G.625H=G.655M=Multi mode (50/125um)D=Multimode(62.5/125um)09=0.9mm20=2.0mm30=3.0mm 33=3.0mm dual core cable 22=2.0mm dual core cable00=customer Spec.  

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