CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

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Production: Gypsum board making machine Brand: CNBM

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China National Building Material Group Corporation Ltd. (CNBM), a state-owned enterprise directly administered by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council. Established by the national government in 1979 under the direct approval and guidance of Deng Xiaoping, CNBM Group represents China’s largest domestic manufacturing base for new building materials. At present, it has grown into a comprehensive enterprise group integrating building materials investment, new housing, forest products and global trading services. By the end of 2016, the company had more than RMB 14 billion total assets, and directly managed 9 wholly-owned enterprises and holding enterprises.

As the pioneer in China's new building materials industry and the subsidiary of the Fortune Global 500 Company, CNBM Group has consistently led China’s new building materials industry, in terms of its branding, quality, technology, and operation scale etc. for many years. Adhering to its core concepts of "Efficient Use of Resources,Serving the Construction", and keeping in mind globalization, BNBM Group aims to provide the community healthy and environment-friendly green building materials, and energy saving, land saving and eco-friendly living environment.

The paper-faced gypsum board machines take the building gypsum as raw material that is mixed together with some moderate additives and fibers to make the board core which is covered by specially-made paper as a protection to finally produce the paper-faced gypsum boards out. For production of paper-faced gypsum boards, we our company adopts the hot-oil drying technology,the interactive drying technology ( heat-conducting oil and hot air) and complete hot-air technology to fully satisfy the demands from different customers. 


CNBM have the largest gypsum board factory in China, and most advanced gypsum board production line. 

Capacity: from 1 million to 50 million suqare meter per year

Most efficient and cost saving design. 

Drying system: hot air or hot oil

Fuel: Electrical, gas, coal, heavy oil and diesel oil 

It is easy to form a complete equipment. Except the special parts for the production line, the other parts can use the Chinese standard equipment. Control the quality in strict accordance with the ISO9001. The key electronic components use the high quality products from the internationally known company.

3. Category

a) Common paper surface gypsum board 

b) Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (H)

c) Waterproof paper surface gypsum board (S)


CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine

CNBM Gypsum board production line gypsum board making machine


Engineer available for overseas installation,commission and training.

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