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carbon additive classification


1. Artificial graphite: Among the recarburizers, the best quality is artificial graphite. Artificial graphite is calcined petroleum coke, adding asphalt as a binder, and adding other auxiliary materials. After high temperature graphitization at 2500-3000℃, the ash, sulfur and gas content are greatly reduced. Artificial graphite is expensive to manufacture, so the general recarburizer is made from cutting particles when manufacturing electrodes or pulverized from waste electrical electrodes. In addition, tailings of negative electrode materials are also a good source of recarburizers. The most important indicator of artificial graphite is that the sulfur content is very low, between 0.01-0.07.

2. Petroleum coke: Calcined petroleum coke is currently a widely used recarburizer. After the raw petroleum coke is calcined at 1200-1350°C, it becomes a calcined petroleum coke that can be used as a recarburizer. The sulfur content of calcined petroleum coke is between 0.02-3%, and the calcined petroleum coke that can be used as a recarburizer is between 0.02-0.5%.

3. Natural graphite: natural graphite flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite. Microcrystalline graphite has high ash content and is generally not used as a recarburizer for cast iron; flake graphite is generally used as a recarburizer for medium carbon flake graphite

4. Coke and anthracite: When the cupola makes iron, coke is used to increase the carbon at the bottom, so the cupola uses recarburizers rarely. In the process of electric furnace steelmaking, coke or anthracite is added as a recarburizer, and anthracite is more commonly used as a recarburizer. Due to the relatively high ash and volatile content of the two, they are rarely used as recarburizers for smelting cast iron in induction furnaces.

 CNBM Good Quality Carbon Additive-made in China

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Q:particularly an additive called Prolong ?
Don't waste your money on that crap. Toyota makes fantastic engines that are built to last without oil additives. Just change your oil with according to your owner's manual. I guarantee you Toyota Motor Co. is not going to recommend the use of an oil additive.
Q:I have a 99 vw jetta.and the lifters are tapping.not bad.just looking for a cheap alternative.
You can first try the Valvoline MaxLife oil the next time you change the oil and if that doesn't help, then you can try some STP or Lucas oil additive. This slightly thickens the oil and makes it stickier. Or you can bump up to a 10w40 oil and see if that helps. I ran 10w40 oil for many years in my older model cars and never had a problem even in the dead of winter. I used to use 20w50 in my VW GTI when traveling cross country, 900 miles in a day, and that cut down on the oil consumption. Good Luck!
Q:please explain how u got ur answer:) thx * a website attached would b great
The additive inverse of x ia y such that: x + y = 0 0.42 + y = 0 y = -0.42 The multiplicative inverse of x is y such that xy = 1 -1.6 * y = 1 y = -1/1.6
Q:im interested in making a career out of farming, food, animals, all etc
Have been farming for 30 years and still looking for the answer to this question. The way to make the Most Money is to grow marijuana in your basement with grow lights. - - - Bad Fertilizer ? Bad in what way ? Chemical fertilizers are just fine and do not harm the soil or leave harmful residues. The problem with chemical fertilizers is that the price has tripled in the past 5 years making them very expensive to use in relation to the price you get for what you sell. - - - Pesticides are used to kill the insects that can Totally eat your crops. Pesticides are just needed if you want a crop to sell , just follow the recommended directions in application. Bad Hormone additives? What kind of bad are you referring to ? Just do not understand that part. - - - I realize you will not be a farmer , you are just having fun. I wish you well.
Q:Vitamin C can do what kind of food additives
Vitamin C itself is a nutrient, but when added to food, it is necessary to pay attention to the added limit, if not used as a nutrient, can be added as an antioxidant ingredient, mainly added to the beverage category.
Q:What are the types of paint additives?
User's answer more types of additives. Commonly used hardeners, retarders, matting agents and softeners. The additive used to accelerate the hardening and increase the gloss is called the hardener; the slow drying is called the retarder; the matte weaker is called the matting agent; the elasticity for the paint layer is called the softener.
Q:whats the best additive for a car with lot of miles on it? My car does smoke some and uses a little oil!Ive heard about engine restore. Any recommendations gladly appreciated!
I have an '89 Dodge and a '79 Chrysler in which I use Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle 10W30. Since I started using this motor oil, the valve seals and crankshaft seals have quit leaking. Neither of these cars burns oil anymore nor do they splatter oil under the hood. I am impressed.
Q:do gas additives for cars work and are they necessary ?
Some do, some don't. I assume that you are talking about the ones you buy and not the ones the gas company puts in. I do put injector cleaner in occasional, but I don't know if it helps. Before I retired I made my own additive by mixing two part isopropyl alcohol and one part xylene (trade name xylol). and added one pint per fill up and it worked very well. The alcohol removed the water and both are octane enhancers. But I have found that the commerical ones sold are not worth the price. If you can obtain these chemical cheaply then go for it, but don't add to much. If it runs like a race car does not mean you should race it. A coworker destroyed his engine when he added to much xylene and ran it hard. Super octane gas can burn up an engine.
Q:why are food additives bad? name details and explanations.?
Of course, just make sure you have a suitable underlayment. Durock or Fiberock are my brands of choice. You can put about anything you want in a mobile home. Good luck!
Q:What other things apart from food additives causes hyperactivity in children? ?
lack of boundaries and lack of teaching them the proper behavior in the proper setting.

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