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The 4-wheel steer JCB 4CX is the largest backhoe model we produce, and this latest incarnation really is a product of our 60-plus years as backhoe market leader, bearing a host of performance, comfort, safety and efficiency improvements.

Like our new award-winning EcoMAX T4 Final compliant engine, which meets Tier 4 Final legislation without bulky DPF; compact installation provides uncompromised visibility and manoeuvrability. The 4CX-15 super also has high ground clearance and 4 equal-sized wheels, so it can tackle terrain unlike any other backhoe.


  • The 4CX-15 Super’s new EcoMAX engine is designed, tested and built by JCB to work perfectly with JCB axles and gearboxes. T4 Final compliant EcoMAX produces power and torque at around 1500 rpm for responsiveness and fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics.

  • The JCB EcoMAX can be adapted to run on lower-grade fuels, Backhoes are resalable across different territories, which boost residuals.

  • JCB 4CX-15 Super engines are tried and tested. We’ve built over 300,000 DIESELMAX engines since 2004, and we’ve tested EcoMAX for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.

  • For ultimate loading performance, productivity and roading efficiency, the JCB 4CX-15 Super’s EcoMAX engine delivers as much as 381lbf (516Nm) and 109hp (81kW) of torque.

  • JCB’s unique TorqueLock system is standard-fit on all 109hp (81kW) powershift 4CX-15 Super models. Combined with our optional 6-speed Autoshift transmission, it can help save up to 25% on fuel and 10% on road travel time.

  • An optional limited slip differential gives a JCB 4CX-15 Super superior traction and performance, as well as reduced tire wear.

  • The 4CX-15 Super JCB backhoe loader is fitted with EcoRoad technology to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels when roading. Fuel consumption is reduced, while machine speed and working area are increased by up to 10%.

  • The JCB 4CX-15 Super has 3 steer modes and a large 1.4yd³ shovel capacity for exceptional on-site productivity.

  • Our 6-speed Autoshift transmission with floor mounted kickdown switch provides great pulling power on the 4CX-15 Super.


  • A new high output variable flow pump reduces the JCB 4CX-15 Super’s cycle times, saves fuel and, on manual backhoes, lighter lever effort makes control easier.

  • There’s more tractive effort at the pile than ever, thanks to new variable flow pump power management and the new JCB EcoMAX engine.

  • The 4CX-15 Super's 4-ram self-leveling loader automatically adjusts the shovel on both the raise and lower cycle without any need for manual adjustment. It also provides unhindered front shovel visibility, especially when loading at height.

  • The optional combined hammer and bi-directional circuit provides optimized low-flow and high-flow hydraulic power with low back pressure for great attachment versatility.

  • JCB’s new hydraulic quickhitch makes attachment changing on the 4CX-15 Super quick, safe and compliant with current and future legislation.

  • At the loading end of the JCB 4CX-15 Super, our return-to-dig feature automatically resets the shovel into the loading position, and selectable transmission disconnect diverts maximum hydraulic power from the engine to the loader arms.


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