China factory supply cheap price black tinted tempered reflective glass

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Product Description:

China factory supply cheap price black tinted tempered reflective glass

Product Description


Product name  

Black tinted tempered glass






Customer demand


Shape Corner,polished radius,dubbed corner,etc.


Polished edge,pencil edge,flat edge,etc


Curve, Flat


Drilling holes or not as customer need



1.Reflect the sunshine, reducing indoor heat.

2.Saving energy.

3.Prevent UV transmission.

4.Prevent furniture fabric from fading.



Used in doors,windows,large-scale curtain wall, decorative, furniture, etc

Glass Types Available

1.Clear,ultra clear(low iron) and Tints glass

2.Non-coated and Coated glass

3.Low-E products(single silver low-e glass, double silver low-e glass,

triple silver low-e glass)

4.Acid etched glass

5.Flat and curved tempered glass

6.Heat-strengthened glass

7.PVB/EVA/SGP laminated glass

8.Digital glass

Product Description

Reflective Glass is produced by using CVD technology (chemical vapor deposition)

that creates a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass.

As this hard chemical layer is fully bonded to the glass, the glass can be cut, bent, tempered, heat

strengthened and laminated without affecting the coating.


1.  High visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate, low radiating rate (e < 0.1)

2.  Avoid light pollution and build good ecological environment.

3.  Control solar energy radiation effectively, block far infrared radiation, save expenses of air conditioners

     in summer and heating expenses in winter, have good effect of heat preservation and energy saving.

Company Profile

1.  We are one of the biggest glass factory in China with 26 year glass production experience, have advanced machines and experienced technicians.
2.  Process by used grade A building glass materials, without any bubble, scratch, spot etc defects.
3.  Each step of our processing meet ISO, CE,CCC, SGCC,IGCC etc standard.
4.  Provide 10 years warranty, any quality problem can refund or replace glass.
5.  100% inspection after production to make sure each sheet of glass are all in good condition.
6.  Powerful transportation system and fast shipping time, long-term cooperation relationship with MAS, NYK, COSCO etc
7.  Professional sales and technical team, provide 24-hour service, meet any specific requirements.

Packing & Delivery

Glass Balustrade 

Glass BalustradePlacement direction of glass: vertical 

Between the glass: mildew proof paper, EPE, mildew proof powder 

Glass outer packing: EPE, EPS, plastic horn protector, carton, plywood wooden case 

Fixed: plastic packing belt, steel packing belt


Q: What is the MOQ?

A: Generally, there is no MOQ for processed glass, but if you want to received best price, the more quantity,
the better price.
Q: Could I have a small sample to verify the quality?

A : Sure, we welcome sample to be tested and checked quality.
Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, we welcome all of customers visit our factory when you have real requirements, we will take
you to each of our production lines, and discussing orders in our office.
Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, generally, we offer 5 years warranty for processing glass based on your
normally uses, we advise you uses in a right way can keep your products service life in a long time (more than 5 years).
Q: How do you control the quality of your products?

A:We have standard management on factory based on ISO system, and train our staffs regularly, our production department they will choose high quality materials for glass strictly, for finished excellent products. And we have QC for each process, once find little problem, we will replace the glass, to make sure every piece glass go to warehouse is in good condition.

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Q:What the best window
Recommended the purchase of Philharmonic doors and windows, Jinyu Group is the second subsidiary.
Q:Which German broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good?
Because the broken bridge aluminum sound insulation, the two years has become the new darling of the doors and windows industry, especially marked the "German" brand products, in all channels are particularly hot, but the market is really so much Of the German-made broken bridge aluminum windows? In fact, a little understanding of some people know, whether it is the introduction of technology, or Sino-foreign joint ventures, the real import only German product design only, its quality and domestic brands is the same, for example, their profiles are Guangdong and Anhui Workers, the rubber is Jiangyin OEM, hardware is Taiwan OEM. Let alone those who just to cater to the consumer's fake "German" brand, the quality is not even good for domestic brands. Those who are really pure German manufacturing German imports of broken aluminum windows, because of their full set of systems, making the brand price is high, equivalent down, almost no less than 2000 / flat unit price, those high-tech concept, such as fire Bulletproof friends, twists and turns control the general family also use less, although he is high-end, but not close to life.
Q:Shutters or shutters? Is the shutter in the right or the blinds correct? We discuss it.
Blinds selection briefs blinds, observe the color of the leaves, all the accessories, including wire frame, adjust the bar, pull the line, adjust the bar on the small parts and so should maintain the same color. Second, check the finish feel the leaves and the smoothness of the frame, good quality products smooth and smooth, no thorn hand feeling. Third, open the curtains, test the opening and closing of the blade rotation knob to open the blade, the leaves should maintain a good level, that is, the spacing between the leaves of the distance symmetry, the leaves remain flat, no up and down the sense of bending. When the leaves are closed, the leaves should be consistent with each other, no leakage of light gap. Fourth, check the anti-deformation of the blade after the opening, the hand can be pressed under the force of the blade, so that the force under the blade bent, and then quickly let go, such as the blade quickly restore the level of state, no bending phenomenon, then the quality of qualified. 5, test the automatic locking function When the leaves are all closed, pull the cable, you can roll up the blade. At this point to the right pull the line, the blade should be automatically locked to maintain the corresponding roll up the state, neither to continue to roll, nor loose down. Otherwise, the locking function is problematic.
Q:How do the upper and lower windowsill plates of the bay windows work? Whether it is set in the window under the small ring beam, and then do a floating plate? Then the beam of steel bars to anchor into the edge of the frame column? Or similar and set the same beam, to meet the length of the support on the line, plus a floating board, I would like to ask, we are how to make bay window up and down windowsill. Thanks
The window windows of the bay window can be poured out with the main body in the main body, and the lower windows need to be poured later. The lower windows need to be made of beams, steel need to anchor into the shear wall or frame column, our current project is to do so
Q:Poor quality aluminum windows and doors will affect the life of doors and windows do?
Check the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows hardware is flexible and smooth. Second, pull the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows window should be the lower part of the aluminum slide to facilitate the replacement. Third, the flat window seal tape should be free to replace, because the seal The life of the window than the short side of the window.Fourth, the sliding window window sill the top of the seal should have a fixed piece, which is the key to push the window seal is good.Fifth, in the installation process, should monitor the horizontal direction of doors and windows Vertical correction of the window frame and the wall between the use of styrofoam to fill, and the inside and outside the window frame must be made of silicon copper glue or sealant
Q:Broken bridge aluminum terrace on the edge of the window a little ventilation, how to solve ah? How can I seal better performance?
Sealed tops: The top of the installation of the top part of the window (door) fan, the fan around the box or seal bridge (file wind block), to strengthen the seal between the box and the fan. The top of the bar is an important factor affecting the sliding doors and windows and watertight performance, and it is also an important factor affecting the switching force of the doors and windows.When the tops are too large or the vertical hair is too high, it is not only difficult to install but also increase the resistance of the doors and windows, especially when the opening Resistance and closure of the final position when the resistance is too large, the specifications are too small, or the height of the vertical bar is not enough, easy to escape out of the slot, so that the sealing performance of doors and windows greatly reduced. Wool to be treated by silicification, the quality of qualified tops for the surface straight, bottom and vertical hair smooth, no bending, no pizza on the bottom of the provisions of 0.20MM. Tops, strips play: sound insulation. Dust. Antifreeze. Warmth.
Q:Can safety glass be used as a guard rail
In accordance with the foolproof point of view, the need to install! But we have done so long, if the glass is fixed, generally do not need to install.
Q:Briefly on the Design Essentials of Residential Building Windows
To ensure that the privacy of the room, taking into account the parallel with the adjacent windows, especially oblique above the top view and other line of sight interference. ? ???? East to the window must be considered when the corresponding shading measures, bedroom, living room should try to open the south to the window. ? ??? Properly handle the location of the window and air+E62
Q:What are the general use of the blinds in the building?
Blinds are generally used for external windows, allowing the indoor heat or other gas exhaust and other better discharge. If you use ordinary windows, is not conducive to the discharge of gas or temperature, do not install windows, then the wind and rain will affect the room. So the choice of blinds, because the design of the blinds, all the leaves are mouth down, and each leaf between the leaves have a certain gap, so that the skills of shelter, but also play the role of ventilation and exhaust. Keep the air fresh in the room.
Q:What can the windowsill use in addition to the marble countertops? The windowsill is relatively low, with a stone out of the side, can be made and wide as the windowsill?
1, the windowsill in addition to marble countertops, you can use artificial stone, wood, tiles, etc., mainly to see the room style and personal preferences. 2, the general windowsill will be a little more, so do not see the table and the wall of the joints, it is more beautiful, if the outdoor can prevent the rain immersed in the seams; if the individual does not like can also be done with the windowsill as wide , Cut off the excess part can be.

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