CE Approval Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler Better Than Solar Air Conditioner

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Product Description:

Name: Evaporative Air Conditioner and  Air Cooler 


Details of Evaporative Air Conditioner

External Dimension (mm)1100*1100*950
Outlet Dimension(mm)650*650
Net Weight(kg)76kg air conditioner
Power Supply(v/hz)220/50
Power Consumption1.1kw
Water Capacity(L)40
Water Consumption(L/H)10-15
Effective Area(m2)100-150
ControllerLED-Touch Controller
Luxury Remote
Auto Fan TypeAxial
SpeedSpeed variable(12)
Evaporation Efficiency87%



Advantages as below 

1) Very low invest - Just cost 1/3 of traditional air conditioner

2) Energy saving -energy saving 80% compare with normal air conditioning.

3) Environmental ,Ventilation, Health - Use natural water cooling air conditioner .

4) Waranty 2 years for complete unit ,3yeats for motor ,10years guarantee construction



Details of  Evaporative Air Conditioner

Short introduction of main feature of this air cooler fyi:
1. Low energy consumption:energy cost is only 1/4 compare to air conditioner.
2.Heathy:fresh air circulation for machine work on the door&window open.
3.Enviroment friendly:cooling agent is water not freon.
4.10 years warranthy on Casing against UV degradation.

Application places:

1.Industrial area: Food Processing Plant,Oil Refining Workshop,Auto Service Garages,Apparel Factory etc.
2.Commercial area:Laundries,Open Resturant,Coffee Shops,Supermarkets etc.




1)Any Industrial (Texitle,Garment,Plastic,Ceramic etc)

2)Commercial (shopping mall,restaurant,parties etc)

3)House,villas, office




Q1:Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

A:Without them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.


Q2:What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

A:VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Q:Are there any of household air conditioning fresh air?
Some have, some don't However, even with this kind of function, the so-called ventilation or air function, had no obvious effect. Is not significant, but only as a selling point. His principle is what?? Then add a small outdoor bi-directional centrifugal pump, and then through a pipe, the pipe is similar to the low pressure pipe is big, that's less than 1 cm. Then 2 tube and pipe, the pipe and the refrigerant supply all tied together, connect the indoor and outdoor And the tube, no matter how much he flow first Pump work need electricity, although not much, but the pump through a simple filter inhaled air, to indoor, later pumped the indoor air An hour down, ventilation have? In short is fairly small, how much less?? You open a door in volume than the pump work an hour, what does that mean??
Q:How to install home air conditioning (hang up) in the car
1: use a dedicated compressor 2: install outside the machine 3: connect the engine 4: connection 5: the machine running
Q:Gree household air conditioners and household air conditioning of the same class which price is expensive, why?
Gree is the king of the air conditioning that decide frequency fame came up naturally expensive. But today is the mainstream of the frequency conversion air conditioning. The frequency of beauty also want to buy some good in the country. These private enterprises bring people benefits or beauty!
Q:Household air conditioning classification
Cabinet, wall, the wind all around, the several kinds of common vertical
Q:Outside air conditioning machine how to cleaning?
Don't have to own washing, are now manufacturers to maintain.How does cleaning air conditioning does Regular cleaning air conditioning cleaning air conditioning, mainly is the panel and strainer mesh. Then, actually how to operation to achieve the best cleaning effect? Gome electrical appliances maintenance personnel puts forward several opinions: 1. According to the instruction manual remove strainer mesh first, remove the note don't touching the metal part of the indoor unit, prevent the scratch. 2. Remove the air strainer mesh, gently pat or use electric vacuum cleaner dust removal. If the strainer mesh dust too much, can rinse with water or soft brush dips in neutral detergent to clean, but not more than 50 ℃ above, when cleaning water temperature can't use washing powder, detergent, gasoline, banana oil, etc., in order to avoid the strainer mesh deformation. In addition, don't use a sponge cleaning, otherwise it will damage the strainer mesh surface. 3. Rinse off with clear water, dry with a soft cloth or blow dry, put the shade never exposure in the sun or the fire flame and drying, lest the strainer mesh deformation. 4. Clean the panel, with a soft cloth dipped in warm water or neutral detergent to wipe gently, and then with dry soft cloth to wipe dry.
Q:Number of air conditioning horse is how to match the housing area?
Calculation and match the size of the room air conditioning if serious is very troublesome, does have a formula, but know a few aspects of the data, such as to know how much room use, personnel. Toward, floor, room heating power equipment (including lamp, electrical), the coefficient of thermal conductivity of building wall materials and so on. Family simple calculation can according to every square metre 120 w - 120 w cold quantity calculation, top or Windows, chaoyang is calculate by cap. Now known as the horse is a small Japanese claims of air conditioning, power 1 is the national standard is equal to 735 w, multiplied by the thermal efficiency of air conditioning, generally between 3-3.5, is air conditioning a horse is 2205 w to 2572 w, two approximate 5000 w, is greater than he is big two horses, two horse younger less than he is Japanese people believe that air conditioning efficiency must be at least 3.2, they are used to calculate the base 3.2, each manufacturer or even the same manufacturer to different types of air conditioning efficiency is also different, so international standards and national standards in our country don't have the horse, the concept is expressed in watts (W) of cold energy, is used by air conditioner, air conditioning model of KF KFR is the changes in temperature, the back of the figure is cold, for example KFR - 50, this is air conditioning refrigerating capacity is 5000 W. Do you know the air conditioning model also knew that the air conditioning refrigerating capacity is how many W, can buy how much his estimate for the air conditioning
Q:Household air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners can use hanging way
Hang it is hard to think of, the machine is shaking, the earthquakes are, expansion of loose, mainly in doubt about the quality of the now If possible, the best is the concrete casting is there is a corresponding structure hanging out
Q:Two rooms to be loaded, air conditioning, yituo two good or installed is hold?
Or a single installed. 1, air conditioning slashed prices in recent years, yi tuo 2 original now relatively cheap prices have no advantage, so the production and sales are very few, or buy two right, unless the place limit really can only put a outside the machine. Quality is the same. 2, 1 small piece of 32 machine suitable for 8 to 12 square meters; 1.5 horse 35 machine is suitable for 12 to 14 square meters, according to room size selection.
Q:The size of the air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners?
Associated with configuration, air conditioning machine outside a manufacturer is a design, gree air-conditioning 32 high 54, 76 wide, 36 kg net, with the numeral frequency changer, high 50 70, wide 29 kg net weight, but the configuration is different, the effect is good, power consumption is also low, just like literary words, short, I am air conditioning maintenance department, of need, can seek advice
Q:What is the difference between ordinary air conditioning and central air conditioning
Household central air conditioning is a small central air conditioning system, by a through pipe connecting multiple indoor machine, outdoor implement different room temperature requirement, can satisfy the demand of different decoration style, has the advantages of energy saving, comfortable, beautiful and environmental protection. Ultrathin indoor machine, and minimum of 190 mm, beautiful and easy; Uniform flow distribution, temperature can be controlled in plus or minus 0.5 ℃; Than common air conditioning can effect comparing is as high as 3.85, save electricity above 40%; Start quickly, more than 30% faster than common air conditioning; Low noise design, indoor lowest noise can be up to 26 db; Use R410 environmental refrigerant cycle, in line with the ROHS directive. Only a set of central air conditioning copper tube (a liquid in) cycle, and use the branch pipe to connect; If there are two groups of brass or above, it is more groups of tube, not the central air conditioning. Household central air conditioning of the initial investment is higher compared with the common air conditioning, in general, the spread of around 20%, but the family central air conditioning can save electricity by more than 40%, 1.5 2 times longer service life, so use for a long time and the running cost is used to calculate, choose the central air conditioning is more helpful.

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