Best Selling PP Nonwoven Fabrics Factory

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Best Selling PP Nonwoven Fabrics Factory


Founded in 2003,speclizing in fabric for 11 years.With the most advanced pp nonwoven fabric filament production lines, is one of the fabric manufacturers in China.Huachen has supplied its pp nonwoven fabric more than 50 countries and regions,which helped it gain wonderful reputation both in China and abroad.We can specially offer PP Spunbond nonwoven fabric,SS,SMS nonwoven fabric etc,which is widely use in Health,Hygiene,Home Textile,Medical,Agriculture, Industry,PackagingShopping Bags,Furniture Upholstery,Shoe and Garments,etc.

Product Describtion:

MATERIAL100% polypropylene
ATTRIBUTEThe refined oil products is the raw material polypropylene products subsidiary
BASIC WEIGHT10-270 gram per square meter
WIDTHMeet customer's requirement
COLORSDifferent colors are available
ROLL LENGTHDepends on customer's request
MOQ1 Ton,Small trial order is acceptable
TREATMENTHydrophilic,Flame retardant,Water proof, Anti-bacterial,Anti-static,Breathable
DELIVERY TIME Within 20 days after receiving the 30% deposit
Widely  Use

Medical:Medical/hygiene disposable medical product,Disposable bedsheet,Face mask,Surgical gown,Protective clothes,Operation cover,Cap,Shoe cover,Medical


Home Textile:Shopping/storage bags,Table cloth/wallpaper,Furniture/spring mattress/filter material,Flower packing material

Agriculture:Agriculture covers,Agriculture weed-control fabric,Banana protection,Plant/flower cover

Sanitary and Health:Baby&Adult diaper,Feminie hygiene/hygiene pad


Packaging in roll, inside the paper tube, outside PE film.




net weight


28 M³

5 tons


68 M³

10~12 tons

plant & equipment - ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

Best Selling PP Nonwoven Fabrics FactoryBest Selling PP Nonwoven Fabrics Factory

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Q:What about polyester fabric? How about air permeability?
Characteristics of polyester fiberStrength: the strength of polyester fiber is nearly 1 times higher than that of cotton, 3 times higher than that of wool, so the polyester fabric is durable.Heat resistance: can be used at 70~170 degrees, is the best in synthetic fiber heat resistance and thermal stability.Elasticity: Polyester Elastic close to wool, wrinkle resistance over other fibers, fabric wrinkle free, good shape.Abrasion resistance: polyester is second only to nylon in abrasion resistance, and occupies second place in synthetic fiber.Water absorption: Polyester moisture regain low, good insulation performance, but because of low water absorption, friction generated by static electricity, dyeing performance is poor.
Q:What material is good?
Cotton: comfortable, but not on the gradeSilk: high-grade fabrics, gorgeous appearance, suitable for the evening party, daily life should not wear
Q:What material is the Gong Duan?
First of all we need to understand these three concepts: plain weave, twill, satin.Plain weave: fabric woven with plain weave called plain weave. The warp and weft are interleaved once every yarn (that is, the yarn is 1 or 1 times). The characteristics of this kind of cloth is interweaving points, solid texture, stiff and smooth surface, high-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain weave fabric.
Q:What are the pilling properties of fabrics?
Cotton anti pilling requirements: excellent products more than 4, grade 3.5 or above, more than 3 qualified products. A wool coat anti pilling requirements: combing excellent products more than 4, and the qualified grade of 3.5 or more; woolen or worsted (suede) excellent products more than 3.5, and more than 3 qualified grade.
Q:What is PVC fabric?
PVC coated cloth has excellent waterproof mildew resistance, obviously, relative to other more waterproof canvas, soft, good tensile strength, high strength, relatively light; the use is very extensive, such as trade, grain, oil, wharf, tents, drilling tower clothing, railway road transport, warehousing, coal mine, open storage and canvas products.
Q:What is Model fabric?
1, Modal fiber fabric, soft, good drape, comfortable to wear. 2, Modal fiber fabric moisture absorption and permeability better than pure cotton fabric, is ideal for close knit fabric and health care clothing products, is conducive to human physiological cycle and health. 3, Modal fiber fabric surface, smooth and delicate, with natural silk effect.
Q:What is the general ladies sweater fabric
100% cotton, Tencel, ladies sweaters,There are many, such as wool blended fiber flax and popular words are generally made of pure cotton
Q:Is dacron cloth waterproof?
The real waterproof finishing is not PU coating, but the use of hydrophobic finishing agent to deal with fabric, can improve waterproof, looking still or dacron cloth, not artificial leather! Advanced waterproof treatment, but also breathable. For example, the United States world famous brand, Gore Tex's fabric, widely used in outdoor products, such as assault clothes, assault pants, climbing shoes, etc., in ensuring the permeability of the premise, with waterproof performance.
Q:What is Gong Sijin
Gong Sijin is for a term on the wool fabric weave. From the appearance point of view, the most intuitive sense is Gong Sijin surface mesh ma.
Q:What fabric is a thick stretch chiffon dress?
Chiffon fabric can be made of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester or rayon. Depending on the fabric, the price of chiffon will vary.Chiffon fabrics made from pure silk are the most precious because silk is rich in luster and smooth texture. Silk chiffon is very light in weight. As silk chiffon is made of natural silk fibers, it is often more expensive and requires a dry, clean storage environment. It can be used in the manufacture of Silk Georgette, sometimes called crepe fabric, like a thick, opaque curtain cloth, but also like to Chiffon soft and light feeling.

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