Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W With Lens 8 Bands Full Spectrum

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Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W With Lens 8 Bands Full Spectrum Voltage: AC85-264V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: >50000h Blue460-470nm:8pcs Royal Blue450nm:15pcs Blue430nm:4pcs Cold White9000-18000K:10pcs Neutral White5500-8000K:6pcs Warm White3000-4500K:6pcs Deep Red660nm:4pcs Green520nm:2pcs

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Q:Led plants fill light Xie orchid long time will be affected?
It usually doesn't make a big difference. It's like people. The orchids need a break. The occasional light is too long or more than a little bit of time.
Q:Aquarium lights, what's good?
Now the aquarium lamp can be divided into fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp and LED lamp. Compared with LED lamp, it has less energy consumption and longer life, and it can realize intelligence. Personal recommendation to use LED tube, such as SANRISE, Mai Guang, and so on. I've used sanrise A005, WiFi control, and a variety of scene applications, and it feels good.
Q:Grass cylinder veteran, this please: water tank lamp can use LED spotlights it?
Not too bright, enter the power AC 220V50Hz /120V50HzOutput power DC 15VThe power 3.0W is too bright. The water plants will die
Q:Is it possible to use LED lights in aquarium and water plants?
Raise grass, of course, can use LED lights, and now the latest LED, to achieve the growth of water and light, and the advantages of LED lights have been mentioned by friends, but the LED lamp grass is definitely not the mainstream. The reasons are as followsSunlight has spectrum, and the growth of water plants takes three kinds of light: green, blue and red. The proportion is about 4:2:1.  We use the current energy-saving lamps are three color tubes, is the red green and blue light mixing.If you want to use LED to raise water, you must be installed according to the proportion of these light sources, and ensure uniform distribution, that is to sayYou need to customize your LED lights.The Watts, not to say that the LED is bright enough to be able to use the water on the growth of lamp wattage requirement still exists. The conventional requirements per liter of water to negative grass is not less than 0.55W, with a 60x45x45 cylinder to calculate sand to 100 litres of water at least 55W lightThe energy of each LED lamp can provide in almost 0.8-1.5W according to the range, you must be fitted with at least 36 lamp bulbJust enough to keep the shade plants, if you want to keep the turf, not less than 0.9W per liter of water can also be 100 litres of 90W lightAt least 60 beads. And these beads according to the proportion of three color uniform arrangement. You'll find the bigger the cylinder, with the LED lightThe more quantity you need.
Q:LED lights and plants, flowers, how many centimeters away from the benefits?
Three primary colorsFever is not too much, cheap, spectral distribution is not very reasonable, relatively large energy consumption, plant utilization of the luminous utilization rate of less than 70%. The disadvantage of using three primary colors is that the energy consumption is still a little bigger. No 10000LX light intensity can be said to have no effect on desert plants. But the energy required by 10000LX is quite scary. I calculated that it would be about 500 watts per square meter (50CM distance), and it would be uneconomical to use it for a long time.
Q:Can you use blue light in the tank? Is it always open?
General for seawater aquarium light blue. The reef tank will be matched with a small amount of blue light in accordance with the ratio of white to blue 3:1. This can produce fluorescent effects of some fluorescent coral in the body, such as SOD, coral, coral and so on. In addition, yellow algae that are associated with corals also need blue spectra.
Q:What's the effect of the blue and white lights of the LED aquarium?
Now, the use of aquarium lights more and more widely, this market is good.
Q:What lamps are used in sea water tanks?
LampThe lamp tube has the characteristics of high color temperature, low temperature and electricity saving. Most of the market uses T5 tube. T5 lamp tubes are divided into T5HE, T5HO, T4, T8, T12 lamps.5HO: because the T5 is used in electronic ballast, and its thermal operation is very low, the temperature of the tank will not rise, pipe diameter is small, in the same area can be installed more branch, plus a reflector than the old lamps in the same area of the light is stronger than! But a small decline of long service life, use normally use 10000 hours can be maintained at 92% and the luminosity, life is about 15000-20000 hours, the light pipe replacement costs are less, the effect is also very good oh. And the T5HO blue light is a little brighter than the regular blue light.T5 lamp brand on the market a lot, if just getting started and raised LPS, recommended to choose ordinary cheap like Odysseus lamp can crest, if some of the professional game player, it is recommended to select ATI lamp, ATI lamp can be said to be the high-end game player and the game player preferred SPS.
Q:Is water lighting good for LED or good for energy-saving lamps?
Is the use of LED, no energy-saving lamp with people, but also to use waterproof class, suggestions for the IP67 that is waterproof, can be soaked in water, some safety. Because LED's spectrum is complete.
Q:Can LED lights keep aquatic plants?
As long as the reasonable purchase of LED, so that it meets the spectral color temperature requirements of water plants, not only LED, no matter what kind of light source, you can keep good aquatic plants.
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