Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W 8 Bands Full Spectrum

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Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W 8 Bands Full Spectrum Voltage: AC85-264V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: >50000h Blue460-470nm:8pcs Royal Blue450nm:15pcs Blue430nm:4pcs Cold White9000-18000K:10pcs Neutral White5500-8000K:6pcs Warm White3000-4500K:6pcs Deep Red660nm:4pcs Green520nm:2pcs

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Q:What is the output voltage of this aquarium lamp?
Their own transformation may be poor seal, there are security risks, caution.
Q:DIY LED water lamp, 60 of the depth of how much W lamp
Grass tanks are not meant to be so deep. Halogen lamps are best for this depth. If you must use LED, it is recommended to try with 5W.
Q:What brand is good for water plants and LED lights?
TWIPS Teweipu aquarium grass cylinder lighting ultra-thin LED professional water lamp goodOther brands can refer toAlbert siron Morimori Yoshiimatsubohirouramichikeiko ADA
Q:Hyun Meilong led aquarium light remote disappeared, with a back?
The remote control must not be arbitrarily assigned. There is a strict password between the remote control and the receiver. The remote control must send instructions to the receiver according to a certain password, and the receiver will process instructions.
Q:This is a 30W LED, I want to know how much power to V with a?
This is a lamp combination of single 1W and LED. 10 on 3 and a total of 30 composed of 30WLED lamp...The power supply voltage needs 3. 5X10 about 35 volts or so...220 volts input, then the secondary voltage at least 36 volts above, but to have constant voltage constant current circuit, otherwise, life will be reduced much...24V power, it is best to boost the circuit up to about 35 volts, can also be brought directly, but the brightness and power of less than 30W standards.
Q:1W LED lamp must be welded?
1W LED lamp no line, no welding is not very good in heat dissipation in aluminum substrate, good heat dissipation of coated adhesive, these are unique, non-negotiable. But you can put the lamp in order to often change, are respectively welded on the aluminum substrate, lead connect plug socket the aluminum substrate and the lamp pulled out together for easy ah, 1W aluminum plate was 1-2 a hair, not much waste,
Q:I would like to convert the aquarium fluorescent lamp into a LED lamp
I used 12V lights (3 LED water sealed together, with two lines strung together, rated voltage 12V) for two aquarium modified lighting, replaced the original fluorescent lamp.The 12VLED and 12V supplies were bought at the flea market. Originally a light bar 1 yuan, and later cheaper. 20 are basically enough. The power supply is the power adapter for the waste notebook computer.
Q:How can I use the LED light in the aquarium?
1, lumen is better than halogen lamp, in grass cylinder lighting, especially the deeper positive delay cylinder, but also to use halogen lamp as the mainstream.2, LED lamps price is not cheap, to 3W beads of sea tank LED lights, any 60 square small cylinder will be hundreds.3, LED lamp life or suffer criticism, no matter manufacturers, merchants how to say, in fact, with a period of time, brightness attenuation is still obvious.
Q:What's the use of the blue LED lamp in the aquarium?
Select light sourceIt depends on the type of fish that is kept in the aquarium. General CI carved ornamental fish and lakes sea fish is more suitable for the deep blue sea blue light, create a feeling; red dragon, parrot for red light, increase the degree of color; most tropical fish for partial sunlight white light, this light is most close to nature, to fully display the natural color of tropical fish.Therefore, the general average fish, I suggest the choice of white light.
Q:Led aquarium lamp, 90 cm long, 15 watts, how much is one?
If it is a LED light, far point is good, the more high beam mixing the better, but the effect is not good, only 15 Watt.LED, this is more energy saving, waste heat issue little, and long life. LED planting is absolutely possible, but I don't recommend LED with family support.
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