Adipic Dihydrazide (ADH)

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It is an environmental friendly product for the coating industry. ADH is a crosslinker of waterborne acryl emulsions. It is also useful as an epoxy resin hardener and a formaldehyde scavenger.
ADH reacts very rapidly with ketone groups. For example, it reads easily with ketone groups of Diacetone Acrylamide or aldehyde group of formaldehyde.

In addition, ADH also reacts with the epoxy group like an amino compound.

Physical and chemical index




white powder


99.0% min

Loss on drying

0.5% max

Melting point

177-185 oC


0.0005% max


0.003% max


0.005% max


Room Temperature crosslinkable waterborne coatings:

Acrylic emulsion comprising acrylic monomer and Diacetone Acrylamide.

Crosslinks with amino groups of ADH very rapidly. The coatings has the very excellent water resistance;

Formaldehyde scavenger:

ADH reacts with formaldehyde and prevents volatilizing of formaldehyde in the air.

Epoxy resin hardener:

ADH reacts with epoxy resin at high temperature and is useful for power coatings;

Reforming of plastic;

Fiber processing.


20KG fibre drum or carton box.

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