2014 New Design Mr16,Gu10 Cob Led Spotlight Cree Cob 30W Led Lamp

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Product Description:

 014 New Design Led Spotlight

The cylinder series LED track light, was retrofitted from traditional cylinder which we designed it before. In 2009,the SYT91318 at 18Wlaunched s sister’s the Tank T91018,the second year 36W in market, and the high brightness SYT91318 in 2010 to replace HID 70W for HUGO BOSS stores installed with three different beam angel. 2011-2012 the improved SYT9130 in COB LED developing with reflector and the third generation heat sink technique to cut down the cost and weight, more similar as the traditional track lamps. The Cylinder track light is very beautiful looking and sophisticated design to match the brand commercial lighting space



FEATURE-- 2014 New Design Led Spotlight

1.To match the brand stores, To strengthen the sense of lighting space

2.Special design for commercial lighting with high CRI at 90+

3.Special design to replace the traditional Cylinder Track light in different Watt

4.Energy saving 70-82% for all



SPECIFICATION-- 2014 New Design Led Spotlight


Product family code


Parameter specimen(CODE)

LED Brand


total power

30 W 

color temperature

3000 K(4000 K, 6000K option)

light fixture color 


IP code



vertical 170°, horizonal 350°

Safety class

CLII [Safety class II]

Life Span

50,000 hours at 25ºC,(70% lumens at 30000hr)


2 years

if 3 circuit track 

On 3-circuit track (3C or 3 phase)

if 2 circuit track such as halo

On 2-circuit track (2C or 3 lines)

if 1 circuit track 

On 2 lines


100-240 V 

Line Frequency

50-60 Hz

Lamp Current mA

400 mA

Operating temperature range

25 to +60ºC

Transformer/ power supply unit

driver external with safe box

Color Code

WW(NW,CW option)

Beam Angle

25 D (60°,for option)

Correlated Color Temperature 

3000 K(4000 K, 6000K option)

Luminous Flux(more lumens with other LED grade)

2170lm(6000K), 2000lm(3000K)

Color rendering index




Application-- 2014 New Design Led Spotlight

In Ceiling track system for indoor commercial lighting

Work for the lighting environment with brand stores

It’s suitable for restaurants, coffee store, mall, stage etc



Maintenance-- 2014 New Design Led Spotlight

1 Prior to cleaning the light, make sure it has been disconnected from the power supply

2 Never use any chemicals or abrasives for cleaning

3 Use a dry or slightly moistened cloth for cleaning


Payments-- 2014 New Design Led Spotlight

L/C  T/T




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Q:Don't know where the power cord, want to get out to the LED's light rail, you help me
You pack is now a bucket to shoot the light, you can use a glyph screwdriver raised edges and then down gently, see the wire to the middle of the spring pressure, it will be pulled down, and then see the two wire is 220 v power supply cord.
Q:LED track light and COB track light are the same thing?
COB all write for Chip on board, for integrated LED chips, is a certain combination of LED chips in a floor, is a form of LED packaging
Q:Which do well led trunk light? A: how much is it?
Professional light distribution technology, inaccurate on the market a lot of light distribution of LED track lights, these lights make the effect is not very good, the other light distribution in general have a choose from 2 to 4 Angle that is the best.
Q:What is the difference between orbit of LED lights and LED track light?
There is no difference. Just as different. My side also called slippery course to shoot the light
Q:LED track light rail width of fixed size? And how much?
Generally are fixed, in short track is a trough.yes There are generally two kinds of two lines, three lines.
Q:The current economic turmoil, want to develop the LED this aspect.
LED lighting is the national and international, advocating and encouraging the project. But the bottleneck is high power LED heat dissipation problems, improve the LED lighting now can do a light bead, 600 w, now is the heat dissipation problem of trouble: the radiator is big, how the heat emitted is a problem. Emerging industrial countries with policy support, it is suggested that more attention.
Q:How to choose the lamps and lanterns general use canister light or shoot the lamp to?
Lamp is installed on the ceiling around the main upper or furniture, or inside the wall, above the dado or play crural line. Used to highlight the aesthetic effect, outstanding administrative levels feeling, make atmosphere, can play a leading role to the overall lighting, and local lighting.
Q:What's the price for LED track light market right now?
Another is chip, the price of imported and domestic price differentials several times is normal Drive, not cut off, and blocking barrier MEC price big difference.
Q:Led35w track transformer can 18 to 24 w led lights
If you can, that is at least can light up, then we have to see whether current is too large to meet a lamp bead cause too much electricity. Even if the voltage, direct point power supply has the over-voltage protection device, lamp will flash, said don't match, and won't cause a lot of damage to lamps and lanterns.
Q:What is the correct installation track light?
I sell jacket ceramic light source with LED effect is much better than before, but the price more expensive than LED, baidu search: ningbo tyco, you can know about the related knowledge of track light.

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