2014 New Design Ac220V Mr16 Cob 7W Led Spotlight Gu5.3 3000K Ce Rohs

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$6.00 - 8.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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100000 Pieces Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:


2014 New Design AC220V MR16 COB 7W LED Spotlight GU5.3 3000K CE RoHS



1.Woark Temp: -20-45°C

2.Lumens Depreciation: 3%-5% 1kh

3. Humidity: 0%-90%

4.Power Factor: 0.8-1.0



Product Name

2014 New Design AC220V MR16 COB 7W LED Spotlight GU5.3 3000K CE RoHS

Input Voltage





Hold Base

MR16 (GU5.3)


Luminous Flux


Color Temp



CRI ≥ :


Beam Angle



LED Type





Size(with Pin)









Working Temp:

-20 ~ 45°C


white box, 10pcs / box,10boxes / carton



This LED Light needs an external driver to connect AC220V, we will offer this driver.   


Installation Instructions

1.Shut off power;

2.According to the QTY that will be installed, choose appropriate drivers;

3.Avoid some places that are near heat sources,steam,corrosive gas, etc;

4.Please see the specification instruction carefully before installing.



1.Do not touch the surface of lights, when it works;

2.It will influence the lights life, using 110V/220V,when turn on or turn off the power frequently;

3.No extrusion;

4.Pay attention to the working voltage;

5.Only interior, not outside;

6.Do not reverse, when working;



Application: Stage,Pub,Hotel,DISCO,KALA OK,Western Restaurant,Coffee Shop, Club, Showcase, Showroom,Art Gallery,Museum,etc.


Protective Range

1.Three years

2. It does not cover incorrect storage,installation,operation and maintenance.


Our Advantages:

1.Fast Raction:  Promise to offer you the detailed catalogue and pricelist at the first time and produce lights as your request

2.Quality and price: Because We are the factory, we can reduce the cost, control the production process strictly. Meanwhile, make sure good quality

3.Service: Free and paid service; Big quality or long cooperation customers can become our VIP, who will enjoy more competitive price and VIP service.


LED Lighting Advange:

1.High efficiency,low energy consumption;

2.Green lighting: the spectrum does not have UV and infrared ray, so no heat and radiation;

3.Long life: 100000 hours (correct usage);

4.Safety: LED works voltage is between 1.5V – 5V,electricity is between 20 – 700mA;

5.Environmental protection: recycle, no pollution, no mercury;

6.Easy Control: it can change brightness,color through changing efficiency and color combination.



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Q:The difference between tube lights and shoot the light
features 1, compact and high luminous flux. Incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving lamp power consumption is 1/5, life is 6 times of incandescent lamp, held the 175 compact design size, inhibits the presence of lamps and lanterns, create bright space. 2, a mirror and frosted two reflex plate. Bring light flashes of specular reflection board, moderate degree of CDH to reconcile the grinding sand mold reflection of the ceiling board. 3, the sliding clamp, construction is convenient. Can be installed in 3 mm to 25 mm of different thickness of the ceiling, maintenance is very convenient when lamps and lanterns will be removed. 4, energy-saving lamps, there are plenty of color temperature, the commonly used 6400 k (white light), and 4000 k (neutral light), and 4000 k (yellow), three types of the three kinds of color temperature can create a different atmosphere. According to the different USES to select the most appropriate color lamp.
Q:Reinstall the 2 LED lamp are in parallel, one open and how a first shines a stare blankly only 1 SEC,
The power supply problem, this is normal Some different power frequency is the imagination, will not affect the lighting, are need LED lamps and lanterns is welcome to taobao And lighting professional high-power LED energy saving lighting products production and sales
Q:How many W LED lamp can and ordinary 35 W lamp as light
Light they are made with premium brands, CREE XPE, EDISON power they adopt Taiwan new. 3 watts of power price in $12 to 15 yuan. The shell is air cooling aluminum. But their canister light only suitable for commercial lighting. To general lamps and lanterns manufacturer expensive, because of the different materials used. We do engineering have been use their lamps and lanterns. They shoot the lamp to do pretty good also. West rail into light source are in Japan If is halogen lamp, 5 watts. 5 = 35 watts
Q:Glass in general so there is no relationship
Upstairs said are good, ask do beauty photoelectric customer service staff, can offer you a professional reference
Q:Excuse me, If no ceiling can hold the LED lamp?
Is sitting is a base, can be directly fixed on condole top, you don't have a condole top you can choose to screw into the wall
Q:The LED lamp aging is what mean
Aging principle ditto Factory after aging in general refers to shoot the lamp to be produced at room temperature and under the condition of electricity place about three days, detects the presence of dead lights, brightness down too quickly to the naked eye can obviously see other problems.
Q:The LED lamp and built-in ballast which good
LED to shoot the light is better than with ballast lamp. LED to shoot the light small power consumption, high brightness, long life, less heat, its driver USES the way ChengHeng current source power supply switch power supply, small volume, high efficiency, low noise, is a new energy-saving products. And built-in ballast product, are generally not fluorescent lamp, most use inductive ballast (now also has a switch power is applied to make ballast, but the volume is bigger than the LED constant current source), ballast itself than switch power supply, power consumption is easy to produce power supply hum. Lights glowing on the filament heating, heat.
Q:The led lamp or built-in good external constant current driver
In terms of the whole lamp, a light source, a power supply are heating element, temperature rise overlay, if put together lead to the accelerated ageing of the LED light failure seriously affect the life
Q:LEDPAR lamp, LED lamp, LED downlight, users don't, the usefulness of various lamps and lanterns?
Specific differences, you can ask the professional lighting shop, is the last time I decorate my office to ask
Q:27 square female clothing store need how many LED lights
On each side to install 4, 12 w track light mist tube lamp door position 3, 5-7 w tube lamp middle or ceiling of 5 to 7 w around 3-5. Had better choose the lamps and lanterns of LED high color rendering index, Ra > more than 85. The colour of this dress is more realistic.

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