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Adopting with 6x4 driving type,equipped with Weichai WP10/WP12 series gas engine, FAST gearbox and Hande axle, Dayun N8E series tractor truck CGC4253WN4XC achieves domestic first-class level and also enjoys comfort of Euro-type cab.

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Q:After the main vehicle and the trailer gas connections are connected, the semitrailer on the tractor shall be unscrewed, and the gas path separation switch shall be connected, so as to know where the switch is located
The height of the pull off pin of the Semi Trailer Trailer refers to the height of the traction pin. This height is required to fit the height of the overhead saddle. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the height of the front saddle when designing this height.
Q:How does a tractor define a "fast bridge" or a "slow bridge"?
Auman ah, to see the door of Transformers, running fast is suitable for highway, bridge, load less than 60tStanding on a slow bridge, you can overload, climb, pull a 100t, no problem
Q:Auman tractor pull 35 tons with big horsepower relatively fuel-efficient car
No matter which gear, keep the engine revolution at about 2200-2500. Too low speed, the car does not move, fuel consumption does not walk, but also hurt the engine; too high speed increase, ineffective fuel consumption, but also hurt the engine.
Q:How to connect tractor and trailer?
The bearing seat (5) has a supporting part (6) and a fixed part (7), wherein the supporting part (6) for swingably supported connecting plate (4), and the fixed part (7) for removably connecting plate (4) is fixed on the traction frame the car (3). The supporting portion (6) has a greater cross section than the fixed part (6) in the direction of travel (x) and on the cross section of the oscillating axis (Y).
Q:What do you mean by "brakeair"?
Break is the braking system. The engine trouble light is normally a light on the key and then goes off after starting. If it starts, it turns on. Indicate the engine is out of order, the computer records the engine malfunction and lights up. To read the fault code with the decoder, you'll know where it is.
Q:What are the proper tyres for tractor tires?
If only the standard load of 30 tons, more than 1600 yuan of tires can generally do. The service life of the tire has a direct bearing on the internal pressure of the tire. The weather is hot and the air pressure is not too high. It is only about 12 of the air pressure. Cold can reach about 14 is appropriate. It's better to suggest a 1100 - 20 tire!
Q:Which tractor is more fuel-efficient, light weight, the most affordable?
Recommended Scania G440, not expensive, 900 thousand can be, a hydraulic retarder, suitable for a large downhill place, AMT, has a total weight of 7.5 tons, relatively light, is the king of the road, quality assurance.
Q:What are the criteria for heavy vehicle classification?
Overhead trailer. A hydraulic lifting platform is added to each of the two flat trailers before and after separation, and a load bridge is installed between the two lifting platforms to make the front and rear trailers, lifting platforms and the load bridge connected together. The loading bridge is the loading part. Bridge trailers are used for larger shipments than for large ones. In addition, the single plate trailer as matrix, also can be composed of other forms, such as clamp type concave flat bed trailer, trailer, semi-trailer gooseneck, suitable for different use requirements.
Q:What's the comfort of the V430 tractor?
The car is comfortable. Consider starting.
Q:What kinds of tractors can be divided into?
According to the traction driving ability of the tractor, the tractor is divided into full suspension tractor and semi trailer tractor.In front of the driving ability of the front is called a tractor, there is no traction behind the ability to drive the car called trailer, trailer is towed by tractor

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