XGMA Brand Wheel Loader 1Ton Loading Capacitiry X916I

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction

The 1T wheel loader XG 916I is priced economically, perfect for clients on a budget. An efficient but powerfully engineered machine, it comes equipped with a horizontal boom cylinder that generates colossal force upon impact. Coupled with a built-in self-leveling bucket for improved dumping, work has never been so efficient. XGMA also offers utilitarian maintenance design features with the wheel loader. It is fitted with XGMA exclusive transmission technology that utilizes a torque converter assembly to ensure efficient hydraulic oil control. In addition, it is designed with an intuitive front-hinged bonnet. Maintenance has never been so easy.



Excellent Performance

The new streamlined design, the ergonomically fit interior, and the iconic yellow exterior-this heavy machine is a powerhouse. Built with superior components from leading domestic suppliers, it is meant to last. The synergy from its torque converter and diesel engine ensures secure and reliable performance. Designed for great maneuverability and efficiency in confined spaces, our wheel loader offers an excellent steering angle and a small turning radius, all in one compact structure. Its exceptional layout design provides better power transmission, stability in performance, and ease of maintenance. For instance, the side-hinged fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are all outward adjustable.


Optional Fittings

The wheel loader is also available for purchase with an interior heating system, a cold start device, and a larger bucket of 1.5 m3, based on client specifications.




 XGMA Brand Wheel Loader 1Ton Loading Capacitiry X916I


Overall Dimensions 

 Operating weight 

 5200 kg 

 A Overall length 

 5300 mm 

 A'Overall length 


 B height to top of cab 

 2800 mm 

 C width over tires 

 2000 mm 

 D Wheelbase 


 E. Min. Ground clearance 


 F tread width 


 G bucket width 


 H Turning radius 

 4450 mm 

 H'Loader clearance circle 


 I Overall height 


 J Height to bucket hinge pin 


 K Dump height 

 2450 mm 

 L Dump reach 

 850 mm 

 M Max. Digging depth 


 N Max. Steering angle 


 O Max. Rollback 


 P Departure angle 


 Q Max. Dump angle 


 Bucket capacity 

 0.82 m³ 


 16/70-20-14 PR 

 Technical Specification 

 Rated power 

 44 kw (Weichai ZH4100) 

 Rated load 

 1500 kg 

 Lifting time 

 5.3 s 

 Total cycle time 

 ≤10 s 

 Turning angle 


 Fuel tank capacity 

 100 L 

 Hydraulic oil tank capacity 

 116 L 

 Travel Speed 

 Speed ranges(F/R) 


 Forward I 


 Forward II 


 Reverse I 


 Reverse II 




XGMA Brand Wheel Loader 1Ton Loading Capacitiry X916I

XGMA Brand Wheel Loader 1Ton Loading Capacitiry X916I



1. Q: What is the bucket volume?

  A: The standard bucket volume is 0.82 m³ , and can also be equipped with 1.5 m³ bucket for light materials.

2. Q: What is the difference between operation weight and self-weight of the wheel loader:

A: Operation weight is the total weight of the self-weight and the load weight of the wheel loader during operation.

3. Q: What is the transportation method of the wheel loader?

  A: It can be ship as loose bulk cargo and also could be put in FR container or in HQ with driver cab removed.
















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