WPC Pelletizing Machine For PVC/PE Granulation

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Product Description:

Product Description

wpc pelletizing production line/wpc granulate machinery, wood plastic compound extrusion line, PE , PP, PVC Wood plastic compound extrusion production line , wpc extrusion line:  CMAX65;CMAX-72;CMAX-92


1)Extruder Type:twin-screw

2)material: PVC,PE raw material with wood power or other additives
4)output:cmax-65:200-300    cmax-75:400-600    cmax-92:800-1200 
5)high quality and best price


  1. Suitable to WPC(Wood-Plastic) series profile, as ceiling, Deck , Floor, Plank, Windowsill ,Door frame and Board widely

  2. Conical twin-screw extruder , single screw extruder, parallel twin screw extruder.

  3. Mould designed by different kinds of profile customer required.

wpc pelletizing production line/wpc granulate machinery, wood plastic compound extrusion line, PE , PP, PVC Wood plastic compound extrusion production line , wpc extrusion line 

  1. Material can be extruded out directly after two grades of mixing, and it can also be extruded by two steps after pelleting. The line is of characteristics of energy and space saving, high output, stable performance etc. Preheating feeder is installed at the top of extruder, which will dry the wood powder firstly, thus perfect plastic zation is guaranteed.

  2. Special-designed screw will minimize cutting force, which prevents wooden fiber from being damaged. Both screw and barrel are special-treated,which are featured of abrasion proof and long life-span.

  3. This production line is consisted of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul-off unit and stacker, and also coordinated with different kinds of moulds to produce PVC door & window profiles, foamed special-shaped profiles, decoration plates etc.


Technical parameter


Screw dia.(mm)

Power of man moto(Kw)














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 WPC Pelletizing Machine For PVC/PE Granulation





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WPC Pelletizing Machine For PVC/PE Granulation





WPC Pelletizing Machine For PVC/PE Granulation


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We supply all the technical support,such as engineers,drawings,and instruction manual.  

We send one or more than one engineers to client for installing and adjust all the machinery 

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Supply formula guide service and staple raw material purchase. 

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Q:What's the fabric of the plastic bread machine?! What's in the cloth?
The plastic granulator is made of glass fiber cloth, which plays an insulating role. Inside the cloth is an electric heating wire used to heat the barrel and melt the plastic.
Q:How can the granulator recycle the plastic bottle?
How much resources can we save by recycling? How much does it cost us? When you throw away a plastic bottle, do you think of those problems? At the same time you throw away the plastic bottles, you are also polluting the environment, but also a great waste of behavior. We can not underestimate a plastic bottle, do not look at it inconspicuous, in fact, it has become an indispensable product in our daily life.All our daily use of water, soda water, dishwashing liquid, and various other plastic bottles are made from Teraphthalate, a polyethylene plastic compound or PET. And all such PET bottles have many uses, many people are not aware of. However, prior to any other product can be manufactured from our discarded bottles, they must be cleaned through an elaborate sorting process, chopped, and, in some cases, re washed, dried and pelletized. And there are many ways to deal with the basis of processing facilities, mainly plastic. Therefore, with the development of science and technology, the plastic granulator has come into being, and the plastic granulator can recycle the plastic bottles we discarded, according to the sorting process.
Q:How much will it cost to invest in the recycled plastic particle production line?
Depends on the output, from about 60 thousand to millions of start.
Q:Waste plastics granulation EIA Report Sample
The book is very thick and the EIA form is very simpleYou directly find qualified to do the EIA, for you to do
Q:How to solve the noise of plastic granulator
Change the mute hob cutter or water ring pelletizer.
Q:May I ask who knows the plastic granulator manufacturers contact ~ figure
China is the same, who knows who ah?. Otherwise, better contact
Q:How is the feeding instability of the single screw plastic granulator?
It depends on what kind of machine you are. What kind of material will be used and the temperature at the inlet should not be too high. Is it a regular granulator?.
Q:How should maintain plastic granulator
This is the Sichuan Universiade presses to inform customers of the machinery, is sure to play well, there is oil in the binding site, keep the machine clean, there will be water in the unit, shutdown to wipe water, also want to take the blade oh
Q:I want to make plastic particles, I do not know how much investment in early stage,
First, the salesman's task is according to customer requirements and designers to cooperate with the printing program, and confirmed by the customer. Raw materials for customers are generally: 1, Wen Dang (not necessarily standard). 2, in kind. 3 oral or written product description. To be as detailed as possible, if the conditions, so that customers and designers face to face, easier to complete the design faster. Two, according to the salesman: 1, the customer has confirmed the program (usually a single version of the design). 2, production quantity and economic benefits. 3, printing machines and other production equipment requirements (first on the boot). Process for production and imposition jointly determine the production department, business department, and the scheme to allow the designer to perform. Three, according to the technical scheme designer imposition, film output, proofing proofing confirmation print version of the housing.
Q:Is environmental protection approved for plastic granulation?
A project does not require EIA, and the EIA is a report or a report form, according to the State Environmental Protection Department's "construction project environmental impact assessment classified management list" of the coming.According to the provisions of the "construction project environmental impact assessment classification management directory", plastic products manufacturing in artificial leather, foam rubber involving toxic materials; a plating process requires the preparation of the EIA report; the rest of the need for the preparation of the EIA report table.

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