Plastic Granulator for PET Flakes Granulation Machine Line

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4 set/month

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Product Description:

 1. Raw material & Final product:

Raw   material & formulation

PET   materials

Final   product & Output capacity


Description   of final product

1. PET   granules


  2. Work condition:


Dimension   (M*M*M): 15(L)×3(W)×3(H);

If   workshop is small, turn the machine around.

Power   supply & Installation power

3-phase,   380 V, 50 Hz; (do as customer's request)

Wire/cables(provide   by customer)

Wires/cables   from power supply to control cabinet of this production line; all electrical   cables from control cabinet to each machine.

Water   supply hose/pipe(provide by customer)

Water   supply to machines and pools


  3. Energy consumption:

Installation   power

210Kw ( Actual Consumption 180Kw   )

Water   supply

Consumption:   ~1 tons per hour cycling water.

Pressure:   0.6Mpa


1   Persons

Equipment List






Total   Price


Parallel   Extruder JH75


1 pc.



USD 64200

FOB Shanghai

CE Standard



Hydraulic   Screen Exchanger


1 pc.





Water   Cooling Slot


1 pc.


Air   Blower Dryer


1 pc.




1 pc.


Electrical   Cabine


1 pc.


Business Term



FOB   Shanghai,China



64200   USD



30   Days



30   Days



30%   of down-payment by T/T. Balance 70% T/T before delivery



Mechanical parts &   Electrical parts :

12   months for parts considered by the manufacturer to be defective.



Two   persons are needed for commissioning; The buyer afford buy and back round   ticket, accommodation, and 50usd allowance per person. It takes 10days   installation.

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Q:How is the feeding instability of the single screw plastic granulator?
It depends on what kind of machine you are. What kind of material will be used and the temperature at the inlet should not be too high. Is it a regular granulator?.
Q:Wenzhou where PE PP plastic granulator is relatively good,
Dongguan Dongcheng Singapore Plastic Machinery Factory (general taxpayer) in Chinese manufacturing city - Guangdong City, Dongguan. We also Xinye expertise, since the inception of the factory, has always only plastic granulator, is committed to creating the first brand China professional plastic granulator concept, practice: integrity, professional, quality, efficiency of the concept of behavior. Emphasis on the unity of life and work, creating competitive advantages for customers. At present, we have a wide range of plastic products, three process standards, four series of products, 112 types of standardized specifications of products.Comprehensive models, leading technology is our goal, is our advantage. General plastic granulator, engineering plastics granulator in the model to achieve full coverage, special and special granulation machinery has also formed many series. Small series granulator granulator, ultra-low temperature series, ultra high temperature granulator machine series, blending smoke machine series, ultra high mixing rod machine series, special masterbatch rod machine series, magnetic powder extrusion machine and magnet powder smoke machine and many other models, on behalf of the industry leading technology level.
Q:How to calculate the plastic granulator gear ratio, to control the length of the particle
Main parameters: diameter of traction roller. Cutter diameter and cutter tooth number. Back gear ratio. Let's put these parameters together. I dare not speak too much
Q:What's the fabric of the plastic bread machine?! What's in the cloth?
The plastic granulator is made of glass fiber cloth, which plays an insulating role. Inside the cloth is an electric heating wire used to heat the barrel and melt the plastic.
Q:How much will it cost to invest in the recycled plastic particle production line?
Depends on the output, from about 60 thousand to millions of start.
Q:What plastic particles are used for wire injection? How much would you like to invest in a plastic pelleting plant?
Look at the product use and performance parameters, it is necessary to add some,
Q:How to solve the noise of plastic granulator
Change the mute hob cutter or water ring pelletizer.
Q:The difference between the whole machine, granulating machine, granulating machine of the three English translation?
The whole machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, granulation after drying agglomerated particles, according to the technical requirement of finishing qualified to uniform particles, mixing and tabletting machine. Widely used in raw materials, chemicals, food and other industries. Principle: the boiling granulator pellet out of dry particles by lifting the feeder switch into hopper, granulator opening valve, will join particles granulator; through the cavity of the rotary granulating knives, the material by the impact, extrusion, shear, discharged through the sieve hole, the cylinder to flow to the container.
Q:Waste plastics granulation EIA Report Sample
The book is very thick and the EIA form is very simpleYou directly find qualified to do the EIA, for you to do
Q:How should maintain plastic granulator
This is the Sichuan Universiade presses to inform customers of the machinery, is sure to play well, there is oil in the binding site, keep the machine clean, there will be water in the unit, shutdown to wipe water, also want to take the blade oh

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