Working Safety glasses with nose bridge pad with good quality

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China main port
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10000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Safety Glasses  

Good quality working Safety glasses with nose bridge pad

Model No.: FT2631B

Available customized logo imprint

Available customized packaging

Available for gardening, forestry, laboratory, street works, constructions, electric power, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mine and metallurgy etc.



Product Name 

Good quality working safety glasses with nose bridge pad

Model No.








Good quality, Nose bridge pad

Available Lens Coating 

Anti-Scratch (hard coating)

Anti-Fog (Anti-Mist)

Available color


Clear/ Smoke/Yellow

Blue/ Red/ Green/ Mirror Coating


Black/ Smoke

Nose bridge pad color: Smoke


27 g

Mechanical Strength

F ( 45 m/s)

Optical Class

Optical class 1


1pc/ polybag; 12pcs/ inner box; 300pcs/ master carton

Production Capacity

500,000pcs/ month


1.CE EN166 F

2.ANSI Z87.1

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Q:What about cotton gloves, labor gloves and labor insurance products?
The international economic environment is still very grim, and there is still a lot of room for development in the domestic market of labor protection gloves. Investors should seize the opportunity, share the market share and develop the brand.
Q:Distinction between fire gloves and rescue gloves
Fire gloves, also known as high temperature gloves, high voltage insulation gloves. Material combination: the outer layer is made of high strength fabric with flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, antistatic and other properties.The rescue gloves are made of waterproof, heat insulation, flame retardant, heat proof radiation and other fabrics.Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, wearable, waterproof, radiation proof heat, high strength and other characteristicsApplication: it is suitable for the protection of opponents and wrists in fire fighting, and prevents scratches and cuts. It can be used in a high temperature environment at 180-300 degrees centigradeFire gloves can be used in semiconductor, electronic, precision instruments, integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays and other electronic and biological pharmaceutical, optical instruments, food and other industries in the use of high temperature environment
Q:Welding without gloves, direct contact with hand welding parts and gloves are different?
It must be out of order.Why should the welding gloves be insulated?. If the ground wire is not connected, or the welder is out of order, the operator must first be sure that the operator can not get an electric shock. Burns are still next
Q:What protective equipment should be worn for spot welding? It's spot welding, not electric welding
The possibility of burning through the workpiece is too early to ignite the arc and then to join one of the welds. At the same time, the heat input is too large, the heat affected zone becomes wider, and the weld grain is coarse, which affects the mechanical properties of the weld.
Q:What are the lifetime of insulating gloves, insulating shoes and insulating blankets?
Insulation gloves are available for a long time. Due to their aging or storage conditions over a long period of time, it is necessary for users to conduct preventive tests before use. Insulation gloves beyond the shelf life must be tested before they are ready for use.
Q:What should I pay attention to the use of protective gloves?
Rubber, plastic and other types of protective gloves should be avoided after high temperature. And the products sprinkle talcum powder to prevent adhesion, rinse dry preservation.
Q:What is the surface resistance range of electrostatic caps and electrostatic gloves?
Precautions against electrical shock, fire and explosion, failure and damage of electronic devices, and adverse effects on production caused by electrostatic accumulation. Is called electrostatic protection, and its precautionary principle is mainly to curb static electricity generation, accelerate electrostatic leakage, electrostatic neutralization and so on. The use of antistatic textiles is the need for electrostatic protection
Q:What are the safety and protective equipment for building construction?
Personal labor protection products are safety helmets, safety belts, safety (insulating) shoes, protective glasses, protective gloves, dust-proof (poison) masks, etc.;
Q:Is a disposable PVC glove better than a latex glove?
The water treatment process adopts physicochemical, biological contact oxidation and activated carbon adsorption. The process is made up of mechanical grille, regulating tank, air float tank, biological contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, sand filter and activated carbon filter, fan room and so on. Waste gas treatment process venturi dust remover dust, and then reacting with water containing alkali, desulfurization and dust removal.
Q:Can chemical protective gloves resist the corrosion of sulfuric acid?
There are many kinds of chemical gloves, but they are used in different ways and each has its own uses. Not all chemical gloves can protect against sulphuric acid.

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