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Welding gloves mainly used for the welding workers to wear gloves when working, can provide safety protection for workers and comfort.Divided welding gloves can heat insulation on the second floor, wear-resisting, prevent the welding splash burns, stop radiation, at the same time have a certain insulation performance.Suitable for ordinary manual welding (is with a pair of tongs to live this kind of welding electrode, the welding spatter content), fire retardant, anti-wear, cutting resistance and puncture, prevent tearing, reinforce the mechanical parts.Especially for argon arc welding.


Product Name

leather working welding gloves/ welding leather gloves

Model No.

cow split leather welding gloves


Cow split leather glove;patch palm,strip color cotton back; half lining , safety cuff 



Other Color

Customized color are available


12 pairs/package, 144 pairs/carton ; or as per customers' requirement

Reference datas

Cutting resistance index:2.5

The wear resistance :500 times

Tear resistance :25newton

Resistance to puncture :60 newton

Combustion resistance :level 3

Resistance to thermal: 100 degrees Celsius

Thermal airflow:HT17 OR higher

Thin metal slag resistance :25

Dexterity:11mm or less

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Leather double palm, protects against abraion, cut.


Construction, maintenance, Welding industry,agriculture and many other general heavy-duty

Delivery time

10-20days after deposit

Supply Capacity

500,000 doz/month



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Q:How to prevent occupational diseases of three paint
Usually recommend doing this, it is best to wear masks, try to keep the ventilation in the workplace, you can drink plenty of water, taking food and drug liver kidney, such as Inosine Tablets, a variety of vitamins, medlar, Radix Astragali, Radix Chrysanthemum Tea, red dates etc..
Q:Technical requirements for protective gloves
Canvas protective glovesCanvas gloves are divided into five fingers, three fingers and two fingers, three kinds. Sewing stitch per cm 4-5 needle, canvas quality is not less than 380g/m -.
Q:Distinction between fire gloves and rescue gloves
Fire protection material: waterproof layer: waterproof, breathable fabric. Heat insulation layer: with heat insulation, flame retardant, heat radiation and other properties of the fabric. Comfort layer: a comfortable fabric with flame retardant properties. Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, wearable, waterproof, radiation proof heat, high strength and other characteristics. The utility model is suitable for the protection of the opponent and the wrist when the fire is put out, and the scratch and the cutting can be prevented, and the utility model is suitable for being used at a high temperature environment of 180-300 DEG C.
Q:Because of the iron filings rolled up during the machining process, gloves can be caught and accidents can occur. I've seen a man whose gloves are stuck with iron filings that cause two fingers to tear from the palm of the hand.
The gloves are different from those used in general labor protection gloves. They require good electrical performance, higher mechanical properties, and soft and good wearability.The insulation gloves were tested on the corresponding voltage levels.
Q:How do painters protect themselves? What are the protective equipment?
The construction operator shall be familiar with the paint and diluent properties, construction requirements and safety measures used.
Q:Do you need gloves to do microbiological experiments at super clean bench?
It is necessary to wear gloves as well as to protect yourself, to form good habits and to be responsible for the work
Q:What are the types of mine safety guards?
Respiratory protective equipment is to prevent the harmful gas, vapor, dust, smoke and fog inhalation through respiratory tract or directly to the wearer supply or clean air, to ensure the protection equipment in the dust and poison pollution or hypoxia workers normal breathing.Respiratory protective equipment is divided into dust masks and respirators (masks) according to the function, and can be divided into two types: filtering and isolating.
Q:You have to wear a mask when welding, welding need to wear protective tools experienced said what.
Gas welding, gas cutting, manual plasma cutting protective equipment: work clothes, leather gloves, foot cloth, goggles or face shield (advocate wearing masks but not required).
Q:Why should boxers wear boxing gloves?
No gloves than gloved fist attack is much stronger, for example is just like a bulletHowever, after wearing gloves, they have a buffer force, which reduces the danger of the dead, and on the other hand protects their hands
Q:What are the lifetime of insulating gloves, insulating shoes and insulating blankets
The shelf life of insulated gloves, insulated shoes and insulating blankets is usually 24 months, but preventive tests must be carried out for 6 months.

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