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100000 pair/month

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product name

PVC Dotted Gloves,Wear points yarn gloves plastic anti-skid gloves protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves




7g-15g ,S-XXL


yellow & white


breathable, slip resistance, seamless


as your request


As your request or  12pairs /dozen, 50 dozens-80dozens/woven bag or carton or according to your request


1-6 m



delivery time

within 20 days upon deposit

payment term

T/T. 30% deposit before production, the balance before shipment


construction, machinery, farm


breathable, slip resistance, seamless

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)

Model Number:
protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves
Load Capacity:
126000 Pairs Per 20GP, 261000 Pairs Per 4oGP
Border color:
white,yellow, brown,green, red or as per your requirement
Dotted with PVC for Added Grip and Durability.
7 pins or 10 pins
Knit Construction Allows Breathability with Less Hand Fatigue
Sample free
Safety work Industial work Household work Farm work

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Q:Is anti-static gloves good for antistatic effects? Do you have to take it?
That depends on what you bought, but the anti-static products to support the use of in order to reflect the effect, if only a kind of non product itself, the reason for the failure probability is great.
Q:Quality inspection personnel's safety protection articles wear
If there are toxic and harmful substances contact quality inspection field, can configure the respirator, chemical protective clothing, protective gloves, if the safety quality inspection site, must wear a helmet, gloves, safety shoes, etc..
Q:Is pure cotton gloves insulated?
Pure cotton gloves should not be used as insulating gloves. This cotton is only a material with very low conductivity, and polyester cotton yarns are strongly conductive. Cotton gloves, hand wear has good protection ability, will not produce static electricity, electric appliance selection of gloves, mostly choose pure cotton gloves or pure cotton gloves.
Q:What personal protective equipment should be worn in the laboratory?
(1) full protective spectacles (eyes and face) are the most vulnerable parts of the laboratory, and therefore their protection is particularly important. In laboratory, neon test personnel must wear safety goggles(2) when chemicals are splashed into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. When washing, the eyelid should be opened, carefully rinse with tap water for a few minutes, then distilled water, and then go to the clinic for treatment.(3) facial guards are used to protect the face and throat. To protect against possible explosions and harmful gases from experiments, wear plexiglass protective masks or respiratory protective appliances.
Q:There are Mercury in the environment, how to protect?
Protective measures:Respiratory protection: should be exposed to its vapor, should wear a respirator. Recommend self-contained breathing apparatus when necessary.Eye protection: wear safety goggles.Protective clothing: wear appropriate protective clothing.
Q:What should I pay attention to the use of protective gloves?
Contact with strong oxidizing acid such as nitric acid, chromic acid and so on. Due to strong oxidation products will cause brittle hair, discoloration, early damage. High concentrations of strong oxidizing acids may even cause burning should be observed.
Q:Does argon gas used in laser welding belong to argon arc welding? Do we have any protective equipment? What are the dangers?
You said laser welding using argon welding, it should not belong to the category of argon arc welding. Personal protection: mainly refers to the laser welding laser protection and heat-resistant refractory wear clothes, wearing protective glasses, the laser can be selectively attenuated specific laser wavelength for the tachograph wearing ultraviolet laser source of laser protective masks, wearing protective gloves can prevent the laser reflection or scattering of laser damage.
Q:Is a disposable PVC glove better than a latex glove?
The water treatment process adopts physicochemical, biological contact oxidation and activated carbon adsorption. The process is made up of mechanical grille, regulating tank, air float tank, biological contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, sand filter and activated carbon filter, fan room and so on. Waste gas treatment process venturi dust remover dust, and then reacting with water containing alkali, desulfurization and dust removal.
Q:How many kinds of protective gloves are there on the construction site?
Acid proof and alkali resistant gloves. Gloves worn primarily for contact with acids and bases.
Q:What kind of gloves can be used to protect the phosphating liquid?
A lot of PVC water soluble substances, such as acid, alkali and other protective effect, but not the protection of solvent and other organic substances, because many solvents will cause the plasticizer dissolution, not only will cause pollution, but also greatly reduce the glove barrier function. Four, comfort is not much difference between chloroprene rubber and natural rubber. Has a good protective effect for petroleum chemical products, lubricants, anti ozone and ultraviolet radiation, also has very strong anti - aging properties. Five, polyvinyl alcohol has a good protective effect on most organic solvents, but soluble in water, water will reduce its effectiveness, and the material is hard. Not convenient for processing.

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