industrial safety equipment machinery for industrial gloves

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Latex Coated Safety Glove from China

With high elastic latex and strings

Advantages: anti-slip, good grip, comfortable, durable;

Usage: For household, industrial, agricultural use. For machines, oil, construction industries, etc.



Latex Coated Safety Glove 

Brand Name


Model No.

A-L series


cotton+latex, polyester+latex, etc.


540g, 600g, 1080g, etc.




As per your demand.


10 gauges, 13 gauges


soft&comfortable, good grip, anti-slip, anti-scratch, breathable, etc.


Can be customized.


CE certificate


Within 24 months for normal usage.


Construction, automotive assembly, garden, farm, general handling, 

warehouse, refuse collection, etc.

Place of Origin

Shandong, China


2,500 dozens of latex coated safety gloves

Production Ability

25,000 dozens (300,000 pairs)/month


T/T (30% deposit+70% balance)


Within 40 days after the receipt of deposit


If you have detailed requirements, please feel free to inform us. More gloves can be customized.



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Q:The two stage chemical protective clothing is an integral structure
The chemical protective clothing for class two firefighters is a one-piece structure made up of chemical protective hoods, chemical protective clothing, chemical protective boots and chemical protective gloves, and is used in conjunction with an externally pressurized fire air respirator.
Q:Personal labor safety protection supplies have several kinds
Personal protective products such as smoke, dust, metal sparks and chips, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash, etc., are called facial protective equipment.There are many kinds of eye and face protective equipment. According to the protection function, it can be divided into nine categories: dustproof, waterproof, anti shock, anti high temperature, anti electromagnetic radiation, anti radiation, chemical splash, windproof sand and anti glare.At present, China's production and use of more general there are three types, namely welding goggles, furnaces and anti shock eye goggles and mask armor.
Q:What personal protective equipment should be worn in the laboratory?
(1) full protective spectacles (eyes and face) are the most vulnerable parts of the laboratory, and therefore their protection is particularly important. In laboratory, neon test personnel must wear safety goggles(2) when chemicals are splashed into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. When washing, the eyelid should be opened, carefully rinse with tap water for a few minutes, then distilled water, and then go to the clinic for treatment.(3) facial guards are used to protect the face and throat. To protect against possible explosions and harmful gases from experiments, wear plexiglass protective masks or respiratory protective appliances.
Q:Latex gloves and non latex gloves are treated differently
Latex here refers to the rubber tree resin products, one of latex, the conventional name is natural latex, latex is liquid, is the main raw material of gloves, rubber is solid, is the main raw material of tires.
Q:What are the lifetime of insulating gloves, insulating shoes and insulating blankets?
Insulating gloves to prevent electric shock injury is the main body through the current cause, so the insulation performance is good or bad depends on the size of the glove by leakage current at a certain voltage, if the leakage current is within the safe current numerical range is safe, otherwise it is not safe. If a certain voltage is applied, even though no breakdown occurs, the leakage current is too large, which can cause bodily harm.
Q:What are PE gloves?
When oil is used, it should be protected against gasoline. It prevents sharp metal cutting and contact with high temperature and lubricating oil
Q:Do you wear masks and gloves when you work with a pedicure?
Of course it was wearing medical masks ah, ordinary cheap, protective also poor, it is only suitable for ordinary nurses or at home cooking; and senior medical masks are surgical doctor or dentist by such doctors and higher income, do not care whether low cost masks, and pay more attention to the quality of masks.
Q:Is a disposable PVC glove better than a latex glove?
Washing wastewater, the mold production line of washing process containing gum wastewater; (2) during the production of a small amount of ammonia; (3) drying process of dust; (4) boiler when running SO2, NOx, particles and other air pollutants; (5) produce a standby diesel generator set operation time SO2, NOx, particles and other air pollutants; (6) the waste generated in the production process; (7) sewage treatment plant sludge generated.
Q:What are the occupational hazards without gloves?
For example, if you are dealing with chemical industry, daily chemical reagent, not wearing protective gloves if it is easy to corrosion to the hands, labor insurance industry have special protective gloves against acid and alkali corrosion, protect your hands from harm.
Q:Are insulated shoes gloves safe?
Personal protective equipment is an important means of preventing injuries. Ideally, it is to control the hazard, create a safe working environment, and reduce the potential danger. We use PPE only when we can't control the source of the hazard. So, PPE is the last line of defense.

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