industrial safety equipment machinery for industrial gloves

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Latex Coated Safety Glove from China

With high elastic latex and strings

Advantages: anti-slip, good grip, comfortable, durable;

Usage: For household, industrial, agricultural use. For machines, oil, construction industries, etc.



Latex Coated Safety Glove 

Brand Name


Model No.

A-L series


cotton+latex, polyester+latex, etc.


540g, 600g, 1080g, etc.




As per your demand.


10 gauges, 13 gauges


soft&comfortable, good grip, anti-slip, anti-scratch, breathable, etc.


Can be customized.


CE certificate


Within 24 months for normal usage.


Construction, automotive assembly, garden, farm, general handling, 

warehouse, refuse collection, etc.

Place of Origin

Shandong, China


2,500 dozens of latex coated safety gloves

Production Ability

25,000 dozens (300,000 pairs)/month


T/T (30% deposit+70% balance)


Within 40 days after the receipt of deposit


If you have detailed requirements, please feel free to inform us. More gloves can be customized.



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Q:Classification of protective gloves
Types of protective gloves are in addition to anti chemical species, as well as anti cutting, electric insulation, waterproof, fireproof, cold, heat radiation and other functions, that is, the general anti acid and anti chemical gloves with protective gloves is not, because many chemical phase with different permeability of gloves the material, so need to be selected with all kinds of chemical protective gloves against penetration.
Q:Distinction between fire gloves and rescue gloves
Fire protection material: waterproof layer: waterproof, breathable fabric. Heat insulation layer: with heat insulation, flame retardant, heat radiation and other properties of the fabric. Comfort layer: a comfortable fabric with flame retardant properties. Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, wearable, waterproof, radiation proof heat, high strength and other characteristics. The utility model is suitable for the protection of the opponent and the wrist when the fire is put out, and the scratch and the cutting can be prevented, and the utility model is suitable for being used at a high temperature environment of 180-300 DEG C.
Q:Are nitrile gloves insulated?
Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent the penetration of organic solvents, and its main advantages are high strength and high elasticity. It mainly provides the station for contacting liquid chemicals in the hand, such as chemical storage, organic and inorganic experiments, etc..
Q:What are the lifetime of insulating gloves, insulating shoes and insulating blankets
The preventive test is the strict regulation of the electric power industry, which guarantees the safety of the person.
Q:Does argon gas used in laser welding belong to argon arc welding? Do we have any protective equipment? What are the dangers?
Hazard: the laser is focused laser beam bombardment as energy welding heat generated by the laser welding method can produce stimulation to the body will hurt the skin, peeling, heavier will bad skin, without tools will hurt your eyes redness pain, do not do if long-term nutritional supplement may may cause cancer.
Q:Do you have any 3M masks, glasses, hats, disposable gloves?
In addition to mask, the other is OK, the main function is to filter masks dust particles, and the painting process, there will be benzene, toluene and other volatile organic gases, so the mask is basically no effect, recommend masks, with organic vapor cartridges used.
Q:Insulating articles for live work
Insulation characteristics of cap common safety cap is not stable, generally can not be used in live operation, the insulation safety helmet for live working, using high density polyester composite material, besides the mechanical strength with safety helmet testing standards, but also fully comply with the relevant electrical distribution and electrification testing standards, the dielectric strength by 20KV test.
Q:Latex gloves and non latex gloves are treated differently
Latex here refers to the rubber tree resin products, one of latex, the conventional name is natural latex, latex is liquid, is the main raw material of gloves, rubber is solid, is the main raw material of tires.
Q:How does the maintenance worker work on the work of sulphuric acid?
If it burns on a large area, it can not be washed immediately. Apply dry cloth, wipe with plenty of water, and then apply a small amount of sodium bicarbonate. It depends on the degree of release of the heat released during the dilution of the concentrated sulfuric acid.For the maintenance worker, the same depends on the area of his burns
Q:How to properly wear helmets, protective masks, gloves?
The left hand will press the mask gently at the nose beam, at this time should ensure that the bridge of the nose in the center of the mask. The mask strap hanging behind the ears to the root with the right hand, pay attention to be hung on the ear, otherwise it is easy to fall off.Based on the last step, the right hand left hand gently hold the mask, another hanging rope to hang behind the ears. Complete preliminary wear.

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