Wireless AV COFDM Transmitter System Long range

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Item specifice:

Brand Name: Safe Guard Model Number: SG-T5000S Power output: 5-8W(adjustable)
Modulation: COFDM, 2K ,QPSK Video coding: H.264/MPEG-4 Transmission distance: 100km--LOS, 5km NLOS
Dimension: 200*120*60mm Weight: 1kg Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!

Product Description:

This military backpack system is special for man-portable transmitter enter into the area of the incident to gather information and signal transmission when in the condition of heavy obstacles, such as many building barriers,severe electromagnetic interference, remote mountain town or other harsh environments,which cause command vehicle can’t directly reach the site and forced to parked in vicinity.

At the front-end personnel, scouts, firefighters, rescue personnel or television interview personnel using small size, backpack or Buckle format transmitter transmit the live signals to the rear command vehicle. Then the command vehicle will receive the image displayed on the monitor via the receiver which convenient for real time understanding of the site condition and timely command.

Wireless AV COFDM Transmitter System Long range

Transmitter parameters:



 RF output Power












 Guard Interval


 Video Input

1 line PAL/NTSC analog video 

 Audio Input

stereo left and right channels

 AV Interface


 Video Compression


 Data encryption

AES / ALLTECH Basic scrambling


 Full band≤2dB, 8MHz≤0.5dB




standard 720P

 RF Interface


 Video Format


 Case Material

 Aluminum alloy, waterproof

 Built-in battery

 2300mA, 3Hrs

 Work environment



3-5km max NLOS(manpack)

Over 100kms LOS distance on UAV (if over 300m altitude)




 800g(net weight)

Product application:

Solution 1

Wireless AV COFDM Transmitter System Long range

Solution 2

Wireless AV COFDM Transmitter System Long range

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Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
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We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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Q:How about the acceptance report of security monitoring?
Such as wire can be in the local agents, because it is too heavy, if you want to come with the manufacturers, freight is self - care! It'll probably be more expensive by then! Those other, no weight, you can follow the manufacturers, the price is good, the freight is not expensive!
Q:Security monitoring project is not to build the division of electromechanical professional practice
Relatively speaking, in addition to building the largest number of candidates, the municipal public and mechanical and electrical professional demand is also large, but also anchored higher than the price of construction.
Q:Enterprise security monitoring workflow
Work flow: construction site survey - Design Scheme - contract signing - the implementation of the construction (specific two aspects of consultations)
Q:What's the profit of security monitoring project?
It's not good to do this business right nowThe price is very transparentIf you don't do the installation, it's more difficult to sell the equipmentBut profits in about 30% can do, but after a year, or included in the 30% from inside it is hard to say
Q:Consult the product that I buy, can you do monitoring?
You imagine, computers only work as video processing and video recording, and video rates are very low. Isn't there any old simple computer that's all right? Why bother doing that?.General use, or with mature proprietary products, at least do not bother software problems. Embedded system specific devices contain almost all of the required performance requirements of monitoring, especially reliability. Why can't we get out of the computer circle?
Q:What's the outlook of the security industry?
Surveillance lens and storage developmentSurveillance camera seriesAnalog technology video camera of the 70-80: transistor technology, camera, resolution of about 480 lines, basically no digital technology;Analog technology in 80-90, solid chip camera: CCDCMOS camera, the initial resolution of about 380 lines, gradually increased to 510 lines;90-00's IP digital camera with video server: early video encoding for the IP signal, the subsequent development of IP camera based on IP technology, the total number of pixels is about 300 thousand - 450 thousand, equivalent to about 480 line camera.00-10 HD applications: HD IP cameras, based on high-density CCD technology. The total prime number is about 1 million 300 thousand - 2 million;10- digital analysis technology: ultra high definition IP camera, embedded into video analysis, with early warning function, face recognition, object position identification and other digital security cameras;
Q:Security monitoring, construction costs, how much is reasonable?
Usually in accordance with the 20% collection, according to the construction of the difficulty can be a certain coefficient.However, such a small project like you, if in full accordance with the proportion, not your loss is the loss of Party AIt's better to negotiate a reasonable cost
Q:Do you have any security monitoring system with you?
Yes, all exhibitions are sold with Jing equipment. The general public can buy it at an exhibition.It is equipped with cameras and microphones, designed as tie clips, glasses, buttons, like samples.Video storage and batteries are designed to be radio sized and can be attached to a belt.
Q:I would like to open a security monitoring store, you need to go through what procedures?
For individual industrial and commercial registration, you can apply for industrial and commercial registration documents, fees are probably more than 100 yuan
Q:What are the categories of security monitoring systems?
Background music,Entrance guard attendance,Parking barrierSurveillance is a small branch of a security system, a simple understanding that is: the front camera, through transmission, storage video back to the rear, and wall display

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