Window Handle

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Product Description:

1.material:stainless seel


3.size:dia 19 X 135 X 60mm



*stainless steel window handle,aluminum window handle,zinc window handle

*Serviceable range: villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, public facilities and other facilities

*Export experience: more than 8 regions and nations

*Package: polyfoam bag / pair with inner small box finally in carton

*Payment terms: D/P, T/T and western union

*Mainly used in villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, chamber, public facilities and other buildings with high requirement in quality.



A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (ten years experienced technical )

D) Excellent service (years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.

G) OEM, ODM orders are acceptable


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Q:Electric car speed handle handle structure
Turn the electric car is the speed control components, usually located in the right side of the electric car, both riding the right hand direction, electric car turn the degree of rotation in the range between 0-30 degrees. Turn the handle is a linear speed control parts, a lot of style but the working principle is the same, divided into direct speed and indirect speed control type, indirect speed control type has been rare, the following describes the direct speed The indirect speed control type and direct speed control type can be used. The internal structure of the transfer structure is divided into two types according to the magnet: divided into one type of magnet type and split magnet type, which is made up of magnetic steel wire spring pieces of spring and plastic parts, as repair and assembly Industry personnel as long as the internal structure can know, do not get to the bottom. The following are the main lines of the turn: The lead wire of the turn is the lead of the linear Hall device, and the three are: + 5V power cord (red) negative line (black or yellow) signal line (green) line color Is based on the general type of summary, the specific circumstances of the specific analysis. Turn the handle to turn the method is divided into: A purpose type: first detect the polarity of the controller leads, +5 V line connected to the red line, the negative line then turn the black line, then the rest A line can be connected. B blind connection: first find the turn of the positive line and the signal line and the controller leads any arbitrary, until the motor rotation, then turn the negative connection, the motor stops, if the non-stop exchange of positive and signal lines that Can, turn the handle to debug.
Q:The little tongue of the room door can not be returned to the door, and now from the inside outside the door handle the door are not open.
One; the best solution is to find the local unlock the king to solve the general area of ​​the basic price of unlocking less than 80 yuan, if it is a bustling city unlock the price relative to the higher. If you do not want to spend money to solve that you can also try to solve their own; but must have one of the most important conditions, this condition is your room door must have a gap, the gap is basically 2-3 mm. Looking for a thinner scrap card or a better elastic piece of steel from the side of the slope of the tongue with the momentum or the momentum of the palm of your hand can be washed open, if there is no hard plastic card with steel, then you need to prevent the steel scratch your Palms, need to be careful. Three; the above two conditions you do not have the way to use the demolition lock to solve. Your door lock if the pressure or round the head of the lock you find the flat mouth or cross flower screwdriver, press the lock, with a screwdriver directly remove the lock on the shield up and down the two screw, and then remove Lock the core, and then you can see the connection of the mouth of the mouth, with the appropriate tools can be locked on the door to open the door to open the door. If the round head of the screw lock, you find a two-inch long nail in the round twist to the heel (lock neck) below a small hole, find the hole after the hand around the twist can see the hole There is a flat card spring, and then insert the nail into the hole will be that the reed and then pull out the round reel, and then in the opposite direction to unlock the lock on the cover can pull out the lock cylinder, the tongue In the above way to pull back to solve friends
Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
Remove the interior trim plate .. you can remove the handle screw
Q:I would like to know the door handle exports to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, need to do what certification? ME!
Hello, this question we generally recommend that guests directly to foreigners advice. They want to clear the documents so that domestic suppliers can provide in the case of re-delivery, so you can very good to avoid the risk of return shipping!
Q:How do you keep the brakes in front of the brakes?
Twist the screw on the front brake lever.Finally in situ test vehicle lights everything is normal and correct. End the installation.
Q:Can the spherical lock and handle the door lock be interchangeably installed?
Can not, the hole is not the same, the ball door lock open 70 holes single hole, handle the door lock open 10 holes, 35 holes a, 25 by 40 holes a, you can not cover the original hole, Handball lock it is possible
Q:There is a security door after the handle removed, the two springs fall, and now do not know how to go up and hope that professionals can accurately answer
Important area, it is recommended to spend money please people. Anti-theft door handle is not easy to remove and restore
Q:My mother today hit the door handle static, plastic things will be electricity, touch my hand also have electricity, which is why ??
The body of the static and the season and the clothes you wear the material. Autumn and winter because the air is relatively dry and static is not easy to release easy to accumulate, and if the clothes are easy to make static electricity like the material so that with the human body activities will produce static electricity, the two superimposed on the cause of the present situation. To eliminate these best is not to wear such material clothes. At the same time can strengthen the conductivity of air to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, such as pot boiled water at home ah; sprinkle some water on the ground; spray with the sprayer to the air. In the time to move from time to time can touch the walls, water pipes and other physical release to the body, do not let it build up in the body.
Q:Hand on the mouth of the whistle there are several, how to blow? The The
1, mouthwash, wash your hands; 2, with both hands fingers any two fingertips (according to personal habits to choose their own convenient two) close, leaving about a centimeter distance (by people only); 3; mouth slightly open, 5, the air flow directly from the abdominal cavity to the throat, blowing from the gap between the two fingers, put the tongue into the mouth, You can speak out. The above steps are not necessarily done, because of people only, as long as the sound can be made, the success of the half
Q:Motorcycle throttle handle is very tight, it is difficult to restore after the rotation?
Three places must see the first carburetor that the return of the spring a long time a dirt back effect will become worse and worse the possibility of this place is very small second pull you see the two ends of the drop line exposed The wire will not have a bifurcation try to pull down there is no feeling very flexible rainy days of the water will be rusty pull does not move the feeling is not flexible to replace the third open the throttle handle the throttle line to remove the idle throttle The handle is not very flexible not to change or add some butter
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