High Quality Lever Handle

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Product Description:

1.stainless steel: 316 304 202


2.Finish:Pss / SS / PVD


3.Package:simple box, color box



Made by high quality stainless steel-Tube with high technology, the productions are guaranteed for quality. You can choose the rosette & escutcheon you need as well as the finish and the handle. We also can meet any your request about the products' structure and finish.

By focusing on producing high quality and security products,We keep up with fashion trends in Europe and America. On the surface treatment, we adopt American plating technology and appearance design using European concept. This makes our products very popular in American and European market.


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You may buy a double handle, that is, inside and outside can open the kind of. You go for a single job.
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We focus on offering a wide range of hardware products. Our high quality products with competitive prices always meet the demands of the global market. We are proud of our successful export markets in Europe, South Africa and other regions. Furthermore, we are confident in our capacity as we have professional technicians in our factory. Based on superior quality and timely delivery, we maintain a stable production capacity of stainless steel casting lever handles and tubular lever handles.

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