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Product Description:

Product Name : Wardrobe-002

Size : All Size

Color : White, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Wenger etc

Packing : With the cartonbox standard the export package


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Q:What are the units in the wardrobe?
In price calculation, the wardrobe unit is calculated according to square meters, that is, * * height to get square meters, referred to as square. For example, a wardrobe of 2 square meters, 2000 yuan, that is 1 square 1000 yuan.
Q:What is the price of a general wardrobe?
How much is the price of the whole wardrobe, depending on the specific circumstances to decide oh. The overall wardrobe now has two main algorithms, one is the projection area, and two is the expansion area. The projected area is multiplied by the height and width of the wardrobe and multiplied by the unit price. The area of expansion is added to the square of each plate used by the wardrobe, and then multiplied by the unit price.The whole wardrobe custom furniture, the difference is that can be designed according to the needs of individual customers, the internal structure of the wardrobe may vary according to the needs, so the whole wardrobe now manufacturers are launched according to area, how much material is how much money, the price will be more clear. Favorable for customer purchase.Home customized products are customized according to your actual home situation, and the changes in space, structure, size and cabinet function components will affect the specific price of the product. Under normal circumstances, to customize a 2400x2400 (long ride, high, unit: mm) cabinet products, the price is about 6000 yuan -12000 yuan (including cabinet and cabinet door) between. Material, style, function design and other differences will have a greater impact on prices. For example, the Milan Kano sub space wardrobe than plain healing expensive.
Q:What boards do you use for closets and cupboards?
Density board: the density board is made of powdered wood fiber, molded by high temperature, and has a good surface smoothness. Because of its soft quality, impact resistance, high strength, good compression, uniform density, easy to re processing, suitable for making blister board, paint board and so on. But the disadvantage is that waterproof is very poor, it is easy to expand and deformation.
Q:How to remove the musty smell inside the wardrobe
Keep your wardrobe ventilated. At this time, the clothes have been arranged and the moldy clothes must be washed again. Then cool all the clothes and dry them for 2 hours in the sun. If the weather is more damp, you can use the hair dryer to dry (do not use high temperature files, the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees, 0.5 meters away from clothing, hair, and pay attention to clothing corners, such as pockets, pockets and other parts).
Q:Family wardrobe sliding door, push and pull when there is a piercing squeak, I would like to ask you great God, how to repair?
It may be that the ball is slipping at the same time. Try rubbing the wax. It may be that there are too many things in it, the shaft is crooked, and the things in it are arranged. You try. I have been a carpenter for many years, and the answer might help you.
Q:Wardrobe placed behind the wall, what is particular about?
If the bedroom lighting, ventilation is good, the wardrobe tone is not too much stress, but it is best not to choose the surface inlay too many reflective metal and glass wardrobe. Secondly, the bedroom should be in bed as the center, in general, can agree with the earth sits beds north of strong magnetic field, this is the most ideal location, sit West to East Ying times east Ziqi bed, sitting in bed of the south to the north again, sitting east to west is not the most ideal position. At the same time, there are exquisite wardrobe settings. Third, because the dresser for women use, sex is Yin, should be placed on the right side of the head of the white tiger position, white tiger position is also Yin, the two in line, in line with the Yin and Yang road. When the dresser is placed on the right side of the bed, the furniture on the left should be larger than the dresser. The wardrobe is usually relatively large shape, should be set on the left side of the bed, fit the Qinglong Yang, so that it is higher than the white tiger position of the dresser. This bedroom can maintain a relatively strong Yang, a great luck in making money.
Q:What spices can you use to make your wardrobe dirty?
Hello. You can try the following method:Cheap and good way, buy your favorite smell of soap, put it in the wardrobe, if you like the aroma, you put a few pieces;2. jewelry stores, shop selling (sachet, sachet) and even shopping malls also sell. Buy you love Fragrance Sachet, such as roses, lavender, jasmine fragrance flavor and so on, can also be based on the number of preferences or sachet of their own.I don't know if I can help you. Have a nice day.
Q:What brand of wardrobe is good?
Yadan Yadan(specializing in the production of panel custom-made furniture, one of the largest enterprises in China. It is committed to digital custom furniture manufacturers, Guangzhou Yadan cabinet Co., Ltd.)9 Kolani Kolani(overall wardrobe ten major brands, China environmental labeling certification, best-selling brand, the National Federation of environmental protection demonstration brand, very influential, Dongguan Kolani home Limited)10 Lami Lami(founded in 2003, originated from Canada international brand, the whole wardrobe ten brands, Shanghai famous brand, China's famous brand, Shanghai Lami Furniture Co., Ltd.)
Q:What about the door and the door of the sliding door?
Look at the sliding door frame, currently on the market wardrobe, sliding door profiles are mainly divided into aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum titanium alloy and recycled aluminum. The well-known brand manufacturers of high-quality wardrobe profiles are used to push the door made of aluminum and magnesium, titanium alloy, so there is a guarantee in the toughness of the mass, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, can meet the bearing normal wardrobe door, can use for a long time. And some small factories, workshops, in order to save costs and seek higher profits, the use of poor quality, recycled aluminum, tenacity and service life can not be guaranteed. Aluminum magnesium alloy profiles are mostly used color around the closet door, not on the surface with other colour. Some black businessmen to shoddy, in the regeneration of aluminum surface plating way to impersonate alloy. So when consumers buy the sliding door, to demonstrate whether businesses understand the product section profile is the true material, the mass ratio of recycled aluminum alloy heavy, sound is ringing, can listen to the sound by striking to discern the true material.
Q:Bedroom wardrobe size standard
The convenience of use should be taken into account in the design. In the following 650mm, general design for small items in the 650-1850mm scale design is commonly used in seasonal clothes, in the above 1850mm design for seasonal goods and not commonly used clothes. If you want to do it, usually under the cabinet 2100mm, all the rest of the otc. Under the cabinet too high, the door is demanding, the possibility of long deformation to increase a lot, then even shorter than short, not very good-looking.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
Company Certifications

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51-60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-3 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average