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Product Description:

Geared motors

Find the product for your application!

We offer a wide variety of geared motors: Helical, parallel, and bevel gears and of course the special NORD BLOC and UNIVERSAL products.


As early as the 1980s, NORD developed the most important innovation in gear unit construction to the present day. The unicase concept. All bearing holes and sealing surfaces are machined in a single stage on the latest CNC centres.



    • Sizes:

    • 14

    • Mounting position:

    • M1 - M6

    • Torque range:

    • 110 - 100.000 Nm

    • Performance:

    • 0,12 - 200 kW

    • Ratio:

    • 4.03:1 - 6616.79:1

    • Efficiency:

    • >%95


    • robust cast iron housing

    • gearing meets up to date international high standards

    • wide selection of motors and brake-motors including inverter-duty motors

    • units available for harsh environments

    • integrally cast foot or flange designs

    • sleek design for easy cleaning

    • all bearings selected to provide long and trouble-free operation

    • high quality sealing for enhanced leakage-protection

    • output side is integral part of the housing


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Q:How do I remove the full automatic washing machine reducer?
(1) unscrew the fastening screws of the control seat with a screwdriver and remove the control seat. At this point, it should be careful not to pull the pressure pipe behind the washing machine connected with the water level switch;(2) unscrew the fastening screw on the fixing ring of the bucket with a screwdriver, and remove the fixed ring of the bucket;(3) with a screwdriver under the screw impeller, impeller and come up with the core, the gasket can see when washing, dehydration shaft nut fixed seat and above the washing dewatering bucket below, and then use the wrench or a special tool to the dewatering shaft nut, and then come up with a deceleration clutch dehydration shaft on the pad off the bucket down, washed, and then come up with a gasket on the dewatering shaft of (this one is very important, for the new clutch also put it back!!) ;
Q:In the first stage reducer, why don't the driving shaft and the gear connect with the key?
You can use the key to connect the way to draw the first try, you will find either the strength and stiffness of the shaft is not enough, or the safety factor of the gear will be very high, the center will be very large distance
Q:Transmission power of jzq500 reducer
ZQ/JZQ reducer type: JZQ100 gear box, JZQ150, JZQ200, JZQ250 reducer, JZQ350 reducer, JZQ400 reducer, JZQ500 reducer, JZQ650 reducer;The nine transmission ratios of JZQ reducer are 1:8.3, 10.35, 12.64, 15.75, 20.49, 23.34, 31.5, 40.17, 48.57, respectivelyJZQ reducer model example: JZQ500-20-II-ZJZQ: cylindrical gear reducer type; 500: total center distance; 20: nominal transmission ratio; II: assembly form;Z: out shaft form (Z: cylindrical shaft end input, Q: taper shaft end input)
Q:What is the difference between the reducer type B and the X system?
If it is a deceleration of the cycloid series, the difference between the B series and the X series is the difference in the relevant standards. B has three standards (one, Shanghai standard, two, Ministry of chemical industry standard; three, mechanical department standard); X series standard is (Tianjin standard).
Q:Is the RV reducer used in industrial robots single stage transmission?
Excellent technology and more mature and superior, the diameter difference of sub transmission ratio up to infinity (practical for single tooth difference), the volume ratio of two is a harmonic reducer (i.e. the volume modulus is two times harmonic reducer), harmonic reducer and flexible transmission, the diameter difference of sub rigid reducer transmission. The robot motion in place of rigid transmission buffer stroke shorter and small RV reducer. The diameter difference of sub reducer and planetary reducer is less than the efficiency of harmonic reducer and RV reducer, so a lot of harmonic reducer transmission efficiency is lower than 0.8, the diameter difference of sub reducer planetary reducer meshing tooth number is more than five times less than the harmonic reducer and RV reducer, thus the diameter difference sub reducer theoretical accuracy only the higher harmonic reducer reducer is difficult to surpass RV. The radial differential reducer has great transmission power (harmonic reducer, industrial robot load 10Kg, diameter deviation, sub reducer, industrial robot can load 2000Kg). The CNOOC adopts foreign planetary reducer of submersible pump can only use 9 "(228.6mm) and the Shenyang University in Liaohe Oilfield wellhead, the son of your prince Dr. reducer of submersible pump can break 5" (127mm) (i.e. small wellhead diameter is less than 105mm sent a reducer load up to 35KW power). Gd980, SIASUN etc. the intention of contributions received sub diameter difference transmission technology Co Ltd, Japan is one of the development of the robot China pressing big three reducer bottleneck trip.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cycloidal gear reducer and the planetary gear reducer?
The working temperature is -25 degree centigrade to 100 degrees Celsius, by changing the lubricating grease can change its working temperature. Several concepts about planetary gear reducer series: planetary gear sets. Because of a set of star gear can not meet the large transmission ratio, sometimes 2 or 3 to meet the requirements for a large transmission ratio. Due to the increase of the number of star gear, so the 2 or 3 stage reducer length will increase, the efficiency will be decreased. The return gap: the output end is fixed, the input end of the clockwise and counter clockwise, the rated torque +-2% torque when the input speed reducer input end has a slight angle displacement this is the return gap, angular displacement. The unit is "points", that was 1/60. It was also known as backlash. Planet cycloid reducer: all transmission device can be divided into three parts: input part, reduction Speed section, output section. Double eccentric sleeve is provided with a dislocation of 180 degrees on the input shaft, the eccentric sleeve is provided with two known as the roller bearing of the rotary arm, formation mechanism, H two is the center hole of the cycloid raceway of bearing eccentric sleeve, and by a group of pin tooth cycloidal gear and annular arrangement the needle on the gear meshing, to form a tooth for tooth difference internal gear reducer, (in order to reduce friction, gear ratio in small, with a needle tooth pin gear).
Q:What is called a reducer, two speed reducer?
A speed reducer and two speed reducer is generally Japanese habit of name, some institutions need two but the middle two speed reducer, speed reducer and other devices, such as a motor with a speed reducer, a sprocket device attached behind, and even behind a reducer, speed reducer is provided with the device. The first is a speed reducer, a speed reducer second called two reducer. Some customers have asked me the price, this is loaded with what we have done, generally second reducer is relatively large!
Q:When the worm gear reducer works, does the motor have direction?
The reducer is a kind of independent parts enclosed by a rigid shell gear, worm gear, gear - worm gear reducer, commonly used as a prime mover and work machine. It plays an important role in matching speed and transmitting torque between prime mover and working machine or actuator, and it is widely used in modern machinery.
Q:What's the function of the groove under the base of the reducer?
By a group of circular arranged pin cycloidal gear and pin gear housing on the meshed Kazakhstan, to form a small tooth difference reducer (in order to reduce friction, gear ratio in small, with a pin on pin gear).
Q:How many types of reducer are there?
Reducer according to use can be divided into universal reducer and special reducer two categories, both of the design, manufacture and use of different characteristics. Its main types are gear reducer, worm reducer, gear worm reducer, planetary gear reducer.

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