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Geared motors

Find the product for your application!

We offer a wide variety of geared motors: Helical, parallel, and bevel gears and of course the special NORD BLOC and UNIVERSAL products.


As early as the 1980s, NORD developed the most important innovation in gear unit construction to the present day. The unicase concept. All bearing holes and sealing surfaces are machined in a single stage on the latest CNC centres.



    • Sizes:

    • 14

    • Mounting position:

    • M1 - M6

    • Torque range:

    • 110 - 100.000 Nm

    • Performance:

    • 0,12 - 200 kW

    • Ratio:

    • 4.03:1 - 6616.79:1

    • Efficiency:

    • >%95


    • robust cast iron housing

    • gearing meets up to date international high standards

    • wide selection of motors and brake-motors including inverter-duty motors

    • units available for harsh environments

    • integrally cast foot or flange designs

    • sleek design for easy cleaning

    • all bearings selected to provide long and trouble-free operation

    • high quality sealing for enhanced leakage-protection

    • output side is integral part of the housing


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Q:What are the classifications of the reducers?
According to the transmission series, it can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducer;According to the gear shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, cone gear reducer and cone - cylindrical gear reducer;According to the arrangement of transmission, it can be divided into expansion type, split flow type and coaxial type reducer.
Q:Motor power torque and gear reducer problems
The concept of motor torque:Motor torque, that is, motor output torque, is one of the basic parameters of the motor. The unit is N.M (cattle m).Four 、 the relationship between motor output torque and motor speed and power.1, formula: T=9550P/n this formula is commonly used in Engineering: torque, power, speed of the relationship between the three formulas.Type: T-- torque; 9550-- constant (without having to investigate its origin); P-- motor power (KW); n-- output speed (Rev / min)Note: if you want to calculate torque through the reducer, we should consider the factors of gear transmission efficiency loss.
Q:How to choose the motor and reducer?
The motor is no more than speed than the speed reducer is the machine such as motor speed than 1 8 800 revolutions per minute after the speed reducer is 100 out of turn the specific use of motor and reducer according to the actual situation of your own gear ratio is larger, the greater the stress.
Q:Transmission ratio range of single stage cylindrical gear reducerIs that 3~6?
Standard gear, single gear transmission ratio is less than 8;Shift gears, single stage cylindrical gears, slightly larger than 8
Q:What is the range of the transmission ratio of the two stage spur gear reducer?
When the transmission ratio is below 8, the single cylindrical gear reducer. More than 8, the best selection of level two (i=8 - 40) and grade two (i>40) of the reducer. Single stage reducer transmission ratio is too large, the overall size will be large. The type of transmission two and more than two cylindrical gear reducer with expansion, split and coaxial number. Expansion of the most simple, but not because of bearing gear on both sides of the symmetrical arrangement, which will make the load along the tooth width and the distribution is not uniform, so that both sides of the bearing force range. Therefore, in the design should pay attention to this reducer: 1) shaft stiffness should be bigger
Q:Types and types of reducers
Reducer is a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, motor (motor) to reduce the number of turns to the desired number of turns, and get a larger torque mechanism. At present, the reducer is widely used in the transmission of power and motion.
Q:Single stage cylindrical gear reducer, the total efficiency of the drum by the efficiency of it, why?
Need to be calculated, because the roller in the entire transmission chain, if you do not calculate the efficiency of the drum, it is estimated that you finally calculated the required transmission power will be less than the actual required transmission power.
Q:What's the connection between the reducer and the motor, and the difference? Thank you!
The main functions of reducer are as follows: 1) reducing speed and increasing output torque; torque output ratio is reduced by motor output ratio, but attention should be paid not to exceed the rated torque of reducer. 2) reduce the inertia of the load at the same time, reduce the inertia as the square of the reduction ratio. You can look at the general motors have a value of inertia.The motor is provided with primitive power.
Q:How do you choose the speed reducer when you know the input speed and power of the motor?
In addition to the 2 methods mentioned above, the reducer can also be selected in the following ways:1 calculation methods, gear reduction rate = number of teeth, gear driven gear tooth number (if it is a multistage gear, then all the meshing of a gear group driven gear / gear tooth number, then the result will be multiply.2, belt, chain and friction wheel gear ratio calculation method: reduction ratio = driven wheel driving wheel diameter diameter.
Q:The connection and difference between gearbox and reducer
Function:1, change the transmission ratio;2, in the direction of rotation of the engine unchanged, so that the car can go backwards;3, use neutral, interrupt power transmission, so that the engine can start, idle, and easy to gear shift or power output.

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