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Decorative Glass






Tempered Glass


Float Glass

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Packaging Detail:Polyfoam-lined wooden crates with interlayer paper
Delivery Detail:15-30 days


bluesky brand ultra-clear tempered glass 
top quality 
ISO9001 2000 3C 
international stantard



1) Thickness:


   a) Float glass thickness: 3mm-15mm

   b) PVB thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm,1.52mm


2) Max. size: 2,440mm x 3,660mm


3) Min. size: 150mm x 150mm




Where Laminated Safety Glass Can Be Used?




• 1 Places where safety glass is required legally

• 2 Museums, Government Buildings, Prisons, Airports, Bus stations

• 3 Banks, Show rooms, Jewelry Stores,

• 4 Schools,  Hotels, Hospitals

• 5 Office Buildings, Furniture interior decoration


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Q:Why was a glass pyramid built at the Louvre in Paris France?
You are correct that it was built to provide a better entrance. As of the early 1980s, the older entrance could no longer keep up with the increasing number of visitors to the museum, and there was no easy way to get from one wing to another. The architect, I.M. Pei, had this to say about his design: "The glass pyramid is a symbol that defines the entry to the Louvre. It is placed precisely at the center of gravity of the three pavilions. It assumes the function of a symbolic entry to a huge complex of meandering interconnected buildings which had no center." "Formally, [a pyramid] is the most compatible with the architecture of the louvre. It is also one of the most structurally stable of forms, which assures its transparency. As it is constructed of glass and steel, it signifies a break with the architectural traditions of the past. It is a work of our time." The modernist design would have fit well with the development strategy of François Mitterand, the president of France at the time. He initiated several big projects like this designed to showcase France's status as a technological leader in Europe at the end of the 20th century.
Q:Why is the glass surface of the glass after the glass film?
As for the touch of the outside of the glass is also normal hot. Because the film, the film has the role of blocking heat, the original should be transmitted through the glass into the car by the heat of the sun film barrier in the outer layer of the membrane, that is, the glass, a long time the heat gathered in the glass on the more, plus On the sun has been illuminated, the heat on the glass out of the slow speed, so touch the film is not hot than before some.
Q:Is there a way to reduce the noise
Multi-layer composite laminated glass sound insulation effect 25 - 45 dB, the market price of about 350 --- 800 yuan / square meter Multi-layer composite laminated glass is a combination of hollow and laminated glass, this combination structure, by China's most authoritative sound insulation acoustic testing institutions - Tsinghua University Building Environmental Testing Center made a comparative test shows that multi-layer composite laminated glass is the most sound insulation performance A good combination of the structure, in the actual installation and use, such as the main road traffic, high roadside, large overpass next to the room can reach the quiet level close to the basement, this glass also has thermal insulation, energy saving Consumption, anti-theft and other functions, this is both economical and easy to expand production of noise and noise reduction glass, is vigorously for the country to promote the application of the installation of noise windows [noise glass] to become a necessary choice to ease the city noise to us The distress caused.
Q:What is the prospect of building glass foil?
With the state for the introduction of energy-saving policies and local governments for building energy-saving provisions, combined with the current building doors and windows tend to penetrate the development direction of energy consumption to reach about 50% of the entire building. The market appears on the coated glass is basically to block the strong dazzling light, do not have insulation, cold, isolated UV explosion protection and other functions. Currently on the market is the best double-filled inert gas (nitrogen) his effect is better than the film effect, but the price is high. Sum of these aspects of the glass film market prospects you should have a few, right? But now speaking, the film market is still in the promotion stage, the market has not really opened. Investment should be cautious.
Q:Can acrylic panels do roofing materials?
Hello, what is acrylic? Acrylic (ACRYLIC) new three-dimensional material luminous word is a special plexiglass. Because of its excellent strength and good light transmission, early was used to make aircraft windshield and tank view mirror. Modern acrylic material coated with a high-intensity UV absorber and has a rich and colorful color, colorful night and highly penetrating, anti-sun and rain, the service life of up to ten years, is the most popular in the world Outdoor logo signs one of the manufacturing materials. In Paris, New York, Tokyo and other international metropolis of the bustling business district, everywhere visible acrylic logo products of the beautiful figure, for many internationally renowned corporate brand image to add infinite charm. In China, the use of acrylic logo products is still the initial stage, but with McDonald's, Kentucky and other well-known international companies demonstration use, in OKorder and other places in OKorder have more and more enterprises love to use acrylic as panel material Built-in light source identification products.
Q:What is the difference between one-way perspective glass and one-way perspective film?
Hello, you said that the one-way perspective glass is not the original coated glass? Coated glass is sprayed on a layer of ordinary glass, the effect can only block the dazzling light. No other function, and architectural glass membrane can have a Hot / cold, isolated UV, explosion-proof, bulletproof and other functions, the price may be no new products can replace the glass because of the sake of it? Single perspective function is to rely on light adjustment to achieve the external light from the outside to see the Mirror effect. If the indoor light strong effect on the contrary. On the glass function film in detail some of the introduction, you can come to our space to understand what ~
Q:Home glass film
[Outside the people can not see the inside of the situation] is wrong to say. This is called coated glass. The coated glass is also called reflective glass. Or paste with the coating is also OK. The The glass is not invisible. Is based on the intensity of light to set. The Dark place can go to the obvious place can not see the dark. The Night you opened the lights outside people can see you. The Glass shop car shop generally have.
Q:How expensive is float glass for building your own aquariums?
Either glass is going to be very expensive. Check with your local hardware store.
Q:The visible light transmittance of the glass is not good or good.
Sunrise little place where the transparent high point is better, mainly to see where your glass is used
Q:Would you like to make windows white glass is good or green is good? That expensive Looks upscale? Thank you!
Ordinary flat glass Ordinary flat glass with light transmission, insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, resistance to climate change performance, and some insulation, heat absorption, radiation and other characteristics, which are widely used in mosaic buildings doors and windows, Interior decoration and so on.

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