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1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Bed or Surround sound????????
Dang..your bed is broken? I'll go with bed first, u know..u can get a good life without surround's just for entertainment and fun But..sleep's more than everything bro..and sleep is one thing that determine life quality U can get psychotic if you sleep with mattress on floor everyday Go get yourself bed first...surround sound can wait 1 year patient for your next birthday And..happy birthday anyway. Sorry if i say it too early..can't say it another time again besides on this Yahoo Answer bro :)
Q:My dog keeps scratching her bed..?
She is getting herself comfortable
Q:The upper and lower bunk beds are assembled after disassembly
Disassemble through the three in one connector.The vertical connection between panel furniture and board, some special connecting parts can realize the horizontal connection of two boards, and the three plate interactive connection, generally used for MDF, MDF, particleboard.
Q:My cat took over my dogs bed?
Where does your cat usually go? Let's say it goes in the living room a lot. Put the cat's bed in the living room. Where does your dog usually go? Let's say it goes in your room a lot. Put the dog's bed in your room. -Tripp
Q:how far should a rhino bed linning strecth to?
You want to cover all of the area that is subject to being scratched by cargo, but be careful to not cover areas that have to move like the hinges on the tailgate. Most installations mask off areas where you don't want the spray to hit just like for painting a vehicle. The recommended area is the entire interior of the bed and tailgate and the top of the bed sides and tailgate. If there is sufficient space between the tailgate bottom (at the hinges) and the edge of the bed so that the tailgate can still operate smoothly, I'd also spray the lip of the bed and maybe even down a little towards the area between the bed and rear bumper. This will give an overlap at the back of the bed where cargo being slid into the bed might normally hit the edge of the liner and start chipping it away. Something I've found is that there is a substance similar to the Rhino Liner material, but less prone to scratching. It's called Shark Skin. You might Google it and see if anyone around uses it. It requires a special (very expensive) sprayer, so is not something that you can do yourself.
Q:is it ok to mix bedding?
It should be fine as long as both bedding as sutible for the rodent. But most pets like to have the same bedding throughout their lives (they could get stressed) It should be perfectly fine though.
Q:Which bed do you like better for kid room?
i like the first one but the second one has more of a kids look ya knw and its ok i guess lol
Q:Can I use a box spring with this bed frame?
Q:Bed bugs...?
First strip your whole bed and everything then get an exterminator
Q:Bunk beds :?
You should be able to get your choice of several diff beds For instance if the children are small then you may want to go with 1 piece bunkies then when they get bigger in a few years you could get the bunkies with the base boards separate. then in a few more years you could go with deluxe bunkies and use the same base boards or go with 3/3 mattress and box springs when they are teens by that time they will not want them stacked anymore. Get some well built bunk beds and they will last till college and beyond.Before the beds ever go on they put these steel wire braces underneith the bunkies so the chances of them falling through are pretty slim.

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