Titanium tube new stye

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Size of Titanium tube and Pipe
Seamless - OD2.0-219 mm, WT 0.3-8.0 mm, length < 18000 mm
Wedled - OD120 mm and up, WT up to 12.7 mm, length acc. to request

Industrial Applications
Titanium has found a niche in many industrial applications where corrosion resistance is required. Here are some of the common applications of titanium in corrosion resistant service:

Chlorine Chemicals   Sea Water
Hydrochloric Acid     Sulfuric Acid
Phosphoric Acid      Nitric Acid

Typical grade and specification for titanium tube and pipe

ASTM GradeAlloyDINUNSSpecification
Grade 1Commercially pure3.7025R50250
Grade 2Commercially pure3.7035R50400
Grade 5Ti-6Al-4V3.7164/5R56400
Grade 7Ti-0.15Pd3.7235R52400
Grade 9Ti-3Al-2.5V3.7195R56320
Grade 12Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni3.7105R53400
Other grade and alloy are available by request

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Q:Titanium tube capable of hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid corrosion
316 stainless steel due to the addition of Mo elements, so that its corrosion resistance, and high temperature strength has greatly improved, high temperature can reach 1200-1300 degrees, can be used in harsh conditions.
Q:Stainless steel tube and titanium tube which is good?
Titanium tube light weight, high strength, superior mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as tube heat exchangers, coil heat exchangers, serpentine tube heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and pipelines. At present, many nuclear power industry to titanium tube as its standard use of the unit.
Q:Is there a thinner tube than T18?
Titanium density is fixed, the material is not the same as the mechanical properties are not the same
Q:Tc4 How many tubes on the titanium tube will heat up?
Therefore, Gr9 titanium alloy with its excellent overall performance to become the most suitable for the manufacture of high-pressure light-resistant aircraft on the aircraft ideal material.
Q:Whether the titanium tube is resistant to corrosion
In the reductive acid, the addition of heavy metal salts can play a significant role in corrosion inhibition. , Titanium-palladium alloy and titanium-nickel-molybdenum alloy than the industrial pure titanium corrosion resistance increased a lot.
Q:TC4 titanium tube titanium tube and titanium tube TA2 ratio, which is more resistant to high pressure, the maximum resistance to how much pressure
TC4 titanium alloy than TA2 titanium tensile strength is higher, TC4 tensile strength at 830-950MPa TA2 tensile strength of 450-550MPa
Q:What are the reasons for the failure of the titanium tube vortex?
The roll of the mill is not smooth, resulting in a draw in the rolling process
Q:What are the main points of titanium tube welding?
Groove processing, titanium tube cutting, the use of alumina grinding machine grinding out the groove, as shown below, processing groove does not allow the parent material to produce overheating discoloration.
Q:Titanium tube brush paint on the paint will be lost?
Brush paint, but also need to assess the temperature of your heating is how much to choose the right high temperature paint to brush (high temperature paint temperature range from 200 degrees to 1000 degrees).
Q:Titanium tube chamber m32 * 3 What does it mean?
And thus has good corrosion resistance. But the strength of pure aluminum is low,

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