Titaniun carbide powder,tungsten carbide-titaniun carbide solid solution powder

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Tungsten Powder Features:

- Deep or bright grey powder.

- High melting point.

- Also been named SCHEELITE

Tungsten Powder Applications:

- Used in hard alloys, diamond tools, high density alloys, raw materials of W-Re electric

thermocouples, alloys of contact headers.

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Q:What is the effect of adding titanium powder during laser cladding
The addition of titanium iron and molybdenum iron can react with boron carbide to produce ceramic particles such as TiB2, TiC and MoC, which effectively enhance the wear resistance of the coating
Q:Is titanium powder and titanium dioxide the same?
Titanium powder is pure titanium powder, is a metal powder, can be ignited by the flame in the air burning
Q:What is the method for the determination of water content of titanium powder?
1, to take the sample 100 grams; 2. The sample into the oven to 105 degrees Celsius bake to the sample constant weight, about baking 2 - 4 hours, remove the cooling
Q:Titanium powder hardness wear degree how?
If the coating coated on the metal has a lower electrode potential than iron, the coating is an anode when the chemical corrosion conditions are present and the iron is the cathode without being corroded. This is the design basis for our cathodic coating.
Q:What method can be measured in the weight of titanium powder contained in the plastic
The method of detecting the content of titanium dioxide in the plastic (adding amount) can be summarized into three kinds: thermal decomposition method, specific gravity method and surface scanning method.
Q:What is the flux of metal titanium powder in aluminum alloy?
The aluminum alloy additive is made of 75% pure metal powder (iron, manganese, copper, chromium, nickel, titanium) and 25% flux and aluminum, and can be self-immersion in the aluminum melt. By adjusting the amount of additive , Can accurately control the aluminum alloy in a variety of metal content, the metal yield of up to 95%, and the melting temperature is low, 720.C above the furnace can be melting, reducing the burning of aluminum
Q:HESD Small Molecule Collagen Titanium Powder Eat Good?
You can use Yanmei US collagen powder to meet the requirements
Q:What is the difference between sponge titanium and titanium powder?
Yes. But the mass production of titanium sponge titanium generally used for powder
Q:What is the use of titanium powder?
Titanium powder is easy to burn under high temperature and spark, and the fire is white. The production of fireworks because of titanium powder in the burning pulse flashing characteristics, this feature used to do snow and flashing starlight effect is very good
Q:Purity is greater than 99% of the theoretical density of titanium powder is probably how much?
With the metal ceramic surface coating agent aluminum alloy additive vacuum vacuum getter spray, plating and other important raw materials

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