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Years of operation and technology accumulation, has developed into a research and development camping tents, camping tents production, camping tents advertising design, plate making, printing as one of professional manufacturer of camping supplies; and trained a group of experienced technical staff; establish a sound service system.

Double account tent structure

Material glass fiber strut bar

Specifications Flysheet: 220 * 200 * 135 Inner: 200 * 185 * 130

Item LY10105

Weight of 3500 (g)

Origin Anhui Huangshan

Free to build speed to build the case open

Outdoor camping tent factory specializing in the production of single-person tent, double tent, three to four tents, high-grade export trade travel supplies, advertising tents and camping supplies various accessories.

Outdoor camping tent factory with its sophisticated technology, durable, easy to install, etc., has become a leading brand products in Zhejiang province tent, and was widely praised by customers, renowned in the industry.

Outdoor camping tent factory always adhere to the principle of quality, price, reputation among both, and develop new markets, customers and common development!

 I plant to serve the army and armed police departments, the major tourist cities, and foreign aid relief civil affairs department; company organization has a factory office, supply, sales, QC, finance, technology development department, production department , trade unions and overseas offices; strict management, both from raw material storage, a library, to cutting, manufacturing production, or finished product storage, handling, shipping, fireproof, waterproof and mildew, etc. according to ISO9002 quality management system, the quality of our products has been a great protection.

    Currently, in order to produce to meet market demand at home and abroad, the products have been sold to the EU, North America, South America and Southeast Asia, the company's decision-makers strive to meet the export department on the basis of the group to expand the domestic market. Quality is the life, we using ERP systems management software and network management with international standards, all technical workers must undergo a rigorous professional training to posts, and our products get into the country, such as the ISO9000 quality certification and many other prizes.

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Q:Is it really convenient to build an automatic tent and a lazy tent? Are there any friends who have used a lazy tent or an automatic tent or a boat account?
First, because it is memory material, the elasticity is very good, it opens quickly, but the contraction is very troublesome.Second, you see this is the 2 season of ordinary leisure tent, is mainly used in summer, if the summer daytime leisure play has become the wind and rain, but it is poor, so the proposal was to buy a 3 quarter double Mongolia tent, namely spring, summer and autumn with a glass rod or aluminum rod the inner flysheet tent, a place, a is 2 to 3 minutes, up is relatively easy. And really encountered wind and rain, at least in the heart also figure a sureness. The price ranges from 150~999, so you can see for yourself.
Q:Which is better, tent, drawstring or spring?
You should say that the automatic tent top, relatively speaking, the spring to be more convenient, a distraction, a pull on the OK, and the kind of rope pulling you need to pull up, and need to knot. Open, what do you like?!
Q:Which is the best for the tent mat, the aluminum film and the aluminum free film?
Aluminum film moisture-proof pad is EVA foam, moisture-proof and comfortable, and the advantages are light, cheap, cost-effective, and the disadvantage is easy to damage. Choose with aluminum film on location, if the local moisture, and relatively cold, suggested by PVC moisture-proof pad, wave or washboard on the line, can have the effect of moisture and cold, and if only the local park, the use of cement, recommend the use of aluminum film of moisture proof pad the line.
Q:Can you put up tents on top of Mount Huangshan? Can tents come with you?
Mount Huangshan camping notes: bring more food to the mountains, food on the mountain is very expensive, the cold weather on the top of the mountain, camping tents should bring cold clothing, and bring some high calorie food,You can bring your own tent, but when you climb the mountain, it's tiring to carry your tent behind you. Thank you.
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
In the understanding of the meaning of the above indexes, we usually can be through simple indicators compared to the purchase of tents, of course these indicators are just part of the decision factors of tent texture, grade, the specific choice of what types and properties of the tent, but also depends on the actual needs and your tent occasions, when you have a the appropriate section of the tent, you can always pick up the equipment, the installation in the mountains, brook, fields, enjoy free and positive comfortable life.
Q:How much is a double tent?
After the tension test at each point with additional protection block at the same time, the closure of advanced technology, and firmly lock each point, making the whole tent more firmly, improve the degree of safety.
Q:Do we need cushions under the tent? What kind of cushion should be used?
But in special weather and environment, can also be installed in the tent pad below; the moisture-proof pad above two friends said, is used in the tent as mat or mattress, especially since the moisture-proof pad inflatable, can strengthen moistureproof, warm and increase comfort;
Q:How does winter camping increase tent temperature?
Sleeping bag: important for sleeping bags! I hope you have a down sleeping bag in this season and it needs plenty of feet. Simply said, I suggest you go to buy 1000 grams of weight filling the mummy down sleeping bags, filling the best in 90%, it is best to have the vertical sleeping bag lining structure, which can prevent the first down distribution in the sleeping bag.
Q:Want to buy domestic tents and moisture-proof mats, recommend the brand!
I personally even in the seaside with dozens of tents, in the seaside withstood more than six or seven typhoon...... But mainly by the wind ropes.
Q:How are the tents cleaned?
The yarn mesh inner tent is white, dirty and not washed, can be used in washing detergent such as washing powder, but must rinse clean, if you do not want to have a relatively large musty in the next trip, so must be completely dry and placed on the camphor and then close up.

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