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This section tent for 2014 new enhanced version (thicker fabric finer work) and general market models vary greatly, good quality is not just a little bit, oh

 Lifetime replacement bracket (broken off can change the bracket) need to change pole clients postage themselves.

This section has a new enhanced version of the tent and the regular edition (enhanced version where all connections are secondary reinforcement, all tent materials are quality using high-end)

 This section new enhanced version of the tent for 14 years, the fabric is thicker 210D Oxford cloth (than the market in general 190T polyester fabric thickness and tear has greatly enhanced), finer workmanship, high quality

Hydraulic models new listing if necessary, please contact customer service

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Q:Is it possible to sleep after the famine builds tents?
The famine in bed can use sleeping bags, tents, awnings. The sleeping bag is disposable (rabbit sleeping bags can be used 3 times), and the tent but 5 times. (sleeping bag and tent only at night, dusk, pergola use) can also be used for 5 times, to escape the summer heat of the day. But if the hounds and BOSS were about to appear, they could not sleep, and no monsters around could sleep.
Q:Red tent and blue tent. Which is against the sun?
1gear equipment network is pleased to answer for you, the longest red light wave, can absorb large amounts of ultraviolet light in the sun, and other colors are relatively weak, so the summer red tents can prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent sunburn.
Q:Can we put up tents in Taishan?
Who said Taishan can be a tent, you do not Tai'an, climbing in the mountains from anywhere in the erection of tents, Yuhuangding you can rent a coat (season 50, season 150~200 yuan), or hotel (usually 150~-200 night).
Q:What kind of support frames and fabrics are used in the tent?
Fiberglass rod: a series of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The thicker the rigidity is stronger, more soft and weak. So the stent fiber tube is reasonable according to its ground size and height ratio determined, are easily broken too thick too small. For example, 210*210*130 is the classic size ratio, and tubes are usually 7.9 or 8.5.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
Many of the existing tents are labeled with seasonal suitability, mountain suitability, and field suitability data. Such as the two quarter, the three season, the four seasons tent. It provides great convenience for the buyer to provide a reference for selection.In fact, at the time of purchase, most famous tents are worth it; but it is best to do. There are many brand-name tents have a pretty good price. I've seen a lot of friends buy tents have pretty good performance, but also not what brand, the key is to choose when...... These are just some experience in the process of using, felt a sense of display slight skill before an expert for your reference, welcome; DX and supplement.
Q:What are the properties of military tents?
Characteristics and performance of a military tent at least:1, the most important point is the use of camouflage colors, that is, camouflage patterns designed to integrate with the surrounding environment;2 、 easy to fold, convenient for fast support and storage;3, light and easy to carry, here said to carry refers to easy to carry;4, excellent flame retardant performance, in war, fireworks are unavoidable, tents are made of non flammable materials;5, excellent waterproof performance, the material is not hydrophilic, regardless of the thickness of material material properties were hydrophobic;6, the fabric is still excellent, with bullet proof performance of the more remote and general shrapnel bullets to fire bullets will be stopped, if not stopped, the killing ability will be greatly weakened;
Q:What if the inflatable tent leaks?
When the leak point is very large and the diameter is more than 15 centimeters, you can repair it temporarily with the above method. When you have free time in the inflatable tent, you can return it to the factory for free maintenance, so as to ensure the quality of the inflatable tent!
Q:Can Tibetan white tents enter at random?
The Tibetan have a tradition, and when the girl is fourteen or five years old, she will set up a beautiful white tent outside the big tent. This white tent is specially designed for her looking for a man. The Tibetan white tent, equivalent to the floor, the girl embroidered boudoir. If a man inside the tent phase white girl, to get to her white tent with her lover, so in the evening, some guy to find the one holding a horse wandering, a tent to a village, see a girl accosted, sing songs, if love is seeing anyone. Some day; touch, enough to dress up at night, the best wear clothing, pedal new shoes, fox fur hats, then rub some balsam, take the light straight; some night without sleep, talk about a girl and a girl, straight to find people.
Q:How are the tents cleaned?
The yarn mesh inner tent is white, dirty and not washed, can be used in washing detergent such as washing powder, but must rinse clean, if you do not want to have a relatively large musty in the next trip, so must be completely dry and placed on the camphor and then close up.
Q:What problems should we pay attention to when buying a tent? Ordinary camping tent
TOREAD (Pathfinder) MOBI GARDEN (and Gaudi) but at home can see little tent, but at least we have seen TNF V25, that is the classic, whether you go to the mountain camp, most of the TNF or V25, although today a little bad, but his dedication to the world this V25, commendable. The price of MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR is too expensive. I haven't tried it. I dare not evaluate it. In fact, now the quality of domestic tents is still possible, of course, the real mountain no one dare to use domestic goods, there is no way ah. The three season of domestic account and ordinary account between seasons and big brands although the gap is quite obvious, but the price is cheap, spent hundreds of dollars, with no problem for a few years, I have a herd of Gaudi YES2, only 2.2 kg, less than four hundred, the price is very good. The quality of PURELAND and LUXE is also good. BLACK DIAMOND tents do not know whether to sell at home, advocating technical climbing brand, his tent has been at a very high level in reducing weight. SIERRA DESIGHS also has several very good tents, but it is estimated that it can not be bought at home.

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