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Business: a variety of outdoor supplies wholesale, single person tent, double tent, three or four person tent, five or six person tent 1989 person tent, aluminum pole tent, canopy, sleeping bag spring and summer sleeping bags, down sleeping bags, outdoor automatic inflatable cushion mats, picnic mats, outdoor accessories, etc.

          2 various styles of custom: tents, sleeping bags and mats. Inflatable cushion and so can be customized to any size

          3.LOGO printing, OEM business.

Logo: according to customer requirements

Sub-section tent with windows and no window, you need to contact customer service! No notes of random delivery!

Size: 120 X 120 X 190 (CM)

Weight: 2.5 kg Fabric: 190T PU waterproof taffeta

Strut "8"-shaped anti-rust steel flat wire

190T PU coated waterproof outer bag carry bag outside collapse

Use mobile toilets, dressing accounts, bathing, bird watching, etc.

Color: Army green, blue

Accessories: a backpack pouch, to the small 4 60 * 30 * 60

Carton quantity: 10 / box packing sack

Years of operation and technology accumulation, has developed into a research and development camping tents, camping tents production, camping tents advertising design, plate making, printing as one of professional manufacturer of camping supplies; and trained a group of experienced technical staff; establish a sound service system.

Outdoor camping tent factory specializing in the production of single-person tent, double tent, three to four tents, high-grade export trade travel supplies, advertising tents and camping supplies various accessories.

Outdoor camping tent factory with its sophisticated technology, durable, easy to install, etc., has become a leading brand products in Zhejiang province tent, and was widely praised by customers, renowned in the industry.

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Q:What do you have in a camping tent?
To the beach camping should pay attention to the sea, high tide and other security problems, and the other is moisture and heat problems and other health problems.Therefore, in the camp site selection, we must do a good job of security!
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
Tent: refers to the tabernacle, easy to decay, on behalf of the holy and the alien life. We are living in this world, this world is not our permanent home, our home in heaven, Jesus told us that he was going to prepare a place for us, Jesus reserve is our permanent home.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
Many of the existing tents are labeled with seasonal suitability, mountain suitability, and field suitability data. Such as the two quarter, the three season, the four seasons tent. It provides great convenience for the buyer to provide a reference for selection.In fact, at the time of purchase, most famous tents are worth it; but it is best to do. There are many brand-name tents have a pretty good price. I've seen a lot of friends buy tents have pretty good performance, but also not what brand, the key is to choose when...... These are just some experience in the process of using, felt a sense of display slight skill before an expert for your reference, welcome; DX and supplement.
Q:What are the properties of military tents?
With good warmth retention properties, used in winter or in the Highlands, it can withstand cold under certain conditions;
Q:Can Tibetan white tents enter at random?
The Tibetan have a tradition, and when the girl is fourteen or five years old, she will set up a beautiful white tent outside the big tent. This white tent is specially designed for her looking for a man. The Tibetan white tent, equivalent to the floor, the girl embroidered boudoir. If a man inside the tent phase white girl, to get to her white tent with her lover, so in the evening, some guy to find the one holding a horse wandering, a tent to a village, see a girl accosted, sing songs, if love is seeing anyone. Some day; touch, enough to dress up at night, the best wear clothing, pedal new shoes, fox fur hats, then rub some balsam, take the light straight; some night without sleep, talk about a girl and a girl, straight to find people.
Q:What are the tent accessories?
Tent pegs are made of aluminium, iron and plastic.The style of the ground nails, as well as 7 fonts, 9 fonts, round, square, six angle, triangle, V, Y and so on.See what tent you are, and what you want.
Q:What's the difference between camping and camping?
Special form of camping means camping in special events, such as long rock climbingA long climb may take a few days. For rest, campers hang tents on the edge of a cliff. Such camping is very dangerous and exciting.
Q:Can the tent protect the snake?
If you can hit the floor, branches, leaves or bamboo mat, try not to use the weeds. Before you go to bed, knock on the ground first and sweep away the insects that climb. When you wake up, you should look carefully around the body, otherwise, if there is a snake or insect nearby, it will be disturbed by the sudden activity.
Q:How are the tents cleaned?
The bottom end of the PE with a damp cloth to wipe it, most people think that PE bottom is not good, because there is something like a snakeskin bag, in fact, most foreign tents are using this material, and than the average Oxford bottom material will be more expensive, moisture-proof performance is also good, wear, casual tents generally preferred, of course and if you are a backpacker, considering the weight of a tent, aluminium bar, Oxford at the end of the tent is necessary, but we must remember that with moisture-proof pad oh.
Q:What problems should we pay attention to when buying a tent? Ordinary camping tent
If it is summer, the tent of less than three hundred yuan on the fine. Because the demand for tents in summer is not so high, that is, it does not require good wind protection, and does not require good cold resistance, as long as the installation is convenient, lightweight, durable and easy to carry on it. But it's necessary to prepare a sleeping bag and a damp pad.

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