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 1. Style:Stainless flatware 


 2. Material: 18/10;18/8; 18/0; 


3. Polished: Mirror polished by hand or by machine. 


 4. Logo: Your logo can be printed; silk printed; Embossed; Laser on the cutlery


 5. Safe: Dishwasher safe; LFGB and SGS certificate


 6. Usage: It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home ,restaurant and hotel. 


 7. Sample: We can send you samples


 8. Sample delivery time: 3-5 days


 9. OEM is welcomed



Custom metal tea spoon


Stainless steel 304/430/201/410

Surface finish

Mirror polish




Bulk/color box/according to your request

Sample lead time

Within 3 days

Product  Features

2.Easy cleaning and washing
3.Fashional and modern design

4.suitable for home,hotel and restaurant



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Q:Sit high iron can take western food knife; Forks and spoons
Cannot carry. (a) sit high iron cannot carry inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens and other material and firearms, ammunition, knives and other items may endanger public safety bus station. (2) sit high iron cannot carry knives outside the kitchen knife, knife, large fruit knife, knife, scissors, steel (iron) file, axes, hammers, such as slashing, blunt, shall be checked, shall not be with you. (3) take high-speed rail passenger should accept and cooperate with the railway departments at the station, the train safety inspection. Through inspection found suspicious objects, passengers shall take out and accept the further inspection. To refuse to accept safety inspection or passengers carrying the above goods, railway security personnel in accordance with the law prohibit the bus station. (4) sit high iron is strictly forbidden in ordinary goods consignment with dangerous goods, dangerous goods to withhold information or false to ordinary goods must not be checked. Baggage package shipper should consciously accept the railway safety inspection, and shall be subject to the real-name registration. To refuse to accept security check or false name registration to the shipper, railway department shall reject its baggage package. Baggage package consignee should be his own valid identity certificate, otherwise the railway departments shall have the right to refuse delivery.
Q:What is western food tool its maintenance method is what
Western food knife and fork is indispensable, and generally fork in the left hand right hand knife, this mainly is because we are more used to use the right hand at ordinary times, when cutting things more powerful and so convenient, western-style food in the sharp knife is not our usual kind
Q:The main meal of the restaurant and butter knife have what distinction
Looks much worse, the knife has a tooth, and a straight shank, slightly long compared with the butter knife, butter knife is inflexed. A knife is used to "cut", butter knife is used to "wipe", such as mustard, butter can use butter knife cut out a small piece of sushi or with the bread
Q:A knife is said that the main chopper in the western food
Western food knife according to the shape, size and usage can be divided into fish knife, dinner knife (dinner knife, also known as hot kitchen knife), appetizer knife (cold kitchen knife), butter knife, dessert knife, bread knife, etc. Fish knife: eat the fish dish special dishes. Dinner knife: are the main tableware, western food is mainly used in consumption of the main course. Butter knife: its appearance is characterized by smaller size, the blade and hilt is not in the same level. Mainly used for share butter or jam. Dessert knife: after the meal to eat dessert when special dishes. Bread knife: mainly used for cutting bread. If my answer will be helpful to you, please, thank you!
Q:Cleaning western tableware (knife, fork), what should you pay attention to
Wash there's no need to say it again Metal cutlery western-style food is easy to lose luster for friction was scratching each other, it is very ugly So let's idea when cleaning and storage to avoid friction with each other Often use alcohol to wipe can improve gloss
Q:Western food in general is the use of steak knife or main knife?
Generally people write right hand, when drinking western-style food, naturally with the right hand with a knife or spoon, left hand fork, glass also with the right hand side. Or to help you,
Q:Western knife fork spoon with the SOLA this logo printed on it?
sola in Japanese means the sky There is a cartoon is called "sola" maybe you ~ ~ ~ ~ it's a cartoon peripheral products
Q:What is western food knife and fork knife
Knife and fork to eat western food is indispensable, and generally fork in the left hand right hand knife, this mainly is because we are more used to use the right hand at ordinary times, like when cutting things more powerful and convenient, western food in a sharp knife is not our usual the sort of, on the contrary, it is the kind of not looking at blunt blunt of edge, did, of course, I don't know the edge. And the width of the knife is not very wide, with hand convenient accurate, when to eat western food and a variety of knives, forks, spoons and cups, it is because they have different USES
Q:On the train can take 22 cm long western food knife, zigzag
Looking for a clean piece of cloth together can ` ` ` in a crowded on the train is not so easy to hurt others and self ` ` and is in the middle of the position in the trunk, that is, as far as possible in the pile of clothes `
Q:Stainless steel western food knife can send Courier?
Express company has said no to express invoices and documents, our company also not express these, has never been on a mistake, they express company also never refuse,

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